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WDBKFMGB Chapter 14 – His Readers

I realized I had been typing Huang You’s name as Huang Wei. This happened because the audio read it as Wei LOL. I will change the previous chapters to Huang You later. Sorry for the mix up! (^//w//^)/ I will also use ‘Ferret Huang’ as a sub for his name occasionally as a reminder that Huang You is part of the ferret species.

After the little milk dog died, data measurements began with the little fox in room No. 2, and a wailing cry was heard through the room.

He Ruge couldn’t bear it but was also unable to help. When it came to room no. 19 being measured, the silly rabbit shook like a sieve, but when it saw He Ruge, it squeaked and scrambled up like a rolling snowball.

Huang You was affected by his last interactions with Little White Tiger. Once bitten, twice shy [1]. At first, he didn’t get a good grasp at the little rabbit, letting the little rabbit hop into He Ruge’s arms.

  The little rabbit’s eyes were red as if it were almost going to cry. He shrank into He Ruge’s arms and shook violently. 

Huang You, who had just reacted, grabbed the little rabbit’s tail, pulled the snowball out and put the metal helmet on the little rabbit that didn’t stop crying.

Because of the pain, the rabbit’s legs twitched and spasmed. When the metal helmet was taken off, the little rabbit actually still had the strength to twitch by the side, golden beans (children’s tears) falling all over the floor. He watched He Ruge with red eyes and a face of admonishment but attachment.

This really was a very naive little rabbit. Just because he gave it candy and sang a song for it, it regarded He Ruge as its closest person.[2]

If the game’s target was not the Little White Tiger, but rather this little rabbit, then he was afraid that even before the first experiment was over, he would already have filled the favorability bar. 

Room no. 19 slowly closed, and the eyes of the crying little rabbit hiding in the corner were like rubies rinsed in water, sparkling in the darkness.

He Ruge pushed the screen silently. After a while, he tapped it a second time.

His glasses frame weighed on his nose bridge. This weight was usually easily overlooked in the past. But at this time, it felt as heavy as a mountain. 

It felt like an existence that couldn’t be ignored.[3]

He Ruge took a deep breath and removed his glasses. That pair of black eyes which were not obscured by the glasses lenses stared at the screen without blinking, not looking away from the crying rabbit in the game. He Ruge thought, how could this little rabbit have so many tears, like it was made of water.

He thought about a lot at this moment, remembering the cold body of the little milky dog. Thinking that the little rabbit would also eventually leave quietly, his thin lips could not help but squeeze into a straight line.

Would this game really have …… a required fatal ending?

He Ruge looked down and put on his glasses – all the tumultuous emotions were restrained behind the glasses lens.

The iron door of room no. 20 was pushed open. Huang You didn’t enter immediately, but stood carefully behind He Ruge. The Little White Tiger lying in the cotton nest saw Ferret Huang’s actions and his blue eyes revealed a trace of ridicule. Perhaps due to his physical weakness, his eyes were slack, and a trace of sarcasm added to the image of the arrogance of a superior.


Little White Tiger’s ability to pull aggro was maxed out, making Huang You hold the mental consciousness stimulator with a dark face and forcefully putting it onto the Little White Tiger’s head.

After the short but slow measuring session, Huang You cleaned up the instruments and left.

The Little White Tiger lied feebly in the cotton nest. With Huang You’s piercing attention at the time, he was like a hedgehog who had carefully collected the thorns, quite innocent.

He Ruge mixed the medicine powder that was prescribed by the medicine-seeking rat into the milk bottle for the Little White Tiger to drink. The Little White Tiger didn’t turn his back this time, instead he held the bottle with his two paws. The Little White Tiger sucked on the bottle nipple seriously, his snow-white whiskers swaying in the air. 

The mouse clicked on [Touch]

His palm fell on the Little White Tiger’s small head and slid along the neck to the spine, petting the smooth hair in the direction of its growth. The fur under his palm was smooth to the touch. The Little White Tiger seemed to enjoy it and narrowed his eyes.

Number 20 
[Ao ~ “Somewhat, Comfortable”
[Do you like touching me very much? Actually……
[……I also like it a bit]

When Little White Tiger said ‘like’, under the originally simple [touch] option, there appeared many more branches:

[Touch Head
[Touch Back
[Squeeze Paws] 
[Knead Ears]
[Poke Butt] (Not Unlocked)
[Play with Tail] (Not Unlocked)
[Breath on Belly] (Not Unlocked) [4]

He Ruge: “! ! !”

Breathing on Belly is actually not a dream ! ! !

He tentatively clicked on [Squeeze Paws]. Little White Tiger’s claws retracted subconsciously. Hesitating slightly under He Ruge’s expectant gaze, he rested his small paws gently on He Ruge’s palm. 

The small paws were petite and exquisite, occupying only a third of He Ru’s palm.  

Number 20 
[Ao “In the future, my paws will become very big and can completely cover your hands]
[……Rawr? “After growing up…… the meat pads are also pink?”]

