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SA Chapter 60 (Part 2) – Making Noodles for You to Eat

 The distance between the two was only a short ten centimeters, and a strong and powerful male scent drifted to his nose. Rong Xu looked up slightly and could see the condensed dark coloration of the man’s eyes. A movie fan once said that Qin Cheng’s most outstanding aspect was his temperament, and his best physical feature was his eyes. His eyes were not the same as most Huaxia people’s light brown or amber eyes. His was a pure black, deep enough to draw people in.

From some angles, you could also see a little azure which was inherited from his grandmother.

While watching, Rong Xu subconsciously moved backwards to give way, and his back was close to colliding with the DVD cabinet. Qin Cheng furrowed his brows and quickly reacted, reaching out a hand behind Rong Xu’s back. As a result, the back of his hand collided with the cabinet and caused a loud sound.

Rong Xu immediately recovered and asked: “What’s wrong, where did you hit just now, are you alright?”

The man’s fingers were slender and straight, but there was a red mark on the back of his hand. The skin wasn’t broken nor bleeding; it was only red from impact. Qin Cheng shook his head gently: “It’s nothing, were you going to watch this movie?”

Rong Xu calmed down. He looked up at the other party and smiled with curved eyes: “En, Let’s watch this one.”

This movie was an American film that was released eight years ago and told the story of a police officer and a kidnapper contending against each other. As a large-scale commercial film with double male leads, this movie had, at the time, swept through the box offices around the world with tens of billions. Both of the lead actors were first-tier American big-shots and became classics in many people’s hearts

Able to become a classic movie, the film’s quality was bound to be guaranteed. Before long, Rong Xu was immersed in the scenario of the movie and slowly forgot about the other party’s scent which had drifted into his nose. On the other side, Qin Cheng had already watched this movie long ago. At this moment, even if the plot was intense and exciting, he was only looking at the screen absentmindedly, and simultaneously sneakingly glances at the youth beside him.

While Rong Xu was not paying attention, he quietly sent a text message: [I want to film more movies.】

Seeing the text message, Xu Jin’s mouth twitched and directly replied: [Ha? Didn’t I just help you pick up a movie by Director Zhao last week? You are entering the cast from next month, still not enough?]

Qin Cheng glanced down at the phone screen and lightly accused: [You have to be more self-motivated, don’t simply be satisfied with the current.】

The angry-till-he-almost-smashed-his-phone Xu Jin: “……”

Exactly who doesn’t have motivation, who was satisfied with the current !!!

Naturally, Xu Jin did not understand what this Young Master under his management was plotting, inexplicably becoming proactive. Of course, he also didn’t know that at this moment, that man’s gaze was floating to the DVD cabinet in the center of the movie room-

If all the works in here were all his …… En, it should be that way.

Two hours passed in a flurry. After watching this movie, Rong Xu couldn’t help feeling a sense of loss. When the closing credits appeared, he did not immediately stop the DVD, but quietly read through all the cast members before turning to Qin Cheng, smiling: “I think Jennifer’s acting is really quite good. Although she was very young at the time, and her acting skills were not as good as it is now, the female lead she played in this film had a wonderful presence.”

With the topic turned to work, Qin Cheng also became serious and nodded: “En, Jennifer made her debut with this film, and her acting skills have always been good.”


The two chatted for a while, discussing some details about the movie and issues in the actors’ expressions  before finally returning to their respective bedrooms. 

Rong Xu waved his hand with a smile. Most of his hands were hidden in his sleeves, like a cute little kitten: “Good night.”

Qin Cheng was hit with a blow to his heart. His eyes darkened as he waved gravely: “En…… Goodnight.”

After returning to the bedroom, Rong Xu began to carefully read through the several scripts sent by Luo Zhentao, whereas Qin Cheng covered his face with one hand and leaned against the door panel for a while to calm down. Then, he lifted his paralyzed face and expressionlessly took out another phone from his pocket, turning it on silently.

And then…… it froze.

Thousands of comments and retweets made this newly purchased Apple cell phone freeze. After three minutes, Qin Cheng finally clicked open his Weibo. Once confirming that it was not his personal professional handle, he clicked on the homepage and looked at his recent Weibo post.

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #BlackClouds##QinCheng##RongXu##ChengRong# It looks so nice that I looked at it again, RongRong Kiss Kiss Kiss =3= [picture]]

Qin Cheng: “……”

  There was no problem with the content, but how come the picture was Rong Xu’s sleeping face! ! !

Obviously, it should have been the 100 Black Clouds tickets he told Xu Jin to secretly buy yesterday, carefully arranged into a heart shape and using the best quality SLR camera and photoshopping to create the image of a 100 tickets heart!!!

But, in this picture, the youth was curled up tightly on the chair, his head tilted to the side, as he slept quietly. His soft hair was draped around his forehead. His eyelashes were long and dense. Unknowing how long he slept, there was a slight pink tinge on his cheeks. Fair-skinned, peaceful and beautiful, at a glance you’d know that it was a sneak shot, and it was a sneak shot done at close range!

After opening the comment section below, Qin Cheng looked at it for a while before suddenly realizing something was wrong.

He immediately opened his own Ali Mama account and inquired about it: The store quickly replied: [Dear, You purchased the most VIP 38888 “Net Star Becoming a Dragon” large gift package, oh~ comes with high quality large scale water army, high quality water army comments, high quality water army sharing and reposting options, etc. We have already helped dear customer push your post to the Weibo headlines of the fans’ section. If you are satisfied, dear customer, please give a five-star rating. Kiss, kiss. Looking forward to the next cooperation with dear customer =3= Fuwa Water Army Brand. You deserve it ~\\(≧▽≦)/~]

Qin Cheng: “……”

Bad Review !!!

However, no matter how bad a review was given, things have already happened more than two hours in the past, and no matter what was done, it would not help the situation. 

But, what Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing didn’t know was that this was just the beginning of his popularity. In the future, there would not be the most popular, only More popular……

The author has something to say:

Qin Cheng Cheng: Baby only really wanted to low-key flaunt his 100 tickets heart for a bit (T?T)

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  1. Lotus Orange Orange baby wanted to boast his treasured tickets but instead he unknowingly boasted QC’s REAL treasure lmao

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