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WDBKFMGB Chapter 16 (Part 2) – Little Goblin Ball

The next morning, He Ruge, who just woke up, had a dull expression. Last night’s dream was still vivid in his mind, and for the first time in his life he had great doubts about his sexual orientation. Even when he went to [feed] in the morning, He Ruge was too embarrassed to even interact much with Little White Tiger.

In front of Little White Tiger’s clear blue eyes, He Ruge’s guilt and shame had nowhere to hide, so he quickly exited the game and stared at the blank document in a daze.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Are you awake? A new day, a new beginning. You can start writing.”

RuGe: “Annoyed, no mood to write.”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “What’s wrong?”

The things in the dream were difficult to disclose, so He Ruge replied weakly: “Nothing, just annoyed about a game.”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Don’t you only play romance games? What is there to be annoyed about? There’s no one judging you.”

RuGe: “…… You are being prejudiced against romance games. Even romance games can be hard.”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “For example?”

RuGe: “The game time is synchronized with real time. I can only cultivate feelings with the game target during my three meals daily, the progress is very slow.”

Emotionless Coding Machine: ”So, it’s like this. Well, you can try adjusting the time of the computer or cell phone, move the time forward by a few hours. See if the time in the game will change.”

Originally, he was just here to complain, but received unexpected advice. He Ruge carried a “you never know till you try” mentality and fast forwarded the time. Currently, it was 8:30 in the morning. He adjusted the time forward by three hours and discovered that the time in the game really became 11:30 at noon.

The daily feeding task also moved to lunch time. He Ruge was amazed.


RuGe: “”This kind of cheat method actually works!”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Are you happy?”

RuGe: “Happy!”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “If you are happy then write. Let’s enter that little black room and lock in 3000 words. If you don’t finish, then you can’t exit, 312/3000”

Under the request of his close friend, He Ruge pitifully opened the small black room to write. When he reached 1000 words, he saw a Penguin message sent from a close friend.

He Ruge didn’t have to look to know that that crazy insane coding machine already finished writing 3000 words. When He Ruge finally completed a three-thousand-word update, the opposite Coding Machine already finished his 9000 word goal.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “I am allowing you to procrastinate for 1 hour. Right now it’s 10:30. Come back to write after you finish your lunch. If you don’t write 9000 words by today, I will perform the art of cooking Braised Pigeon[1] for your readers.”

The lifted-by-his-ears He Ruge especially cherished this hard-won relaxation time. He signed into the game and kept fast forwarding. After leaping forward 4×24 hours (4 days), the plot progressed significantly, and He Ruge discovered that Huang You didn’t have to come everyday to measure data. Only during the first three days did he measure data with the metal helmet daily. Afterwards, data was taken once every 7 days.

On the first day of measurements, the deceased subjects were No. 1, No. 8, No. 13

On the second day of measurements, the deceased subjects were No. 4, No. 7, No. 11, No. 18

On the third day of measurements, the deceased subjects were No. 3, No. 6, No. 12

After 7 days in the game, only 9 cubs survived.

Perhaps because of the constant fast forwarding, He Ruge didn’t feel emotionally distressed over these cubs’ deaths. After fast forwarding, He Ruge successfully collected seven days of daily check-in’s and received a lucky draw chance.

[Pink Gacha:

This is the pink Gacha ball you received for seven days of consecutive check-in’s. Opening the Gacha ball, you may receive a pleasant surprise, but the probability is disappointing. 

Note: Pink Gacha Ball, 99% of unlucky eggs will pop out a fruit candy]


The pink egg dangled around, an overwhelming amount of pink bubbles covered the screen. He Ruge nervously double-clicked on the Gacha ball.

As an Asian, the prize he won the most was “One more bottle”[2]. Although he hadn’t received the Goddess of Fortune’s blessings, he was also not unlucky. …… No, these past two days he had indeed been quite unlucky. He Ruge subconsciously looked down at his thighs. He didn’t know if it was only an illusion, but the moment he tapped on the Gacha egg, the red lines on the thighs suddenly became hot.

It was summer now, and He Ruge was wearing shorts. He simply rolled up the corners of his pant legs, wanting to see what changes had occurred to the red stripes on his thighs—

The originally palm-sized red lines seemed to have become lighter, no longer as magnificent and bright as it was in the beginning, like red pigment that was diluted.

His forehead furrowing tightly, He Ruge was deeply contemplating when he suddenly heard a “DangDangDang” sound effect transmitted from the game. He saw the Gacha egg on the screen open, and inside was a red and white round ball, its shape strangely familiar. On the ball there were glittering blingbling special effects that looked especially radiant.

[Name]: Goblin Ball

[Quality]: Rare

[Evaluation]: When in danger, just call “Go, Pikachu” and the goblin will come to your rescue! The premise is that you need to catch a little goblin~

‘Note: Little goblin, This game believes that, after death, the cubs are not lonely ghosts, they are actually cute little goblins’ 

‘How to Use: Within the first three seconds of a cub’s death is the best time to catch little goblins. The success rate of capture is related to the cub’s goodwill towards you.’

‘Limitations: one goblin ball can only capture one goblin, may the player please not be greedy.’

He Ruge was stunned for a while. It was the first time he got a rare prop in a game, but his mood was not as happy as he thought it would be.

…… Little Goblins?

Those little cubs are indeed adorable little goblins.

The author has something to say: Modified the previous settings. Real time is synchronized with the game time. If He Ruge overslept in reality, and did not wake up in time in the morning, he would miss the breakfast feeding time in the game.

If Xi Guican is not online, or if He Ruge fast-forwards the game, then the little white tiger He Ruge encounters in the game is only a physical replica of Xi Guican, one without a soul. At this time, one cannot increase favorability/goodwill levels, no matter if He Ruge pats head or converses, it will not increase the favorability/goodwill levels.

[1]Again, remember that He Ruge’s name has the character for pigeon in it

[2]再来一瓶: One more bottle: on many bottled drinks, if you look at the inside of the cap, there may be a prize. The most common prize is… Congrats! You get…. One more bottle

TL corner: Oh man, HRG is playing this like an Animal Crossing time traveler catching Pokemon

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