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WDBKFMGB Chapter 16 (Part 1) – Little Goblin Ball

Hi all! this chapter is quite lengthy so I had to split it into 2 sections. Part 2 will be up soon, though. There’s just a lot of structure formatting I have to fix.

Some were asking when the MC and ML will meet IRL. MC and ML meet after chapter 70 (From me skimming random chapters). So, buckle up and enjoy the ride! >v< Make sure to stay till the end because it’s the extras that really, really tie everything together and makes this story worthwhile.

He Ruge wrote until past midnight. He hadn’t stayed up so late for a long time, but after seeing all the warm words in the Comments Section, his inspiration erupted, and he wrote 9,000 words in one go. He Ruge added the new update to the draft box before stretching and preparing to sleep.

But when he glanced at the time before going to bed, He Ruge found that he could do the sign in for the game already.

He logged into the game and completed the check-in for the next day. Since he was already signed-in, He Ruge went to room No. 20 to check on Little White Tiger along the way. The little white tiger was currently sleeping in a very comfortable posture, his small head was tilted and pressed against his two paws, one side of the tiger’s whiskers was stuck between his cheeks and the juncture of his paws; the other side of this whiskers reached towards the sky, sticking straight up.

When the little white tiger breathed, the upright tiger’s whiskers trembled slightly with the movement of his body, making He Ruge, who’s heart itched impatiently, want to reach out and poke.

If he could hug the little white tiger on bed to sleep together, that would be the best. He Ruge shook off this idea which flashed through his mind and clicked on the floating [Status] box.

[Closeness]:  No. 20 enjoys being with you, Goodwill 65
[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

He Ruge checked the other data:

Little Hearts x53
Common Medicine x1
Universal Medicine Spray x1

Without paying attention, the number of Little Hearts had already reached more than 50, he could now purchase things.


After opening up the Love Mall, He Ruge realized he had never carefully looked through the Love Mall before. At this moment, he went to randomly browse the Mall on a whim.

This first place he looked was the food section which had a lot of snacks, such as fruit candy, milk candy, Strawberry cake, layered pancakes, dried meat, dried fish…… Because the little white tiger was still at the age of drinking milk, he couldn’t eat much fish or meat and most of the foods were still in the locked state.

He Ruge looked through the back and saw catnip. 

【Name】: Catnip
[Selling Price]: Little Hearts x10
[Evaluation]: Many of the cat species all like this type of plant

…… He wants to buy.

One should not open Shopping websites in the middle of the night, it would make one’s desire to shop overwhelm their reason. The tiny amount of Little Hearts calmed He Ruge down. He decided to look through the entire Love Mall before deciding what to purchase.

The products in the medical area were very complete. The farther back the products, the more expensive they were. Even futuristic healing cabins, ancient superstitious talismans, and even potions from magical universes all appeared.

Next was the clothing area. At the front were mini shoes that suited the little white tiger, cute wool clothes, small accessories, etc. In the middle were humanoid outfits that were still locked. There was a plethora of clothing varieties, whether it was children’s outfits, formal outfits, casual outfits, military outfits, ancient-style outfits, or even women’s outfits, they were all covered.

He Ruge’s eyes blurred from looking as he began to imagine the little white tiger’s human appearance.

That … will there still be Tiger ears and a Tiger tail?

Next was the entertainment products section, which had cat play-rods, cat trees, cat scratching posts, pacifiers, plush dolls, etc., as well as many high-tech entertainment products. He Ruge browsed with extreme intrigue, his mouse ceaselessly scrolling down. 

When he saw the following products, though, his mouth gaped wide.

[Name]: Erotic Leather Whip
[Selling Price]: Little Hearts x20
[Evaluation]: This leather whip has numerous snake-like bifurcations on either side, allowing for whip marks that carry a special beauty. 

[Name]: Sensual Handcuffs
[Selling Price]: Little Hearts x 15
[Evaluation]: The color is Rose Gold, very suitable for fair, snow-white skin

He Ruge: “!!!”

This, what kind of terrible product is this!

He Ruge suffered a huge shock. He hurriedly exited this section and turned to browse the weapons section. However, when he saw a whip in the weapons section, strange images flashed through his mind.

As a morally upright youth, He Ruge had never come into contact with those messy sorts of things. However, once the door of a new world was pushed open, it was difficult to close again.

I’m just curious, that’s all.  [1]

The curious and knowledge thirsty He Ruge pushed on his glasses and returned to the entertainment products section. 

Learning new knowledge really did exhaust one’s strength, even the edges of He Ruge’s ears were slightly flushed. He Ruge, this good student who has always performed well, had a secret learning technique which was to review everything he had learned before going to sleep. After he finished reviewing, He Ruge had a dream.

A male god, military man in the dream opened his shirt, exposing a perfect proportioned set of muscles. The only out-of-place aspect was the layers upon layers of scars. The man’s voice was hoarse and magnetic, and his words carried an indescribable sex appeal: “Whip me.”

Consequently, on that nearly perfect body appeared red whip marks, both deep and shallow, like a vivid and dashing work of art.


[1]థ ౪థ Ehheh. Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back

TL Corner: I must say.. I couldn’t stop laughing as I was listening to the text read-aloud- “WHIP ME.”

Part 2 is his interaction with Emotionless Coding Machine.

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