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SA Chapter 58 (Part 2) – Lost Wings

Thank you IzoRen for beta reading part 2! Words that are originally in English are Bolded.

Once this lengthy review came out, countless views were stunned, immediately recalling.

[Yes! At the time, I was crying so hard that the tears in my eyes prevented me from seeing the screen at all. But, when that song came out I couldn’t stop crying. He sang while I cried, Wu wu wu, really very nice to listen to!]

[Throughout the whole movie, there were three parts where I cried the worst. The first time was when Ling Xiao went to identify Gu Mingxiu ’s body. The second time was when Ling Xiao suddenly saw Gu Mingxiu’s phantom at the concert, and then collapsed because of the brain tumor. The third time was during the mourning at the funeral procession. The dark clouds dispersed and the sunlight sprinkled down, I saw that everyone was serene. Then, as soon as that song came out, I couldn’t help but cry.]

[Exactly what song is this? It can’t be the Music God’s song, I’ve never heard it before! Unless this is the movie’s original song? Really too good, does anyone know what song this is! Begging for help from great gods!]

At the end of each movie, there will always be teeny tiny, dense words that scrolled out on the big screen and detailed each person’s contributions to the film. Regarding Black Clouds’s crew, they even wrote down, at the end of the movie,  the name of the little brother who sent the lunch every day, thanking him once again. As long as one was attentive, they would definitely be able to spot the song’s title, singer, and writer. 

However, for many viewers, when they see the subtitles, they would directly leave the cinema without looking at the words.

However, with many people came greater strength. When the #BlackCloudsClosingSong# tag was bumped up to sixth place in the day’s hot searches, there was finally a netizen who posted a Weibo attached with some pictures, saying: [Is it this?! At the end, I was crying a little miserably and I continued to sit in my seat until the movie ended before leaving. I accidentally took a few photos. Asking great gods to help restore some of these slightly blurred pictures. Perhaps there will be information about the song in there. [Picture][Picture][Picture][Picture][Picture][Picture]]

In total, there were six pictures and this netizen didn’t care too much. But, there really were some PS (photoshop) great gods who came out to restore them to high definition pictures.

The first and second pictures were thanking all the guest stars, it wasn’t until the third picture that it started to acknowledge each crew member. The fourth and fifth pictures still thanked the crew, and then the sixth picture…..

[Ahhhhhhhhhh, I have restored it! This song is called “Lost Wings” and was actually sung by Rong Rong! It really was sung by him! The songwriter is…… eh? Ling Xiao?!]


This fact was a rock that stirred up a thousand waves.

Today was, after all, the first day of the movie’s release and many netizens had no way of purchasing a movie ticket, unable to watch the movie. And some of the netizens who had movie tickets were all gathered together to discuss the film’s plot, passing over the music aspect.

This couldn’t be blamed on them because the pictures and characters of this movie were all spectacular. Just those tens of guest stars allowed them to discuss for a whole day, where could they think about the music? 

Within the film industry, music is a part that is overlooked by many audience members. When the audience sees intense and exciting scenes, they will only think “what will happen next”, and not “this background music is really complementary”; when they see the protagonists expressing their heartfelt emotions to one another, they would only care about “Kiss! Kiss! Kiss!”, not about “this song is inserted just right”.

Usually, the background music is like a small gear; without it, the audience watching it would find it difficult to be moved by the story. But with it, the audience would again be immersed in their own emotions, forgetting its (the music’s) existence.

Just like this time, many cried miserably with snot and tears when they saw the ending, but they didn’t think about how this song influenced their mood, making them unable to bear their emotions.

And now, someone pointed out this song.

Only at this time did people notice ——

[“Lost Wings” was sung by Rong Rong?! Could it be, could it be …… that all those songs were sung by Rong Rong?!]

[The singing is really good. I noticed from the start that the music played in the movie definitely isn’t the Music God’s original singing, but it was actually sung by Rong Xu? Slightly changing powder. Towards this kind of good looking and gentle singing boy, I have the least resistance.]

[Aaaahhhhhh, I actually didn’t pick up Rong Xu’s singing voice! I actually didn’t pick it up QAQ I am unworthy of Rong Rong, unworthy of being a Rong Powder! I’m going to buy a movie ticket right now. This time I’ll concentrate on listening to the song. I want to listen to Rong Rong sing a hundred times! 】

Of course, more people paid attention to the song “Lost Wings”.

[“Lost Wings” should be Ling Xiao’s work during his life, Rong Xu sang it really well.]

[You all, don’t rouse my appetite! The Black Clouds ticket I bought is for tomorrow. I really want to hear Rong Rong sing “Lost Wings”. Is this song really that good! You all, stop talking about it!!!]

At 12 o’clock that night, when the bell of the new day rang on time, Director Liang sat in the hotel room and finally received that call.

After hearing the other party’s words, Director Liang breathed a sigh of relief and couldn’t help laughing: “sharing the joy, sharing the joy, borrowing your well wishes.”

On the day of Black Clouds premiere, the box office hit 560 million!

In Huaxia, there are more than 5,000 theaters that released this movie simultaneously, and the film’s terrifying publicity storm created a box office miracle for this movie!

Black Clouds was the highest-grossing film at the box office in the last three years, close to none. The second place was a commercial film from the previous year, starring Qin Cheng, called The Inside Job [1] Ranked third is Wen Xuan’s commercial film last year called The Storm of Ge Cheng.

Of course, this did not mean that Black Clouds was definitely higher in commercial value than the other two films. As the critics said, this film was coincidental. If this movie was not about Ling Xiao’s life, then there would not have been so many big-name stars willing to make guest appearances; if there was no Ling Xiao, this movie would not have received so many music enthusiasts’ attention.

But in any case, Black Clouds really did explode, and it was an enormous explosion!

All of this was observed by Director Liang, and he immediately sent thank-you messages to all the actors and guests who participated in the movie. At the same time, he arranged for the publicity personnel to continue the promotion of Black Clouds.

[Black Clouds crew: On the first day, I turned around and met you. [picture]

Inside the building of Huaxia Entertainment, the 47th floor was still brightly lit. Zhao Chuyun looked at the Weibo post by the crew, her eyes paused for a moment on the flier photo that read “560 million” before nodding in satisfaction and making a call: “En, It’s fine now, the time is here. The promotion of “Lost Wings” can begin.”

[1] (The Inside Job: 监守自盗: there’s a movie IRL with the same title (Inside Job), so I added THE to the English translation to differentiate them)

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  1. I’m surprised Qin Chengcheng didn’t whine in the author’s spotlight lololol. A whole chapter without his appearance, Qin Orange will definitely sulk! Baby is unhappy, hmph (  ̄^ ̄)

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  2. when i read this “The second time was when Ling Xiao suddenly saw Gu Mingxiu’s phantom at the concert” im glad it didnt show on previous chapter. on detail. otherwise i’d crying like river right then.

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