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SA Chapter 61 (Part 1) – This Type of Selling Meng, He Isn’t Familiar With This Person

The words Bolded in this chapter are words that were originally in English.

Quick Reference: Cp: “couple”, po: “post”, Wuli: “my”

Immediately, Qin Cheng deleted this post and uploaded a new Weibo with the correct picture.

However, it was too late. If it was just an ordinary small account that posted this Weibo in the fan’s Comment Area, perhaps it would not have garnered this much attention. Definitely, there would be fans who discovered this picture from tag searching, but the spread of the post wouldn’t have been this wide. 

However, the poster’s Water Army shop owner was a very responsible person…… helping to place this post in first place in the Fan’s Area.

In just two short hours, including the 2000 high quality Water Army fans gifted by Alimama, the Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing Weibo account had more than 4000 followers!

[Holy Crap! Why is Wuli [1] Rong Rong’s picture gone, gone! Ao Ao Ao I wanted to lick it again!! Fortunately, I right-clicked saved it [doge]】

[Begging for picture! I came one step too late, I heard that this po owner had my boyfriend’s beautiful picture, how come it’s already gone!

[Looking at Rong Rong’s clothing, it seems to be a Black Clouds stage costume. The hairstyle is also Ling Xiao’s style of hair at the time! So, that is to say, po owner is actually a staff member of Black Clouds? 23333 I didn’t expect someone in the crew also likes Wuli ChengRong! And they are even in the ChengRong party, Hahaha, the flag will not fall!][2]

That’s right, this photo was taken by Qin Cheng during the filming of Black Clouds, taken sneakily during his down time.


The lengthy, high-intensity shooting made everyone in the crew exhausted. At that time, they were supposed to be shooting a night scene. The scenes were all Qin Cheng and Yu Siyu’s scenes, and there weren’t any of Rong Xu’s scenes. Thus, when Qin Cheng finished his part and returned to the resting area, he saw the tired and thin youth on the chair, sleeping silently.

The dark coloration underneath the boy’s eyes were well covered by foundation, but when he fell asleep unguarded, a trace of fatigue and fragility was unable to be concealed. Clearly, when he was filming, he was fully energized but when he rested, he finally couldn’t hide his exhaustion. 

Qin Cheng took the coat hanging on the side and used it to gently cover Rong Xu before going to pour another glass of water. When he returned, Rong Xu was still asleep. All around him, crew and staff members were walking to and fro. Qin Cheng thought for a while before secretly standing three to four meters away, hiding his phone under his sleeve and quietly taking a photo. 

The effect of this photo was very good, and a certain man took it out everyday to peek at a few times.

But now … it was actually also ogled by these fans! ! !

His lips pursed slightly, Qin Cheng observed as fans begged for the picture at the bottom of his Weibo page. He was originally a little depressed, but after seeing that many fans kept replying “ChengRong is the way”[3], and “ChengRong Forever”, He quietly raised the corner of his lips and temporarily dismissed the idea of deleting this small account.

The photo spurred a storm that spread throughout the fan circle; even Luo Zhentao had heard about it. He searched around for a bit before finding the Sleeping Beauty picture that was deleted by the original po, immediately sending it to Rong Xu.

The next morning, Rong Xu saw Luo Zhentao’s message and his handsome brows slowly furrowed.

This photo must have been taken secretly during Black Clouds. But, Rong Xu himself couldn’t remember when he had fallen asleep during the filming. Moreover, looking at the clarity of the picture, it should have been taken secretly from a distance.

The crew had so many staff members walking around every day. There were also guest stars and their agents and assistants who would come to the crew. Finding out who took that picture was more difficult than ascending.

Unless he directly went to ask the owner. 

Luo Zhentao replied quickly: [I private-messaged the po owner, but the other party did not reply. Little Xu, I think you really need an assistant who can manage the fan circles for you.  I am not too savvy with this aspect. Leaking this kind of photo is not necessarily a bad thing. At this time, it could also play a major role in promoting the movie. However, if someone leaked a bad photo next time, then it would be disastrous.]

Rong Xu also replied immediately: [Alright, Brother Luo, then I’ll trouble you with deciding on an assistant over the next few days.]

After chatting with Luo Zhentao for a while, Rong Xu opened up Weibo and entered five words.

“Lotus Seed Paste …. Orange Stuffing?”

Rong Xu opened this fan’s Weibo to take a closer look. The first thing he noticed was the other party’s new Weibo post.

“Rong Rong”, “Kiss Kiss” this way of selling meng wasn’t Rong Xu’s main concern. What he really cared about was the tag posted by the other party: #ChengRong#

The youth furrowed his brows and thought for a bit before finally gently shaking his head, feeling both helpless and amused.

Unexpectedly, he and Qin Cheng would also form a cp one day?

He remembered that when he had cp last time, the other cp party seemed to be Ye Qiao. At the time, Vie for Supremacy was very hot, and “Dong Lilan x Wan Qiyao” this cp had garnered the attention of numerous viewers. The “LanYao” cp blazed for a full three months. It was only in the recent days that the popularity dropped a little. But, listening to Luo Zhentao, it seems even till now they still had many cp fans, still appearing in major online platforms to quietly support them.


There were actually people who like his and Qin Cheng’s cp?

“Is it because of Ling Xiao and Gu Mingxiu …… En, their eyes are indeed sharp. It could also be considered an accurate guess.”

Rong Xu read the fan’s Weibo post expressionlessly. But, when he saw that this fan practically confessed to him for three meals a day, although there were no fluctuations on the surface, the corner of his lips still could not resist twitching. 

When he continued scrolling down and saw that this fan actually hated the “LanYao” cp, he was slightly surprised but didn’t give it too much thought.

En, in general, this should be a fan who liked to sell meng and was more chuunibyou.[4]

After carefully recalling the staff members he had met while filming Black Clouds, stars and their assistants, Rong Xu couldn’t recall anyone who was similar to this fan.

Among the female staff, female celebrities and female assistants, there were indeed some who were his fans, but all of them appeared normal. No matter how he looked at it…… none of them seemed like the type of person to say “Kiss Kiss, Kiss Kiss, Kiss Kiss”.

[1]Wuli: Chinese popular slang based on Korean meaning “my”

[2]Ship will never sink because it is strong

[3] original: 王道: the ‘kingly way’, ‘the way of the king’. Implying that Cheng x Rong is the OTP

[4] Chuunibyou: 中二病: “middle school syndrome” – originated from Japanese slang for the arrogance and behaviours of teenagers who believed themselves to be invincible and always right.

TL corner: Rong Xu, ah, you’re searching in the wrong team >v<

Also, this post was supposed to be up earlier…. but I accidentally saved it as a draft. Whoops

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