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SA Chapter 61 (Part 2) – This Type of Selling Meng, He Isn’t Familiar With This Person

After reading this fan’s Weibo post, Rong Xu directly got out of bed. He himself didn’t remember that a long time ago, he had, in fact seen this fan’s meng-selling Weibo before.

After all, he read many fans’ Weibos; forgetting one was a matter of fact. 

But from now onward, Rong Xu will never forget the name “Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing”. Not only because the other party may be an insider who had collaborated with him prior, but also because of the new Weibo post showing the 100 Black Clouds movie tickets.

This sort of luxury wasn’t like that of a normal crew member. Even if they weren’t a celebrity or an agent, they would at least be higher than an assistant director.

When Rong Xu exited through the door, he found that Qin Cheng had already prepared breakfast.

Qin Cheng’s cooking skills were similar to Rong Xu’s: it could only be used to fill the stomach. It couldn’t be considered a delicacy, but neither was it bad.


Suddenly recalling something, Rong Xu looked at the other person after scooping up the last spoonful of porridge, and he asked with a smile: “I remember when I first moved here … there was a day where you made a lot for breakfast?”

Qin Cheng’s hand that was holding his chopsticks shook. A moment later he calmly said: “That was instructed by my mother.”

Rong Xu was slightly stunned, saying with a smile: “It turns out it was Aunt Qin.”

The man once again leaned down to pick up vegetables, his thin lips pursing in dissatisfaction. 

…… It was not her!

After eating breakfast, Rong Xu continued to sit in the living room to read his scripts. Qin Cheng was on the phone endlessly. Rong Xu listened in and found that the other party seemed to be entering a crew next week for filming. Though, he felt it was a little inconceivable: hadn’t Luo Zhentao said that Qin Cheng, at most, only filmed one movie a year? How come, Disciple hadn’t been over a year yet, but he was already going to film another?

When noon came around, Rong Xu cooked a simple 4 dishes and 1 soup set. At the dining table, he only heard Qin Cheng say in a low voice: “Next week, I am going to film in New Zealand and might not be home for a couple of months. If there is an award ceremony in the middle, then I might return. If there’s anything, you can call my cell phone directly.”

Putting the chopsticks down softly, Rong Xu smiled and said: “It is fine if you just film well, I will take care of myself well. I will talk to Aunt Qin, you don’t have to worry.”

Qin Cheng: “… you can call me, it’s okay.”

Rong Xu smiled helplessly: “You can rest assured, I will talk to Aunt Qin.” 

Qin Cheng: “……”

That afternoon, the two casually watched another movie. This time, the movie Rong Xu chose was a Chinese film starring Wen Xuan. When he heard that the youth wanted to watch a Chinese film, Qin Cheng said seemingly unintentionally: “Want to watch one of my films?”

Rong Xu already had a target in mind early on and directly reached out to remove a specific DVD from the cabinet: “Let’s watch Golden Empire, then.”

Qin Cheng: “……” One day, he must change all the films in here to his! 

After watching for an entire afternoon, the two went to the garden downstairs for a stroll. This community’s security was very good, and they didn’t have to worry about bumping into paparazzi here. But, the unfortunate thing was that they had only taken a few steps before Qin Cheng received a call from Xu Jin. There appeared to be an urgent matter that required him to head to the company to deal with.

Qin Cheng stared at the youth with deep eyes, with a trace of loss hidden in his glance. Rong Xu smiled imperceptibly and waved at him: “Come back early.”

After Qin Cheng really left, the handsome youth walked on the garden path alone. The brilliant moonlight passed through the thin cloud layer and sprinkled onto the ground, casting a cold light onto the brisk stone path.

Rong Xu looked down for a long time at the beautiful pebbles spotting the two sides of the path, before turning around to head upstairs.

In his past life, whenever he didn’t have to film, he had never been as leisurely as Qin Cheng was now. He would often make appointments with friends to play ball at the clubs, or sometimes he would travel the world with friends. In this life, because the time he had arrived in this world was still short, not having many friends was quite normal.

But why did it seem like Qin Cheng had nothing to do all day, always staying at home? Did he perhaps have no friends? Before, when they were filming Black Clouds, his relationship with Wen Xuan appeared to be quite good. Recently, Wen Xuan also seemed to be on vacation, why did they never meet up?

In the end, his heavy doubts didn’t receive an answer. 


Without knowing why, before going to bed at night, Rong Xu opened Qin Cheng’s Weibo page and scrolled down to last year’s finalization post for Disciple. Then, he opened up this man’s private fan forum page. His fans were highly enthusiastic; every two seconds, a new page of fan comments would be posted.

Countless fans were discussing Black Clouds, discussing Gu Mingxiu.

Today was the fourth day since the release of Black Clouds, and the box office every day was 1.8 million. The momentum was still going fierce!

At nine o’clock in the morning on the fifth day, Huaxia Entertainment’s famous music producer, Zhao Kun, posted a strange Weibo on his personal account: [At 9 O’clock tonight, there will be a surprise for you all. Be there, or be square ~ Black Clouds Crew]

Fans were all wondering, a surprise is a surprise, why do you still need to tag (@) Black Clouds Crew?

Who would have known that after five minutes, the crew of Black Clouds actually reposted it!

[Black Clouds crew: [Snicker][Snicker][Snicker] Be there, or be square ~ //Zhao Kun: At 9 O’clock……]

Zhao Kun was a well-known music producer in the Chinese music industry, and he was also the music director of the film Black Clouds. He had produced many albums that surpassed 1 million in sales, so he still had a significant amount of Weibo fans. Even more so, the Black Clouds crew had become increasingly popular recently. Thus, such a mysterious interaction between the two immediately attracted the attention of fans.

In the past few days, the topic of “Lost Wings” had been brought up endlessly by netizens. Each individual who watched Black Clouds couldn’t wait to go buy another set of Ling Xiao’s albums. At the same time, they also wanted to get the DVD of this movie and the closing song, “Lost Wings”.

Therefore, with Zhao Kun and the crew’s interaction, the first reaction of the netizens was: [Could it be related to “Lost Wings”? ! 】

The netizens waited anxiously until nine o’clock in the evening. This full 12 hours of anticipation pushed the #LostWings# tag into the top ten of the day. Then, when Zhao Kun posted the Weibo exactly on time, the fans instantly exploded! (Original: boiled up)

[Zhao Kun: There is a song called Yearning, there is a song worth waiting for forever! Rong Xu, Black Clouds Crew, a butterfly that had lost its wings, let us return it to the blue sky together! [Video Link]]

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The author has something to say: 

Rong Rong: I feel like, of all the people I know, there is definitely no one who would say Kiss Kiss!

Qing Cheng Cheng: QAQ Rong Rong, do you not recognize Baby anymore Wu Wu Wu ……

TL Corner: Orange Qin just really wants Rong Rong to call him _(:3」∠)_ …. Also, I was too lazy to code a whole HTML section just for one small footnote oTL.
Beta reader/editor: Izo.Ren

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  1. Ohhh QC, you should express yourself more. Otherwise RongRong will think it was all Aunt Q’s instruction 🤭.
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  2. If I remember correctly, Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing is a wordplay on Qin Cheng and Rong Xu’s name right?

    Qin Cheng is truly worthy of the Film Emperor title, he managed to deceive everyone about his true nature lolol

    Thank you for the chapter! 💕


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