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WDBKFMGB Chapter 22 (Part 1) – His Name

Hi All! Thanks for your patience. This chapter is split into 2 parts because of different warnings. Enjoy!

Warnings: Depictions of death, references to blood and torture. Nothing explicit.

Trigger warnings: Vermiphobia and Septophobia (I will include a warning at the beginning and end of the potential trigger.)

Organ transplant? Transplant Zerg wings onto the experimental subjects?

 He Ruge suddenly remembered the mutated bat-like monster he saw on the fourth floor when he completed “The Mysterious Infirmary” side task (chapter 13).

It was just a quick glance, but it left a deep impression on him.

Could it be that his Little White Tiger would also have to become such a monster?

  …… How painful would that be.

Transplanting organs that belonged to a different species like a patched up rag doll, not mentioning that the final appearance would make it difficult for the little white tiger to accept, but just the potential pain from the process of being sewn together was unimaginable.

Looking only at the second experiment’s description, He Ruge already felt it was unbearable. If the second experiment was already this painful, what about the experiments in the future? The third experiment, the fourth experiment…After going through all six experiments, even if the Little White Tiger didn’t die, he’d lose a layer of skin[1] .

Though he knew that this was only a game, He Ruge still felt a twinge of pain in his heart. If the goal of the game developer was to make the player feel distressed, then this game definitely succeeded.  

Even He Ruge’s joy at the change in Maps[2] was dispersed by his heartache.

Ferret You opened the door to room No.19 and shoved the curled up rabbit ball into a small iron cage. At the same time, “himself” in the game also put the little white tiger into the iron cage. 

Ferret You was not eligible to participate in “Death God’s Wings”, so he handed over the iron cage with the rabbit inside. Left hand carrying Little Rabbit and right hand carrying Little White Tiger, He Ruge walked out of room B6[3].  

The guiding staff member did not speak from beginning to end while walking. The other party wore a protective mask and sturdy work clothes, and when they walked down the hallway, it was as though they were a wandering spirit.

The rabbit being carried in the cage by He Ruge was especially excited, chittering non-stop. He looked around hither thither, particularly when passing by the window at the end of the hallway. The little rabbit stared intently at that slice of sunlight, his ruby red eyes sparkling.

Compared to the easily startled and fascinated little rabbit, Little White Tiger’s reaction was very calm. He didn’t stare out the bright illuminated window; instead, he silently watched He Ruge.

The experiment site of “Death God’s Wings” was in Underground Level 2. When He Ruge walked into Underground Level 1, the Little Rabbit suddenly quieted down, nervously shrinking himself into a ball.

The underground floors were very dark, so dark that it seemed to be able to breed ghosts

When He Ruge saw the experiment site for “Death God’s Wings”, he could feel a surging chill even through the screen.

In front of his eyes was a grand lobby. 

Countless iron cages were densely packed together, some large, some small. The large iron cages had more than enough space to contain an elephant, while the smallest iron cages could barely hold a hamster. The ground on which the iron cages sat was a deep shade of red that was closer to black. The original white floor was dyed a repressing new shade.

But, what made He Ruge’s back feel a chill was that inside all the iron cages, there only contained bones, like individual tombstones congregated in a mausoleum. 

The staff who led the way kept their mouth shut and walked down the middle of the lobby without batting an eye. Not a single glance was given to the iron cages piled high like a mountain.

When they walked past the lobby, the staff member stopped, turned around, and pointed his finger in the direction of the lobby.


  [That’s a garbage dump. In the future, when you see waste products, just toss them there. Scavengers will come deal with them.]

Past the lobby there was a dark corridor, on both sides of the corridor were tightly closed doors. Crow opened room “214”. Room “214” was a tiny room and He Ruge was surprised to see that in such a small room there was actually a large iron cage that occupied half of the room.  

—- Trigger Warning: Vermiphobia and Septophobia 

An enormous golden python was nestled inside the iron cage. On the snake’s back, there was a pair of extremely discordant fleshy wings. Compared with the huge size of the python’s body, the pair of fleshy wings was ridiculously small, and the area where the wings and the snake’s skin were joined had already began to rot, massed with writhing maggots. 

—- Trigger warning end


  [Although the room is a bit small, it will soon have available space.]

Crow’s implication was very clear – this golden python was about to die soon.

Burgundy snake pupils were clouded over with a sheen of gray. Although the space occupied by the golden python was big, it was completely motionless and quiet to the extent that it didn’t give off any presence of life.

When the little white tiger and the little rabbit’s small iron cages were placed in the corner of the room, the golden python suddenly hissed, scaring the little rabbit stiff with its abrupt movement.

The little white tiger glanced at the golden python, his blue eyes carrying traces of obscured pity.


  [Fresh, raw materials will arrive tomorrow, and the new round of “Death God’s Wings” will officially start tomorrow. I will bring you to the staff accommodation area first.]

When He Ruge left room “214”, he was a little uneasy. Even if the golden python didn’t have much time left and was also locked in an iron cage, He Ruge couldn’t help but worry that it would act to harm Little White Tiger and Little Rabbit.

The staff accommodations area where Crow brought He Ruge to was at the end of the corridor. Between the two, besides being co-workers, Crow and He Ruge also gained the new relationship of being roommates.

In the “Ice Project”, the game never mentioned “his” own living environment. Why was there suddenly an additional staff housing part in “Death God’s Wings”?

He Ruge’s eyebrows furrowed, and he pushed at his glasses..


  [The plans for “Death God’s Wings” will officially launch tomorrow. In the future, whenever you finish your tasks, you can choose to go rest in the staff accommodations area. Or, you can check the various rooms in the corridor, and if you see any dead experimental subjects, throw them into the garbage dump.]

As Crow was speaking, he removed his protective mask. Though the other party had black hair and black eyes, his facial structure was reflective of the three dimensional shape that Westerners had.


  [You can open any of the doors along this corridor. Only the door at the other end of the hallway is restricted. You do not have permission, and even if you did, you still wouldn’t be able to open it.]

He instructed He Ruge word by word. There was not a single ripple in his black eyes.


  [You must remember, curiosity killed the cat.

He Ruge originally didn’t have any intention of seeking death. But, as soon as he saw this sentence, it was like a cat claw suddenly appeared in his heart, scratching at it playfully and making his curiosity overflow.

He Ruge: “……”

[1]Even if he didn’t die, he wouldn’t look like or feel like himself anymore

[2] Maps: Locations in the game

[3] Reminder: B6 is the room that room No. 1~20 are in. Here, it would be more accurate to say Little Rabbit was in Compartment 19 of Room B6 and Little White Tiger was in Compartment 20 of Room B6

Chapter 22 Part 2 will be Xi Guican’s POV!

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  1. Omg I’m dying ! 😂 he didn’t have any intention to explore until he mention curiosity the cat! 😂 ah that’s to funny, but yeah it’s really exciting to see more game progress I wonder what we’ll discover in this new map, also how did the tiger survive in the original timeline ? Did he escape or did they not try and graft gross fleshy wings into him ?! 😱

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