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SA Chapter 63 (Part 1) – This Treasure Hunt Was Just For…… Potato Chips?

Don’t worry if you have no idea what is going on in the commercial. Even our MC RongRong is bewildered XD.

Luck Potato Chips was the largest potato chip brand in the world. Thus, the spokespersons they choose would naturally not be ordinary stars.

There were a total of four spokespersons for this particular potato chip commercial. Excluding the young woman[1] whose contract had expired, there were three other popular stars. One of them was Qi Rong, a first-tier actress who made a one-hit success with a youthful chick flick. Another was Bao Jiahong, a well-known singer known as the Little King of Hip-Hop. There was also the one preparing to shoot the advertisement scenes with Rong Xu, Deng Yiwen.

Deng Yiwen is a popular student under the Streaming Lights Entertainment Company. Seven years ago, he debuted with a youthful idol drama, and in recent years, he has performed in many modern and ancient-style idol dramas. It wasn’t until last year when he starred as Male No.2 in a power-struggle drama[2] that he achieved a one-hit success, reached first-tier, and gained countless fans.

Although after the beginning of this year, Deng Yiwen’s recent modern romance movie had extremely low viewings, poor ratings and popularity, in general, he was still a first-tier trainee and would not fall into second-tier within this year.

To be able to get to such a position, Deng Yiwen definitely wouldn’t be stupid like Han Yanghao. At nine o’clock in the morning, he appeared at the crew on time. His assistant and the director were also in discussion to determine today’s shooting process.

Inside the dressing room, an experienced makeup artist was helping Rong Xu dye his hair when they saw a clean and handsome boy walk in. The other party greeted everyone enthusiastically with a “Good morning”. Afterwards, he happily sat down and said to the makeup artist at the side: “I am late today, Should I do my hair and makeup at the same time? At least, this way we can save some time.”

A makeup artist immediately stepped forward and smiled: “Not late, it’s only nine o’clock, just right.”

Deng Yiwen smiled and saw Rong Xu, who was dyeing his hair, through the mirror.

It was already May, and the weather in Hengdian was about 20 degrees Celsius today. Rong Xu had already donned his costume, but Deng Yiwen was still wearing his short-sleeved t-shirt. In this weather, wearing short-sleeve clothing would still make one slightly chilled, but Deng Yiwen actually kept fanning himself non-stop. While fanning, he turned towards Rong Xu, saying with a smile: “So, you are Rong Xu? I am Deng Yiwen. I am happy to be able to work with you today, haha.”

In his past life, Rong Xu had met many people like Deng Yiwen, this type of star who assumed familiarity with everyone. He nodded with a smile and said: “Hello, I am Rong Xu. Happy cooperation.”

Deng Yiwen’s handsome and sunny face showed a bright smile towards Rong Xu, and then he turned back to continue to tease the makeup artist. The female makeup artist, who was in her early thirties, was teased into laughter. When Rong Xu’s hair was finished dyeing, the two of them were still laughing happily.

Rong Xu turned to look at Deng Yiwen, saying politely: “Then, I’m going to go film first.”

Deng Yiwen smiled happily and waved at him: “Okay, I’ll come right away.”

Rong Xu’s eyes glanced casually at the back of Deng Yiwen’s head before he got up and left. Today, he (RX) had the most scenes, while Deng Yiwen only had four or five scenes. Even if Deng Yiwen came to the crew in the afternoon, it would not be an issue. However, the other party still arrived on time and gave Rong Xu a good impression.

Although, this person seemed to be a bit frivolous.

    —— Rong Xu added secretly in his heart.

Leaving the rambunctious and laughter-filled dressing room, Rong Xu went directly to the set and prepared to film his part. 

The moment he left the door of the dressing room, his steps paused, and he looked back subconsciously. However, he found that the people inside were still laughing and messing around with Deng Yiwen.

Not thinking too much about it, Rong Xu went to shoot his hard-copy posters first.

But, just as he left the dressing room, Deng Yiwen’s gaze flicked lightly towards him, the corner of his mouth curving upwards, and then he looked away.

During the entire morning, Rong Xu finished taking all of his hard-copy pictures.

This time, Luck Potato Chips’s commercial background was set in outer space in the future, and there were four super-powered individuals fighting for treasure. Based on sequential order, Bao Jiahong will be the first super-powered individual to get the treasure. Qi Rong will be second, Deng Yiwen will be fourth, and Rong Xu will be third.

