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WDBKFMGB Chapter 13 – Secret Observations

Trigger Warnings: Some descriptions of Blood and gore. Time countdown. If you do not feel comfortable with these topics, please let me know and I will add a post that summarizes this chapter. Note that there will be more scenes like this later in the story. 

Whoops. I originally posted this chapter without proofreading.
My typo and syntax mess has been edited now. Sorry about that. (x_x)/


He Ruge was amused by the Little White Tiger’s sincere and serious promise, just like an old father hearing the milky, soft sound of his child saying that they will grow up to make money and be filial to him.

When you let me stick my face in your belly, that is the best reward.

He clicked to open Little White Tiger’s status.

Number 20 (Weakened)

[Friendly] Number 20 frequently tries to accept you, goodwill level 50

[Unawakened] No one has discovered Number 20 is a little monster except you.

Even after eating the medicine why hasn’t there been much effect, why is he still in a weakened state? He Ruge’s heart sank.

He used the mouse to click on [talk].

Number 20
[Aowu “the medicine has no effect”]
[……Hou~ “If you cover it, then I won’t feel uncomfortable”]
[Hou  “it’s very warm”]

At this time, Little White Tiger didn’t bear his teeth or act viciously. It only quietly raised his small head to look at He Ruge. It could even be described as well-behaved. Perhaps, he was too uncomfortable from being ill. He roared softly, hugging He Ruge’s hand bonelessly, and closed his eyes motionlessly.

Too quiet.

Quiet to the point where there was almost no sound of breathing.

He Ruge remembered the little milky dog[1]. That little dog, when it was passing, was also quietly laying on the ground. When he had opened the room once more, those black, grape-like eyes did not open again.

Will anything happen to you?

The possibility circulated within his mind more than once, making it unbearable to He Ruge.

Maybe, he made the wrong choice. Ordinary medicine had no effect. The correct choice should have been to go to the infirmary.

He Ruge tapped on the screen, and solemnly chose to read the file.

[Retrieve the save file]



[Reading successful]

The picture on the screen turned into dissipating light spots. Before the picture was blurred, He Ruge seemed to have seen a shocked expression on Little White Tiger’s wide-open eyes, but unfortunately the picture was fleeting. He Ruge hadn’t had time to see it clearly before everything was turned back to before — —

[Number 20 is very uncomfortable. He may be sick. Your choices are-

A. Risk taking him to the infirmary

B. Use “common medicine”]

He Ruge chose (A) without hesitation

[“The Mysterious Infirmary” task has been unlocked, deducting x4 Little Hearts to use the shielding monitor. Task countdown 15 minutes, please be sure to return to compartment B6 within fifteen minutes to avoid the staff in the corridors.]

[Operation tips: press “↑”“↓”“←”“→←” to operate the game character’s movements, press the space bar to observe secretly]

[This game does not have a map. May the player use memory to reach the infirmary]

[Countdown: 00 Hours 15 Minutes 00 Seconds]

He Ruge: “……?!”

No, why is it so sudden? He’s not ready yet.

The him in the game reached out his hands, hugging the Little White Tiger. The Little White Tiger seemed to be in a trance, as if he was outside of the situation. He Ruge, who was in front of the computer, was also in an stunned state, because he saw —

One hand lifted the hem of his clothes, revealing a soft, snow-white waist that was so white it dazzled people’s eyes and almost produced light to illuminate the dark cell. (In the game)

The Little White Tiger was stuffed into his arms, and he pulled down his clothes. The abdomen area bulged like that of a very pregnant woman. 

[Countdown: 00 Hours 14 Minutes 43 Seconds]

He Ruge was unable to pay too much attention to the continuing countdown. He desperately recalled his previous route to the infirmary with Huang You (Ferret Huang).

Head out from room B6, turn right, and exit from the second staircase … The infirmary is on the fifth floor!

The map in his brain gradually became clearer. He Ruge operated his character to move forward. Every time he reached a staircase exit, He Ruge would press the spacebar to “secretly observe” and hide in the corner to probe.

Secret Observation

[You have not discovered any danger]

 The hallway was empty, and even the sound of the game character walking faintly echoed. Last time, Huang You led the way, and the game character automatically followed. He Ruge had walked around in the orphanage without much nervousness. But now, because of the fear that someone might discover them, He Ruge walked all the way with his heart on a tightrope.

This orphanage was very strange. During the daytime, there wasn’t even a shadow of another living person.

Room B6 represented the sixth room of the second floor[2]. If he remembered correctly, the infirmary was at E13.

For the sake of safety, He Ruge used “Secret Observation” at every stairwell. When he arrived at the fourth floor, he hid in the left side of the fourth stairwell exit and used “Secret Observation”.

When the “Secret Observation” skill was used, the screen would switch to a dim, black-and-white picture with mottled black spots in the four corners of the screen[3].

Secret Observation

[Strange noises sound]

When He Ruge, who was in front of the computer, saw the following scene, he took in a cold gasp.

He saw a huge, black shadow falling at high speed. It was a huge, bloated monster, like a mutated bat. It landed on the stairs in practically a blink of an eye. A huge amount of blood spurted out, splashing the entire span of walls and stairs. 

A dazzling red. It was the only eye-catching color in the black and white pictures.

Hurried running sounded and three heavily-armed staff rushed down. The first one carried a chainsaw, and they silently surrounded the dying monster …

“Meow ~ !!!”

The monster made a grievous cat meow.

The piercing[4] noise of the chainsaw sounded. Before seeing the blurred scene of blood and flesh, He Ruge rapidly withdrew from the “Secret Observation” perspective.

What was that monster? What were those people doing with a chainsaw? Wasn’t this supposed to be a Love game? Why has the graphic style suddenly changed to this!