The mouse clicked on [Knead ears], and slender fingers loosely cupped the tiger ears, folding and kneading the flow-bud shape ears. The Little White Tiger tilted his head slightly, as if it were ticklish. The blue eyes that were watching He Ruge carried a hint of complaint.

Number 20
[Rawr “Don’t, Don’t touch. Very ticklish”]
[Rawr Rawr “If you touch again, in the future I will……”]
[……Ao “I will just lick your ears”]

The Little White Tiger turned his head away from He Ruge’s hands which were playing with those tiger ears. The pitiful tiger ear tremblingly stuck up, like a ravaged flower bud. But, what didn’t match the pitiful ears was the Little White Tiger’s sharp pointy teeth. He snarled with his teeth showing as a warning sign.  

Milky fierce, milky fierce[5], the long time no see Milky fierce Little White Tiger was back.

Although He Ruge wanted to continue rubbing his ears, he was afraid that Little White Tiger would get angry, so he clicked on [Touch Head].

The angry Little White Tiger was patted on the head by He Ruge. Perhaps after the favorability[6] level increased, the system’s default touch strength also changed from original gentle and light touch, to now, when he stroked his head, the fur would be pressed down and moved back a bit. Little White Tiger’s angry dead-fish eyes, because the fur on his head was pulled back, were pulled into becoming almond eyes.

At the next moment, those silly almond eyes once again turned into sullen dead-fish eyes.

Number 20 
[Number 20’s mood has become better]

When Little White Tiger coldly snorted, his pink nose would move slightly. His nose was in the shape of a little heart and every time he coldly snorted, it was as if he was shooting hearts to He Ruge.

In a cheerful mood, He Ruge clicked on [Touch Back], petting the stubbornly angry Little White Tiger along his fur. As he was petting, the Little White Tiger’s tail slowly began to sway.

Number 20
[Number 20 is really happy]
[Number 20 really enjoys you petting his back]

Smiling and heart satisfied, He Ruge went offline. Happy times were always short-lived, and he unknowingly indulged in games for more than an hour. 


Emotionless Coding Machine: “You dead pigeon! Have you typed yet! My 9,000 words for today are all done! ! !”

He Ruge guiltily turned off Penguin, pretending he didn’t see anything. He opened JinJiang and wanted to see if the sprayer in the comments area was still there. The familiar green interface appeared, but the ID “Revenge on Society” had already disappeared. The comments area was a large field of JinJiang thunder text.

 —— I don’t care about the Heavens above, Hell below, or even the Air in the middle, I only care about burying you!

    —— Rising and Rising is Not A Dream, fire a rocket launcher!

He Ruge was surprisingly stunned. What happened? Everyone…… why did you all suddenly throw mines?

Hundreds of new comments suddenly appeared. Some of them were familiar ID names, but most of them were strange, new IDs.

——Hugging the master author [9]

 ——Master, let me tell you something, if i were to say, you may not believe that our world is actually a world created from many parts, with authors, script writers, and artists, etc, using their pens to craft a variety of alternate universes. But in this world, there are always so many villains who want to rule over everything. So, there will always be destructive people who appear. They cross over the interfaces to become sunspots under the comments area of various large works to interfere with each master’s creations. So, master must work hard and not be defeated by the forces of darkness. I believe that evil is not invincible!

 —— Add Oil[7], Master, do you want me to lend you my Diamond Heart to use?

These comments … were all published with the latest chapter. He Ruge recalled that he was explaining the situation with the negative posts. Before writing that comment piece he did not actually think that there would be so many readers comforting him.[8]

He simply wanted to explain it to prevent readers who read the comments from misunderstanding.

He Ruge read each and every comment seriously, his eyes slightly moist. He dazedly removed his glasses and covered his red-rimmed eyes. Clearly, before, when he was poisonously being cursed out by the sprayer, he didn’t even cry. But, at this moment, he really couldn’t stop his tears from flowing.

… Why did he want to write? Why did he choose Jinjiang?

It was because the readers on Jinjiang were the warmest, cutest and most talkative little angels recognized by all novel websites.

At this moment, He Ruge truly felt that he was loved.

(Author Comments: TL is being edited. Will post later)

[1]一朝被蛇咬,十年怕井绳: once bitten by a snake, ten years fearing the well rope

[2] Original: he gave him a candy and sang for him, so he regarded him as his closest person” Too many HE’s !! I changed the rabbit’s “He” to “it” to avoid confusion

[3] He was moved by the rabbit’s tears

[4] [Breath on Belly] : Rubbing face on stomach

[5] Milky Fierce: cutely fierce

[6] Favorability level = goodwill level they are the same thing

[7] Add oil: motivational phrase: equivalent to Good Luck! Banzai! Work Hard! You can do it! Etc… I used ‘Add oil’ here in order to include the footnote for the explanation. In the future posts, I will choose alternate phrases, just know that the original was “add oil”

[8] Authors need love and care, too! Remember to help support if you can! Even kind comments can do wonders

[9] ‘Master’: original: DaDa – “big, big”: modern slang meaning expert or master, to show appreciation for another’s skill

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