After everyone acquires a treasure, they will be teleported to the ultimate battlefield where they will be sealed in ice, waiting for the four treasures to come together before they can break open the ice and truly start the final battle for the ultimate treasure.

As for what the ultimate treasure hidden in the glowing light is… it is naturally Luck potato chips.

A super blockbuster; popular, handsome stars; coupled with stunning, eye-catching visual effects, the final pursuit of this blockbuster advertisement was actually potato chips! Although he didn’t know who thought up such a unique advertising idea, Rong Xu knew that this advertisement must be extremely expensive.

The scenes of all four spokespersons added together was already 30 minutes long. And within this 30 minutes, it was packed with action scenes and mostly special effects. Every single frame was simply robbing money (Expensive).

Though, the director who came to direct today’s advertisement is a famous Hollywood director, Stephen Griffin. This top director’s movies all had one common feature: High costs and enormous spending.

Once Rong Xu finished taking his costume photo stills and officially prepared to start filming, Stephen immediately turned his eyes away from the script to stare at Rong Xu. His eyes lit up as he walked over excitedly, holding a big belly, and said with excitement: “Uh-maz-ing[3]! Rong, this appearance truly is good-looking. I already can’t wait to film you.”

Stephen’s Chinese couldn’t be regarded as perfect, but it could still be understood. He could even use idioms proficiently.

Over these past years, for the sake of going beyond the country’s borders, all of Huaxia’s directors could speak English fluently; and Hollywood directors, who wanted to compete in the Huaxia market and win Huaxia’s awards, would also study and work hard. There was even a Hollywood common saying: The more famous the director, the better their Chinese was.

Humans have always been moved by capital and interests. No matter how hard Chinese was to learn, in order to access the Huaxia market and compete with Huaxia movies, these top Hollywood directors would study day and night to conquer this grand mountain called Chinese.

In the span of his two lifetimes, Rong Xu discovered that these big foreign directors usually had one unique characteristic: either they were super eccentric, arrogant and narcissistic, and difficult to communicate with; or they were passionate and fiery and couldn’t help but extol you with all the best praises in the world, without repeats. 

Obviously, Stephen belonged to the latter.

The handsome young man smiled and said sincerely: “Being able to work together with you is my honor.”

Stephen immediately praised again: “No, no, no. I really do like this appearance. It’s really cool.”

The curve of Rong Xu’s lips rose a bit more as he calmly replied: “I also cannot wait to work with you.”

The two praised each other a few more times. At the side, a Huaxia assistant director glanced at Rong Xu a few more times in surprise. Unexpectedly, this young child was actually able to talk to Stephen for long without a change in expression. 

When Stephen went to go coordinate with the other units to prepare for the day’s first shots, that assistant director secretly gave Rong Xu a thumbs-up and whispered: “This foreign director is too enthusiastic. I’d already made several films with him before. Rong Xu, you are the one who has dealt with him the best. You didn’t see, but even Qi Rong was flattered by this old man until he was red-faced and heart thumping, almost unable to hold back (from escaping).”

After hearing this, Rong Xu blinked innocently, but the corners of his mouth tilted up: “I’m only speaking the truth.”

This assistant director’s admiration for him deepened a little more. 

His words were such, but when Rong Xu finished discussing with the action director and was preparing to head onto the filming site, he slowly became serious and the smile on his face vanished. The sturdy film wires gradually lifted the youth. On the ground, the rotund director who was previously praising the young man also gradually composed his expressions, watching Rong Xu seriously.

Rong Xu’s eyes stayed on Stephen’s serious countenance for a bit, and then shook his head helplessly.

Sure enough, this was a Hollywood director in the most traditional sense —— when praising you to the sky, he would make you feel as if you were his most beloved protagonist. But once you truly started filming, he would become so strict that it would make any actor doubt whether they should’ve entered the entertainment circle.


[1]Young woman: Original translation: Little flower

[2] Power-struggle drama: anything related to a fight for power, mostly referenced to period dramas featuring royalty

[3] Original: 鹅妹嘤 (E Mei Yin), Pronounced to sound like “Amazing” in English

TL Corner: Why did I end it on an exclamation mark? Don’t worry, it’s not a cliffhanger. ヽ(゜∇゜)ノ*:・゚✧
Proofreader/Beta Editor: IzoRen

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