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SA Chapter 58 (Part 1) – Lost Wings

    [#BlackClouds# QAQ How is it so good! Although I was not a fan of Ling Xiao before, after watching this movie, I really do admire him! Change powder, Change powder![1] In here, Rong Rong really is beautiful and good looking, not the kind of overbearing president type, nor the cool and distant type! Just very, very good looking! ! ! 】

[#BlackClouds# When I saw Rong Xu crying, I actually cried, too… uncomfortable… why do good people never have a good ending …]

[#BlackClouds# I was originally watching this movie for my goddess Jennifer, but I didn’t expect, this black-hearted film crew, that my goddess really only had the three seconds of screen time shown in the original trailer. Initially, I really wanted to scold this deceitful cheating film crew, but this movie really was excellent. Everyone around me cried. It seems that the people sitting around me were all Ling Xiao’s fans. At the end, everyone was saying how “Rong Xu acted really well”. En, I also cried a bit, just a bit.]

Numerous praises swept the Internet community on that day. All the major forum posting platforms, Tieba and Weibo, had people discussing Black Clouds.

One early morning passed, and the movie already had three showings in theaters. During the 3 to 4 o’clock (in the morning) showing, many of the movie theaters in major cities had filled one third of their seats with audience members watching the movie. In some small cities, because there was only one movie theater that would release Black Clouds in the early morning hours, their attendance rate was high enough to be shocking.

By seven o’clock in the morning, Huaxia’s best-known movie evaluation network — Scenic Depth Movie Network’s page, Black Clouds’s public and professional scores were released.

Public Score: 9.3 !

Professional Score: 9.1 !

It had only been seven hours since the movie was released, but this movie already received such a high rating.

If you wanted to vote on the Scenic Depth Movie Network, you must first present an official movie theater ticket, which made it difficult for a Water Army’s to affect the vote. Though this method couldn’t completely eliminate the existence of Water Army votes, the cost of purchasing a Water Army became quite high, so Scenic Depth Movie Network’s scores had always been trusted by the audience.

And right now, this site gave a score higher than 9 points!

Black Clouds was technically not a cultural arts film, but rather an inspirational commercial biography. A commercial film getting such a high rating, within one year, it was difficult to have two. After seeing such high evaluation scores, many netizens immediately bought tickets to the cinemas.

Before going in, some people had whispered: “I haven’t heard of Rong Xu before, but Yu Siyu’s movies have always been good, and Qin Cheng is actually in this movie, too. With them in it, this movie wouldn’t be bad to that extent.”

The little friend who said this before entering the theaters had no doubts and was full of confidence. Exiting the theaters, he complained to his companions with tears and snot flowing: “Say… Why did Rong Xu have to cry so contagiously. I’m not crying, I … I just got bugs in my eyes, bugs! This movie really is great. Ah wu wu wu.”

There was heavy discussion about Black Clouds’s plot on the Internet. Ling Xiao fans who have watched the movie analyzed the plot and shared their thoughts. This movie truly did detail much about Ling Xiao’s life. Although there were some discrepancies in certain areas – for example, when Gu Mingxiu died, Ling Xiao had directly withdrawn from the music stage for half a year- – but in general, the movie was very good, and they couldn’t help but be moved.

[Before watching the movie, I was afraid that the God of Music would be destroyed by Rong Xu. Rong Xu is too young, there are not many of his works. If Jiao Jingshan was allowed to perform, I would feel assured. But after going to the premiere, I realized that, fortunately, Rong Xu played the God of Music! If it wasn’t him who acted, I can’t imagine what the outcome would have been like……]

[I most enjoy watching Rong Xu and Qin Shen’s co-acting with one another. Their interactions have a very nice feeling. I think they’re even more impressive than those guest stars! When they were co-acting with each other, I honestly felt like I saw the Gu Da and Xiao Xiao of those days. When they interacted with each other, it must have also been like this!】


“Gu Da” was the nickname that Ling Xiao’s fans called Gu Mingxiu by. Gu Mingxiu, this person, was indulgent and unrestrained. Once, when Ling Xiao was in an interview and was asked “How do you and Lyric artist Gu Mingxiu interact with each other”, Ling Xiao had smiled and replied without thinking: “He is the big boss, I trust him.”[2]

And so, Gu Mingxiu became “Gu Da“.

As for Rong Xu ’s fans, after watching this movie, they all even more so cried messily. 

There were even some who had yet to walk out of the theater before falling into the arms of their friends to seek comfort. But, when they raised their head, they found that their friends had also cried until their makeup was smeared. And so, the two young women held their heads and cried in pain: “In the future……in the future, whoever dares to wrong my family’s Rong Rong, I will bite them to death! Such a good Rong Rong, wu wu wu ……cannot bully him……”

Starting from becoming the number one hot search of the day at seven in the morning until six o’clock in the evening, #BlackClouds# firmly held the number one spot on the list. 

Many of Scenic Depth Movie Network’s movie critics all expressed their opinions about this film, and at around five o’clock in the evening, a review longer than three thousand words attracted the attention of all fans, pushing the popularity of this movie to a climax.

“Movies need music, a utopian style Black Clouds and a Legendary life”

[regarding Black Clouds, it cannot be considered a commercial film in the traditional sense, but within the past two years, very few commercial films could be promoted to this extent. This film is coincidental. If you simply look at the plot, the story is very simple, and there are not many special features that are attractive. But, it is because of Ling Xiao that this movie could be special.]

The shooting style of the whole movie was Liang Chao’s favorite fragmented editing and splicing style. The pictures’ colorations were not rich, but the contrasts were strong, perfectly rendering the atmosphere of the movie. Compared with Liang Chao’s usual film works, this film’s soundtrack had a better improvement.

The whole movie might have had no less than ten instrumental tracks and twenty vocal tracks. The vocal parts that were used seemed to all be Ling Xiao’s own songs, and the instrumental parts were also very similar to Ling Xiao’s personal style. 

What I paid most attention to was the final ending. Everyone stood in front of the tombstone and mourned till the end, dark clouds scattered and golden light gradually appeared, music slowly sounding. This was the sole vocal song that was not created by Ling Xiao. This gentle song pushed the whole movie’s finale to an acme, beautifully connecting with the audience’s mood.

The movie used two hours to tell a story as a lining, using this final song to break open the firm ice and melt everything.

All in all, this movie needs the music. Ling Xiao’s creations added brilliance to this movie, and the final new song was also one of the film crew’s delicate touches[3]. If Ling Xiao’s Black Clouds is a utopia, then the last song is close to reality- cruel yet beautiful.

Black Clouds. Worth the watch.]


[1]Change powder, Change powder: “powder” is the modern slang for Fan because it sounds like the english word “fan” in chinese. The netizen is saying how they have changed to become Rong Xu’s fan

[2] >NameName< Da da

[3] Original: god taking over the pen: a will of the heavens, a delicate touch. Used to describe works with beautiful expressions and impactful descriptions

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7 thoughts on “SA Chapter 58 (Part 1) – Lost Wings”

  1. the ending song, lost wing right? i almost confused when the review said it’s not ling xiao work but then i remember that it is his work but never got released. now i want to know how they’ll react if they know it’s actually ling xiao work.

    aah, i realise i just kept comment about ling xiao instead since last chapter. forgive me rong rong and qin cheng ~ its just the focus here is black clouds and ling xiao. thats why hurry give me dog food so i can talk about you two again ba 😂

    thank you for your hardwork!

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  2. Listening to Carpenters-Top of the world while reading and imagining the Scenario’s really made me cry gallons and gallons of tears 😭

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