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WDBKFMGB Chapter 15 – Warm and Fragrant

[Di — Your exclusive lover, He Ruge, used the file recovery option, game time rewinding in progress —]  

What game time rewinding? What file recovery option? Xi Guican suspected that he was having auditory hallucinations, but a dazzling white light swallowed everything up. When he opened his eyes again, he was still in the familiar dim room. The only difference was the change in He Ruge’s posture.

[Di — game time rewinding successful!]

The hem of his shirt was pulled up to reveal a slender waist that was white to the extent of shining. The other parts of the person in front of him were all covered tightly, not revealing the slightest bit of scenery. But, the slender and soft waist was exposed for a brief moment.

The curve of the waist was too curved and too soft, as if to solemnly tempt Xi Guican into hugging this thin waist.

For the first time, Xi Guican discovered that He Ruge was so thin. His skin was too white, and he looked extremely fragile and weakly, making it seem as though he would break upon touch.

While Little White Tiger was staring dazedly, he was suddenly embraced into a pair of arms, coming into close contact with that piece of tender flesh. The thin clothing layer was pulled down and tightly wrapped up the little snowball.

Xi Guican: “……?!”

With one hand supporting Little White Tiger’s buttocks, He Ruge hugged the Little White Tiger and started to move. This embrace wobbled slightly, and because of inertia, the Little White Tiger’s entire face was directly plastered onto warm skin–

Soft, smooth and fragrant.

His small nose smashed against his waist, and the faint, warm fragrance drifted into his nose. It was an ambiguous fragrance that diffused from the skin. Little White Tiger’s face suddenly turned red, blushing from face to neck, and even his spine. If he wasn’t covered in fur, he might look like a cooked shrimp.

Even physical weakness could be ignored at this moment. Little White Tiger’s body was rigidly attached to his skin, tiger ears moving slightly. At this close proximity, he could hear He Ruge’s heartbeat through his chest. 

Thud. Thud. Thud

ThudThud. ThudThudThudThud. 

Even more hurried was the sound of his own heartbeat. His heart rate had suddenly increased.

Xi Guican stared blankly at the snow-white color in front of his eyes. The more he looked at it, the more he felt it resembled a custard bun with thin skin and sweet filling, soft and warm. 

Fragrant and soft, Licks a bit …… still sweet.


The tip of his tongue gently licked the smooth skin. When the Little White Tiger realized what he had done, he was so surprised that the hair on the tail exploded outwards, and his paws pushed his whole body away like a spring. Fortunately, the Little White Tiger was wrapped in clothes and He Ruge’s arms also firmly supported this small ball; thus not letting the shell-shocked Little White Tiger fall. 

Was he discovered?

Xi Guican’s breathing stuttered and his heart skipped a beat, his body was completely tense. Only when he realized he was not discovered did he breathe a sigh of relief. 

I, I only licked from sighing just then. In fact, the sensation was similar to touching accidentally with my paws. Yi, but paws don’t have a wet feeling. Then, it must be that my nose accidentally rubbed it. Exactly, it was just that!

His tiger whiskers trembled, and the little white tiger looked at the spot where he had just licked.  

On the thin, snow-white skin, there appeared a slight red.

He knew that He Ruge had a tender complexion, but he didn’t expect that …… it was tender to this point. It was like the skin on top of milk[1], if one touched it softly with their fingertips, wrinkles would form.

Perhaps it was because his tongue was too rough. The tiny papillae on his tongue made it easier to leave marks on another party[2].

His face got hotter and hotter, and the smell was becoming more and more fragrant. Little White Tiger suspected that he was about to be knocked out by the scent or the heat. With the intention to gauge He Ruge’s reaction, he struggled to squeeze his tiny head out of the collar. The Light outside was not the same as the ambiguous soft light inside the clothes, and at first glance, he found it difficult to acclimate to .

Little white tiger blinked his eyes, trying to create the most pure and harmless expression, pretending to know nothing. But, because he had no experience in selling meng, at this moment his face was stuck for a few seconds and his expression was still blank. Then, the blank face of the little white tiger was mercilessly pressed down coldly with one hand!

Xi Guican: “!!!”

Xi Guican still remembered He Ruge’s gentlemanly image during their initial meeting. How come, after only one day, his treatment had plummeted to this level?

The battered little white tiger was smushed into a flat cat cake, and an entire half of his body was plastered onto that soft and warm skin. A soft pink paw unconsciously began to make biscuits, kneading again and again[3].

