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SA Chapter 63 (Part 2) – This Treasure Hunt Was Just For…… Potato Chips?

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The moment a voice sounded, a high-wattage stage light immediately illuminated from Rong Xu’s right-front side, flashing across his beautiful and delicate face.

In just a brief second, Rong Xu suddenly kicked the stone wall with his right foot, flipped over in a circular moon shape and then used his left foot to kick off another cliff, appearing as if he were flying along the walls and passing through this small cavernous space.

The set location prepared by the crew was on the inside of a cave. The rocks here were quite peculiar. The rocks hid a fluorescent glow underneath them, which emitted a faint blue light that lit up the cave like daytime.

Within this extraordinary scenery there was the charming figure of a youth donned in a black windbreaker rapidly flying between fluorescent stone walls.The asymmetrical costume design and the silver crystals dotted on the collar gave this outfit a distinctive style. Black, close-fitting pants clung to those straight and slender legs. The moment he landed on the ground, he kneeled on his left knee and supported himself with his right hand. He looked up sharply, his eyes cold, and gave off a dangerous aura..


This scene ended here.

Though it seemed only a few tens of seconds passed, the various action-packed scenes in it were more difficult than shooting a ten-minute cultural film.

Stephen watched the monitor screen carefully. Only after examining it back and forth three times did he look up at Rong Xu, who was at the center of the set, and say: “Again. The third action wasn’t smooth enough, I want it to be crisp and clean! Rong, you know what it is I want; I want the coolest actions, the most handsome Huaxia Kungfu!”

Rong Xu nodded slightly, and the makeup artist fixed his makeup again. Then, they began shooting the scene for the second time.

Action films were different from cultural films. Solely having acting skills was not enough, it also required proper coordination. First, the actor must be well versed on the director’s filming process. Second, one must be familiar with the stunt wires. Then, they have to coordinate with the light technicians and cameraperson, etc. Only this way would a perfect composition be created. 

Only when this scene was on its third take did big-belly Stephen excitedly yell: “Perfect!”

Thus, it was considered to have passed.

The make-up artist stepped forward to help Rong Xu wipe his sweat and touch up his makeup. At this moment, Deng Yiwen also finished his makeup and came out. When he walked out, he saw Rong Xu who was surrounded by a group of staff members.

Rong Xu’s 185 (cm) height allowed him to stand out amongst this many people, his posture upright. His hair was slightly long with the left side clipped up with an invisible black clip. Most of his black hair was fixed to the right side with hairspray, revealing a good half of his fair and beautiful face. 

Within the soft silky black hair, there were broken strands of silver dyed in. The shining rays of silver interspersed in the middle of the black hair made it extraordinarily dazzling; the youth’s skin appeared even fairer but also added a cold and ruthless sci-fi ambience. 

Rong Xu’s face had a very high level of malleability and there was no doubt that this type of futuristic appearance suited him quite well. In a crowd, you could see him at a glance, unable to look away.

Deng Yiwen dejectedly glanced at Rong Xu a few times before turning to look towards his own little assistant, saying with a smile: “He is actually not bad, isn’t he?”

The assistant gave Rong Xu a few glances and said: “His type isn’t commonly seen in the entertainment circle, he only looks good. That’s it.”

Deng Yiwen raised his eyebrows: “Dong Zheng had said that his acting skills were also good.”

The assistant spread out their hands and didn’t say anymore.

Later, they once again started on Rong Xu’s scenes.

The context of Rong Xu’s commercial was that he arrived at this cave and fought against the invisible dark storm that was inside. At last, he was finally going to obtain the treasure, but then, Deng Yiwen appears. For the sake of the ultimate treasure, the two began another spectacular round of battle. In the end, Rong Xu wins the treasure and is transported to the ultimate battlefield. Deng Yiwen can only resume his search for the fourth treasure. 

Among these four spokespersons, Rong Xu’s image belonged to a ruthless and rational type, so his hair was highlighted with silver. On the other hand, Deng Yiwen was comic relief. He was responsible for playing around and creating comedic aspects. Thus, he always wore white clothing with blonde-dyed hair.

This character design was part of the Hollywood template. Although it was lousy, the audience would always eagerly eat up this setting.

Rong Xu filmed some of the action scenes on set. Among these, he had to imagine the existence of a dark storm and fight against it. This was the first time he filmed action scenes and he needed three takes before it satisfied Stephen. When they reached the fourth action scene, as soon as he finished, Stephen, with his big belly, applauded happily and directly went up to hug the youth making Rong Xu unable to decide if he should laugh or cry.

“Spectacular! Rong, just maintain this feeling and let’s continue!”

With Stephen’s words, all the members of the crew dived into their work with increased excitement.

Deng Yiwen sat in a chair, smiling, and chatted with one of the working girls on the set. Hearing Stephen’s words, he quietly glanced back at Rong Xu before smiling and moving his sight away.

Next, Rong Xu was considered to have eradicated the dark storm and was close to getting the treasure. At this moment, it was time for Deng Yiwen’s appearance.

Deng Yiwen and the girl joked around some more before he entered the set.

Rong Xu was about to finish up and handed Luo Zhentao the towel he used to wipe his sweat. He looked up and saw Deng Yiwen grinning and beckoning toward him, exposing a set of neat, white teeth. Rong Xu raised his eyebrows but still waved at the other party with a smile.

Big-bellied Stephen looked over the stage and then raised his hand: “Action!”

The filming site of Luck Potato Chips was busy, and in the outside word, music and movie enthusiasts have already collectively exploded. 

To date, the cumulative box office for Black Clouds has already broken 4 billion and was steadily closing in on 5 billion. Simultaneously[1] , Zhao Chuyun had been following up on the promotional plans for “Lost Wings”. That afternoon, she had Zhao Kun post nine photos on his private Weibo account.

Of the nine photos, eight photos showed only the blurry silhouettes of two people, obviously done through PS (photoshop) blurring. However, in the centermost photo there was a youth in a red jacket. His left hand was stretched out to cover his left cheek, resulting in the right side of his face being even more prominent.

From the corner of his upturned eyes, red cinnabar hooked upwards and outlined a captivating arch. Those light-colored pupils were like a lake immersed in moonlight, peaceful and quiet, capturing your spirit and soul inside.

The photo was coupled with Zhao Kun’s Weibo text——

[5, 2, 0[2] “Lost Wings”, Coming to meet you!]

[1]Simultaneously: original: “At the same time that it was progressing towards 5 billion” original had it reiterated for emphasis

[2]520- homophone for “I love you” in Chinese

Proofreader/Beta Reader: IzoRen

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9 thoughts on “SA Chapter 63 (Part 2) – This Treasure Hunt Was Just For…… Potato Chips?”

  1. The commercial they’re shooting reminds me of that kang shifu cf (i think yang yang was in it?) from a few years back lmaooo it was extra af

    Thanks for the chapter!


  2. This potato ad reminds me of those extra Japanese commercials lololol. My antagonist sense is picking up. This new character doesn’t seem to be a good guy….


  3. Feels like DY is scheming something?? Also, his assistant sure did say a thing. Have they…not watched the Black Clouds movie? Or at least, heard of it? Tbh with so many famous actors participating, you’d think it’d be pretty well known in the circle. Thanks for the chapter!


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