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SA Chapter 62 (Part 1) – Endorsements and New Movie

After Zhao Kun posted this Weibo, the Black Clouds crew immediately reposted it.

Countless music fans and Black Clouds audience members saw this news and understood it almost immediately

Rong Xu is going to collaborate with Zhao Kun to perform “Lost Wings”!

“There is a song called Yearning”, “a butterfly that had lost its wings”, those are all lyrics of “Lost Wings”! During the 5 days that Black Clouds had been playing in theaters, the same phenomenon occurred in many movie theaters: many audience members did not leave the room during the closing credits, but rather sat quietly in place, listening to “Lost Wings”.

“Lost Wings” played at the very end of the movie, when the camera slowly panned away from Ling Xiao’s gravesite and aimed towards the sky that was covered in black clouds. 

When this song sounded, countless memories scrolled through on the movie screen. There were scenes of the time when Ling Xiao once sang at the subway entrance, scenes where Ling Xiao just entered the entertainment circle and struggled earnestly, scenes where Ling Xiao and Gu Mingxiu endeavored together to achieve success, and scenes where Ling Xiao fell ill and passed away quietly.

When these scenes ended, the black clouds in the sky dissipated, the sun shone onto the ground, and the movie faded to black. But up to here, only the first part of “Lost Wings” was played!

Thus, the audience sat in place patiently, listening to the song and watching the credits.

During the credits, many movies would insert some interesting tidbits or Easter Eggs. This was another method of retaining the audience and allowing them time and space for reverie – for fond memories. 

But, Black Clouds only finished playing this song. Yet, the audience listened to the youth’s soft singing voice and could recall the things they saw during those past 2 hours, better understanding the movie.

Now, this song was finally going to be released!

[Buy buy buy! ! ! I watched this movie three times. The first two times were for the movie. Last night, it was entirely for listening to Rong Xu’s “Lost Wings”. This song really is so good. The Music God failed to release this song during his years. Now, I really want to make up for this regret! 】

[QAQ Wuwuwuwu. Don’t talk about this song, whenever I hear of it I will remember the rest of the melody and will want to cry again……]

[Aaaahhhhhhhh. Finally will be released! Still Rong Xu’s singing! No one can stop me, I want to buy five albums, ten albums!]

Black Clouds was currently playing, and was super hot in the box office. Using this time frame to announce the production of “Lost Wings” really was considered borrowing a Westerly wind[1].

As soon as the fans of Black Clouds heard this news, they all responded enthusiastically.

Not to mention Rong Xu’s fans. For them, this was Rong Xu’s first ever single. Regardless of whether or not Rong Xu would formally enter the music scene, this song held an extraordinary commemorative significance. 

Moreover, Rong Xu’s fans naturally went to the theaters and watched Black Clouds. As long as one had seen this movie, it was difficult not to like this song since this song was played during the climax of the movie and aided in boosting the audience’s mood to the highest point.

With the support of movie enthusiasts and fans, #LostWings# was very quickly propelled into the top ten hot searches. 

Not only that, in the Forum section of Tieba, you could see people discussing “Lost Wings” everywhere.

Most netizens were very excited and looking forward to the news regarding the production of “Lost Wings”. They all had a ready wallet, anticipating to buy. There were also some sunspots who were muddling the waters at this time, saying “Rong Xu’s singing is unpleasant” and “this song is not good at all.” However, they were immediately scolded into hiding by fans, without success.

When Rong Xu arrived at the Huaxia Entertainment Building, it was already four o’clock in the afternoon.

The news about the upcoming release of “Lost Wings” had been widely publicized. Although most of the popularity was driven by the movie enthusiasts and fans, Zhao Chuyun also invested in large marketing firms, found some media reporters, and released announcements.

When Rong Xu came to the Huaxia Entertainment Building half a year ago, he was just a nameless, unknown newcomer. But now, he already had a movie with a box office of 1.6 billion in five days. Every staff member who saw him while walking around in the company building all quietly stole some extra glances. Additionally, before Rong Xu arrived at Luo Zhentao’s office, he had already signed autographs for five or six fans.

Upon seeing Rong Xu, Luo Zhentao quickly got up from the office chair and said with a smile: “Little Xu, you came so early, did you hear the good news already?”

Rong Xu nodded with a smile and handed over the bag of bread in his hand, saying: “I heard when I was sitting in the taxi.”

“Oh, you even brought something for me to eat.” Luo Zhentao received the bag of bread, opened it and ate a slice of toast while speaking: “You came at the perfect time. Later, the new assistant I found for you will be here; take a look. I found two people. If you are not satisfied, I can change them. There cannot be a mistake. The assistants have to take care of you for a long time. If you can’t get along, it will be highly inconvenient.”

Rong Xu nodded.

When Luo Zhentao called Rong Xu in the afternoon, it was for him to come over when he was free to take a look at the assistants he had chosen for him. At that time, Luo Zhentao accidentally revealed that he had been too busy to eat lunch today, so Rong Xu brought a bag of bread for him on the way.

A small gesture is better than nothing.  [2]

Before long, the two assistants came. Both of them were young girls, carrying the temperament of those who just freshly graduated from college. When they saw Rong Xu, they looked at him curiously, unable to hide the excitement in their eyes.

Although Rong Xu still could not be considered a first-tier star, his popularity has soared within the last six months. Ambush, Vie for Supremacy, and the current Black Clouds. Though he didn’t have as many works or qualifications as some new fresh meat, he had a sort of popularity that other fresh meat did not.

As long as this kind of popularity was used well and accumulated well, then in the future it would be his strength and capital.

Rong Xu spoke with the two girls for a while, before choosing one to stay. 

Luo Zhentao introduced: “Coincidentally, this girl and I are family. She is also surnamed Luo, named Luo Qian. Little Xu, she is seven years older than you, 25 years this year. You can call her Xiao Luo (Little Luo). Xiao Luo, from tomorrow on, you will be responsible for Rong Xu’s food, clothing, housing, and transportation … um no, you don’t have to be responsible for housing. Just send him home everyday, don’t have to do housekeeping or anything like that. Also, you should manage and contact the fan’s. Give me a detailed plan within three days.”

This little girl had previously been staring at Rong Xu and couldn’t move her sight away. But, hearing Luo Zhentao’s words, she nodded immediately: “Okay, I understand.”

Since she was to start work tomorrow, then this young woman would have to go through the formalities today and leave Huaxia Entertainment’s agent training department.

Luo Zhentao smiled and said to Rong Xu: “The ones I picked are all the good seedlings in the training department this year. I originally wanted to choose boys, but girls are more careful and it is easier for them to communicate with the fans.”

Rong Xu nodded in agreement: “I agree, Xiao Luo is very good.”

[1]Borrowing a Westerly Wind: using something to promote another for a smooth journey

[2] Original: 聊胜于无,总比没有好. It’s difficult to explain this saying in English. The 2 phrases pretty much repeat themselves in meaning and are redundant. But basically, it’s saying “something is better than nothing”

TL corner: I thought I would be able to finish the whole chapter in one go, since it was a bit shorter. But, there were soooo many internet slang and popular phrases Orz.

Proofreader/BetaReader: Izo.Ren

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