A door opening and closing noise sounded in succession. 

“I’m here for a checkup.”

Xi Guican heard He Ruge’s voice and froze briefly before realizing that he should be that patient.  

……was it because he appeared uncomfortable, so he (HRG) took the risk to take him (XGC) to see a doctor?

“Oh, you were the one who came with Huang you, that guy, last time, Sick? My medical expenses are not cheap.” A familiar voice sounded. The Little white tiger stuck his head out and saw the medicine-seeking rat sitting on top of the books. 

Mao Zhengyong.

Xi Guican remembered the name he was almost about to forget.


The medicine-seeking rat, who, after winning the “Anlahous Medical Award”, chose to commit suicide. Before receiving the Anlahous Medical Award, he was just a nameless rat of the younger generation, being suppressed by the geniuses of the same generation. In his middle years, he was accepted into the Federation Research Institute, but was reluctant. Originally, he was supposed to live his life simply and indifferently, impossible to have any connection with the Anlahous Medical Award.

But, humans die in pursuit of wealth and birds die in pursuit of food. This medicine-seeking rat, for his so-called honor, was willing to dig out his own conscience, holding still-warm hearts and cutting them open with cold scalpels in the name of research .

Xi Guican stared at the old Medicine-seeking rat, his eyes filled with emotions of disgust and pity.  

When the medicine-seeking rat mentioned the “secret hair growth formula”, the original small amount of pity in the little white tiger’s eyes quickly vanished…… Sure enough, this stinky rat was better off dead, ending himself and donating his body to the research institute.

  The angry pufferfish little white tiger was taken back by He Ruge. The little white tiger twisted here and there in He Ruge’s arms with a face painted with unhappiness as he showed He Ruge his dense hairs.

  —— I’m not bald!

  ——I’m really not! Look, quick!

  ——Right here, right here, and right here all have fur!

“Be careful when you are leaving with him. The destruction plan has started again, and unclean things are everywhere …” 

The destruction plan? 

When Xi Guican recalled that when he had stretched out his head before, he saw that He Ruge’s expression wasn’t too good. His skin was originally very white, but at that time it was pale to the point of being drained of blood. At that time, did they accidentally collide with an instance of the destruction plan?

The clean-up of experiments during the destruction plan, whether it was the executed party’s side, or the executing party’s side, both were existences that fueled nightmares.

So, he was stuck with terror?

Little White Tiger blinked his eyes and was about to strike a pose that could heal people’s hearts when he was once again suddenly stuffed back into a pair of arms by He Ruge.

Xi Guican, having been stuffed back for the second time, was no longer shocked by the situation. There was no reason to be angry in the warm and fragrant comforts of his embrace. He found a favorite position and curled up comfortably.

This might be the most relaxing moment of his past three years. His whole body was warm, the fragrant scent drifted around the tip of his nose, dense but light. It was a reassuring atmosphere[4].

Because of the issue with his mental consciousness, Xi Guican had always slept unsteadily, often having strange dreams. Very weird dreams. In his dreams, he was powerful, but insane. He led the Zergs to invade the Federation. Many people cried for mercy, the innocent, the young, the old, but his head only felt pain. Only by killing could he relieve his pain. Only when there was no one left to kill did he eradicate the Zergs, and then himself.

He would feel his body falling towards an endless abyss, a strong sense of weightless would envelop his entire body. His heart was also empty, as if there was always something missing.

Xi Guican hated these dreams. If he could take the game’s He Ruge home to sleep together, would he have good dreams?

However, the idea of turning the people in a game into reality was obviously unrealistic. Because of the existence of virtual games, a small number of Interstellars had fallen in love with their lovers in games. They even held weddings in the game, staying with their virtual lovers for a lifetime.

Xi Guican didn’t want a lover, he only wanted “He RuGe”, this forever warm and beautiful game character.  

Blue eyes were fixed steadily on He Ruge.

——Will you always be beautiful?

——Always pure white, unstained by darkness

The author has something to say:

Happy birthday, Xian Yu

[1] milk skin: If you heat milk, a layer of milk protein, aka lactoderm, that condenses on top (lacto – referring to milk, derm – referring to skin)

[2] cat species’ tongues have reverse barbs called papillae

[3] If you search up “cats making biscuits” you’ll get good visual examples ^w^/

[4] This chapter is a huge contrast to HRG’s perspective of the situation. Likely for emphasis

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  1. Wanting to be with a game character for a life time, that’s a dangerous thought to have.
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