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SA Chapter 62 (Part 2) – Endorsements and New Movie

The two chatted for another while, and then the discussion came to Rong Xu’s next announcement. The commercial had been decided. Luo Zhentao helped Rong Xu receive a potato chip advertisement. This potato chip had a total of four spokespersons, both men and women, all of whom were popular male leads and pretty young women. This time, the contract for one of the previous young women had expired and they decided on Rong Xu.

As a result, this potato chip now had 3 male leads and 1 pretty young woman for endorsements.

Although this endorsement was not a solo endorsement, which seemed to treat Rong Xu poorly,  in actuality, Luo Zhentao explained: “Luck (The brand) is very popular, and is a large global chain company. Their endorsements never have only one person. The other three endorsers all have first tier popularity. This time, Luck believes that after Black Clouds, your popularity will soar; thus, you were given this notification.”

Rong Xu nodded slightly. He naturally understood the reason why such a big endorsement could not be enjoyed by one person alone. However, what he was more concerned about was: “When we are shooting the ad in two days, will it still be all four people together?”

Luo Zhentao smiled softly: “Basically, it will be you alone. The endorsement for the three of them had already been filmed long ago. Only need to shoot your posters and advertisements. However, I am also not too certain. For their commercial, they invited a Hollywood director to come shoot, and it will be a story made of a combination of multiple action scenes where you four will come together to capture potato chips[1] .

It may take some time before the final gathering segment is filmed because they need to schedule it for when all four spokespersons have time. Though, for your solo action scenes, there may also be other spokespersons who will appear. It depends on the script that the advertising agency gives us tomorrow.”

Rong Xu nodded thoughtfully and did not express much opinion on this. 

He came today, not only to find an assistant and confirm the endorsement, but also to discuss his next movie.


Under the bright and dazzling lights, the youth’s eyes looked up at Luo Zhentao, his lips slightly curled up, revealing a calm and steady smile: “Brother Luo, for the next film I want to accept Maze City.”[2]

The next day, Rong Xu received the script from Luo Zhentao via email. He carefully read the advertising script of “Luck Potato Chips”. The entire script was not long; after shooting and editing, the entire episode should only be five minutes long. But, during the last minute, there really were scenes that included co-starring with the other spokespersons.

Rong Xu carefully read through the section with the other spokespersons several times. In the afternoon, he received a text message from Luo Zhentao: [Maze City has been confirmed on their side. You will join the crew next month and participate in the press conferences and introduction ceremonies. This movie has double male leads. When they release the film in the end, you and the other male lead will receive the same level of treatment. PS: Xiao Luo has already started to take over fan management today. If you need anything, you can contact her. Her phone number is ……]

Rong Xu saved Xiao Luo’s number in his phone. When he raised his head, he saw Qin Cheng walk out of the bedroom.

The two looked at each other, and Rong Xu waved his hand, saying with a smile: “I remember you will be going to New Zealand to film next week, right, Qin Cheng?”

Qin Cheng was a bit confused, not really understanding why the youth would ask him about that at this time. He nodded in tacit agreement, but he hadn’t inquired further when he saw Rong Xu get up from the sofa and walk in front of him, saying: “Let’s go downstairs for a stroll? You were busy the day before yesterday and left halfway.”

Hearing this, Qin Cheng’s heart slightly shook. The corner of his lips raised quietly, but his face still showed an unfazed appearance, and his tone was very calm: “Okay.” He said it seemingly indifferently, but he still went back to the house to get his coat.

Rong Xu watched in surprise as he walked back to the room. When Qin Cheng came out, he was wearing a slim, black trench coat, whereas Rong Xu was still wearing a simple pullover and jeans. A simple comparison between the two; one was youthful, clean and casual, and the other was strikingly handsome enough to be able to directly hop on a T stage and walk a (fashion) show.

Rong Xu: “Actually I just wanted to go downstairs and do some shopping.”

Qin Cheng: “… En.”

In this way, the two went downstairs together and walked a few laps around the garden. When they reached the final lap, Rong Xu turned his head to look at the man next to him. He said softly: “The day after tomorrow, I’m going to the HengDian[3] to shoot an advertisement. Could be considered an advertising blockbuster.”

Qin Cheng froze for a moment: “You’re leaving the day after tomorrow?” 

He wasn’t leaving for New Zealand to film until next week, but this youth was already leaving the day after tomorrow!

Rong Xu nodded: “En.

After a pause, Rong Xu narrowed his eyes slightly and looked at Qin Cheng. His narrow and long phoenix eyes reflected Qin Cheng’s slightly shocked expression. Rong Xu’s eyes held a gleam. Those pupils were clear and clean, yet no one could guess what was going through his mind. After a while, Qin Cheng only heard Rong Xu say mildly: “If Aunt Qin is worried about me and wants you to look after me … you can call me.” [4]

Qing Cheng was stunned stiff, looking carefully at Rong Xu. It took him a long time before he nodded and said: “Okay.”

The two strolled for a while longer without speaking and then went upstairs.

Two days later, Rong Xu and Luo Zhentao left City B together and arrived at the spring-filled Hengdian. When he last came here to film Vie for Supremacy, it was still summer. It has been almost one whole year now.

The place was the same, but the people were no longer the same. This time, the crew member sent to pick up Rong Xu was an assistant director, not an ordinary staff member. After Rong Xu entered the crew, he quickly got acquainted with the director and other staff while waiting for the arrival of the last spokesperson.

The author has something to say:
Rong Rong: You can call me on my phone…… only if Aunt Qin requests you to call me. 
Qin Cheng: …… okay? (? ???w??? ?)??.

[1]CATCH CHIPS??? Oh no, dey on da run again. Quick! Get em! This is why we eat them. So, they can’t run.

[2]The Maze City can also be “Lost City” “Missing City” etc. But since Lost Wings will also be quite prevalent in the following chapters, I decided not to use the word “Lost” for the film title

[3]HengDian, China. Well known for its Hengdian World Studios, largest studio in the world, constructed on previous farmland. 330 hectares. A simple image search will give great visuals 🙂

[4]The entire paragraph was all just “him, he, his” so I added the names in just in case

TL Corner: Surreal: “You used to call me on my cell phone, Late night when you need my love, Call me on my cell phone” థ ౪థ 


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  1. lmao let me laugg first hahahahaha xD wth, it’s too funny. it’s really obvious that rong rong knew all those times QC use his mom as excuse it’s actually him who wants to do that thing.

    i also think rong rong didnt tease him. more like, he really want to tell QC to called him if he’s worried but didnt want QC know that he know. thats why he also use QC’s mom as excuse.

    all in all, rong rong start to feel something too toward QC?

    anyway, thank you for your hardwork!


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