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SA Chapter 60 (Part 1) – Making Noodles for You to Eat

Thank you for your patience, everyone! Here’s chapter 60, and it’s one hilarious ride. Thank you, Izo.Ren for beta edits. Enjoy!

A warm yellow light illuminated the kitchen. The sound of sharp kitchen knives on a chopping board continued to strike, making “dada” sounds.

Rong Xu didn’t really know how to cook much, so he didn’t cut the vegetables quickly. His skills could only be said to be ordinary, and he was careful not to hurt his hands. He used a hair tie to tie his lengthy hair back, but on his forehead there were some strands of hair that couldn’t be tied back, swaying back and forth with his motions and blocking half his face.

However, at this moment, the vegetables were all washed and cut, and two eggs were also beaten. Crispy, fresh vegetable leaves were thrown into an oiled pan. 

First, stir-fry for a brief moment. When the vegetable leaves were slightly soft and the aroma steamed out, pour water into the pot and then drop in the noodles.

Rong Xu bowed his head and worked seriously. What was obviously an extremely simple task, he still undertook very seriously.

Qin Cheng then stood to the side and looked up at the young man carefully dropping in the noodles. His eyes flicked across those slender and beautiful phoenix eyes, his tall nose bridge and soft lips before finally landing on his white and fragile collarbones.

At this time, Rong Xu suddenly raised his hand and brushed back the scattered hairs on his forehead. Turning to Qin Cheng, he smiled and said: “Do you eat vinegar?”[1]

Unable to suddenly react to the situation, Qin Cheng quickly looked away and subconsciously asked: “Eat vinegar?”

The smile on the youth’s face grew even brighter: “If you enjoy eating vinegar, I can help you add more vinegar and less soy sauce.”

Qin Cheng: “… En, I like eating vinegar.” 

Not long after, two bowls of steaming vegetable egg noodles were presented on the table. The green vegetables and yellow-orange eggs really stimulated one’s appetite. Rong Xu originally didn’t feel much, but as he was cooking and cooking, he actually became a little hungry and added some more noodles for himself.

Because he had discovered early on that Qin Cheng seemed to have the habit of “not speaking while eating,” Rong Xu concentrated on eating his noodles the entire time. Thus, he naturally didn’t realize that the man sitting opposite him had picked up his chopsticks and only taken one bite of noodles before slowly staring at the bowl in front of him, hesitating for a long time before taking a second bite, and then a third bite extremely slowly.

…… He couldn’t bear it, it had been many months since he’d eaten food personally prepared by the youth. How could he bear to eat it!


So, after Rong Xu finished his meal, he looked up and found that Qin Cheng had only eaten half of his. There was a trace of surprise in his eyes, and Rong Xu scrunched up his forehead slightly and asked: “Why don’t you eat? Didn’t you not eat dinner? Is there something about the noodle’s flavor that I didn’t control well?”

After a pause, Rong Xu asked: “Are you picky about cleanliness?”

Qin Cheng was currently picking up a treasured vegetable to admire. Hearing this so suddenly, he reflexively answered: “No.”

Then at the next moment, he saw a pair of chopsticks reaching into his bowl and gently picking up a broken noodle strand!

Qin Cheng: “! ! !”

With eyes wide open, Qin Cheng immediately looked up at the youth in shock. Unexpectedly, the latter did not notice his shook expression at all, but instead chewed the noodle carefully, and after a while, he smiled and said: “It does seem to be slightly more sour than mine, but I remember that you said you enjoy eating vinegar.”[2]

Qing Cheng acknowledged in a low voice: “En, I…… enjoy eating vinegar.”

Rong Xu turned his head slightly, and the strands of hair that had not been tied up slipped to the side of his cheek. He said smilingly: “I will pay more attention tomorrow. I coincidentally saw that there were still some vegetables in the fridge. Right, I remember that you don’t have anything scheduled for tomorrow, do you want to go watch a movie together?”

Qin Cheng nodded: You will still cook tomorrow?!

“Then I will go choose a film first.”

Rong Xu carried the bowl and got up to walk into the kitchen. Behind him, a certain man picked up the chopsticks once again and stared at the noodles in front of him, no longer hesitating like before. They say that when eating noodles, it is difficult to ensure looking good while eating. Especially after eating fast, it was even easier to appear sloppy.

However, when Rong Xu came out of the kitchen, he just happened to see Qin Cheng finishing his last bite of noodles. His posture was elegant and peaceful, as if sitting in a fine dining restaurant. Just fifteen minutes ago, this man only ate less than half the bowl, but now only three minutes passed but he finished all of it.

At a glance, Rong Xu was slightly surprised. He looked around, and subconsciously glanced into the trash can beside the dining table: Yi, no noodles. Could it be that he really ate it all? Didn’t you feel it was a bit too sour before and was not to your tastes?

Bearing this confused mood, Rong Xu asked: “Ready?” 

Qin Cheng looked at him deeply and nodded meaningfully: “En.

The two put the bowls into the dishwasher, and after waiting for it to wash a while, Qin Cheng entered the movie room. As soon as he walked through the door, he saw the beautiful and handsome youth standing on tiptoes and extending his arms out, seemingly trying to get a DVD from the top shelf.

Although his height was 185 cm, the highest cabinet shelf with the DVD was more than two meters high. Rong Xu could only see a name, but it was difficult to grab the disc. It was only the day before yesterday that he had seen the introduction of this movie, which was a bit similar to the script that Luo Zhentao had sent him. Thus, he really wanted to take a look at it.

This was the first time he felt his height was not enough. Rong Xu tiptoed a little higher, and his fingertips were about to touch the DVD. But, suddenly, a tall shadow was reflected on the cabinet in front of him. 

The light was completely blocked by the other party. Rong Xu turned to look slightly in surprise, but he saw that Qin Cheng had already picked up the DVD on tiptoes and was looking down at him: “Did you want to watch this?”

[1]“Eat vinegar” can be interpreted as “being jealous” but here, RX was literally asking QC if he would be okay with vinegar in the noodles

[2] LOL RX making QC ‘eat vinegar’, and continuously reminding QC to eat vinegar

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  1. “I like to eat vinegar” sounds so wrong. Hahahahahahahaha😅
    The author is definitely being intentional.😆 She could’ve written “Do you like vinegar? ” or “Do you like your noodles sour? “


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