His collar was stretched out by fluff, and the Little White Tiger drilled his small head out from his neckline, his watery blue eyes blinking slightly. Perhaps, he wanted to sell meng and comfort He Ruge[5].

However, in He Ruge ’s mind, there was only that blood-stained chainsaw. His first reaction was to push the Little White Tiger’s head down back into his clothes. As long as he hid the Little White Tiger fast enough, the chainsaw would not be able to hurt Little White Tiger!


The game avatar was like a roundworm in his stomach[6], directly reaching out and stuffing back the Little White Tiger who just stuck out his small head.

[Countdown: 00 Hours 09 Minutes 49 Seconds]  

He Ruge walked upstairs from the second stairwell with his heart on a tightrope. Because he was going too fast, he didn’t use secret observation.

Deng. Deng. Deng. Dull footsteps sounded. It was the coming from the fifth floor. He Ruge’s mind was blank.

Someone was coming down from the fifth floor!


[Whenever these guys act, they don’t have an understanding of being light or heavy handed, always needing me to clean up]

He Ruge heard the mysterious man’s mumbling. The man’s voice was very loud, and every time he said something, he would make a low, pig sound.

Right now, He Ruge was standing on the stairs of the fourth floor and would definitely bump into the other party if he went out.

Each floor had 3 stairwells

The first staircase on the far left could not be reached, and the middle stairwell had someone coming down. He Ruge’s heartbeat accelerated  and he operated the character to run to the rightmost stairwell.

Fortunately, there was no one there. He Ruge’s hand was a little soft[7] . He operated the game character to move upstairs quickly, and when he stood at the staircase of the fifth floor, He Ruge used “Secret Observation” again to confirm that no one was in the corridor before opening the door to Room E13.

Seeing the familiar warm-colored medical room, He Ruge finally breathed a sigh of relief.

The medicine-seeking rat was not taking a nap this time. He sat on a medical book larger than himself. Without wearing reading glasses, he could see the font that was about the size of his palm.

Hearing the sound of the door opening, the medicine-seeking rat looked up slowly.


[I am here for a checkup]

Medicine-seeking rat

[Zhi Zhi “Huh, you were the one who came with Huang You, that guy, last time”]

[Zhi “Sick? My medical expenses are not cheap”]  

He Ruge saw ‘the medical expenses’ those three words and was a bit blindsided. He didn’t expect that even while playing a game, he would still encounter the issue of poverty.

Just when He Ruge suspected that this was the beginning of the game’s pay-to-continue point, the Little White Tiger once again drilled out of his collar, first revealing his bud-like[8] tiger ears. It’s pinna was pale pink, and the white, fluffy fur trembled slightly.

Then, came clear blue eyes, a blue that sparkled like the glittering sea. His pink nose against rubbed the collar, and the Little White Tiger twitched his nose in discomfort. He looked at the medicine-seeking rat on the desk with a stinky face.

The eyes of the white-haired medicine-seeking rat changed from indifferent to welcoming.

Medicine seeking rat

[Zhi Zhi Zhi “Oh, it’s that little baby who is sick, come, let grandpa take a look”]  

He Ruge: “???”

The small white tiger was passed over mechanically with a completely disgruntled face. Condescendingly and dignifiedly, he extended his little paws over to the medicine-seeking rat, and the medicine-seeking rat kindly performed traditional “look and ask” Chinese medicine on the Little White Tiger. He also touched the Little White Tiger’s belly and asked where he felt uncomfortable.

He Ruge knew that the Little White Tiger was normally very resistant to the people in Xinghai Orphanage, but when faced with the medicine-seeking rat, the Little White Tiger, although impatient, did not prevent the medicine-seeking rat from touching.

After some regular examinations, the medicine-seeking rat reluctantly returned the Little White Tiger to He Ruge and gave He Ruge a small bag of medicinal powder.

Medicine-seeking rat

[His illness is very strange, like the side-effects of a secret medicine recipe from my family, but it isn’t a big deal. I prescribed a medicine powder that warms the stomach, he will feel much better after drinking it]

[I don’t charge money for treating cubs. Be careful when you are leaving with him. The destruction plan has started again, and unclean things are everywhere …]

The chubby gray rat paused at this moment, and he turned to look at the spider web in the corner, sighing:

[Don’t get stuck][9]

[Di—— side task “The Mysterious Infirmary” completion degree 6%

The medicine-seeking rat grandpa is a cub-loving, skilled, and cleanliness loving old doctor. Why is he staying in Xinghai Orphanage? ]

He Ruge didn’t have time to think too much about it because he didn’t have much time left.

[Countdown: 00 Hours 04 Minutes 12 Seconds] 

In the remaining four minutes, he had to take Little White Tiger back to Room B6!

The Little White Tiger obediently dove into his arms. The whole way, He Ruge was anxious and finally returned to the room within the stipulated time frame.

When he placed Little White Tiger back into Room number 20, He Ruge ultimately understood why there was a fifteen-minute countdown because–

The door of Room B6 was once again opened. Standing at the door was Huang You wearing protective glasses and carrying the metal helmet, beckoning to He Ruge.

Huang You

[Shift start]

The author has something to say:
small theater:
Xi Guican: Your little cutie suddenly appeared
He Ruge: Stuffs him back in

[1]The first animal he fed milk to in the game.

[2] Think alphabet letters. B is 2nd letter = second floor. 6 = sixth room

[3] like a vignette

[4] Original: a sound that made one’s teeth feel sour

[5] Meng: cuteness

[6] Roundworm in his stomach: knew what he was thinking

[7] Hand was soft: from his anxiety when operating his character

[8] Bud like ears: like a tulip bud shape

[9] Stuck: the action implied here is ‘being stuck on like glue or tape/ in a sticky manner

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