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SA Chapter 65 (Part 2) – Won’t feel Comfortable Without Suppressing

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Although they were furious, Rong Xu’s fans were no longer greenhorns. They had long known of the nickname Deng ‘Suppression’. They also knew that, towards these announcements, the fans could only scold and ridicule, or at most pick a fight with Deng Yiwen’s fans. But, they couldn’t do anything substantial.

Since he dared to publish such announcements, then Deng Yiwen had definitely prepared a water army and public relations management. As long as someone began scolding, he would immediately withdraw from the hot searches and retract the topic to prevent the scolding situation from spreading. As long as the situation was contained to only within the fan circle, the majority of passerby netizens would not know about him publishing suppression articles.

[Angers me to death. People who like these mental types are all fans who only care about how the face looks!] 

The fans made various complaints and sarcastic jabs. 

In real life, Rong Xu had just arrived at Huaxia Entertainment and heard Luo Zhentao speak about this matter.

Luo Zhentao was also very angry, but still relatively calm: “I knew it. That Deng Yiwen would not let you go. Xiao Xu, his whole team is the same style, hyping up his value on the internet and boosting him up in one push. If you are concerned, we can also send some news to suppress him. But the other newcomers are all used to it already. He’s just borrowing a breeze of popularity and his actual benefits are not considered big. It also doesn’t affect us much…… just makes the heart feel uncomfortable.”

In his last life, Rong Xu had also seen many “internet famous” celebrities where most of their fame was concentrated solely within the web. They had no good works, no good results, and no awards, but had many fans. They relied on these fans to feed themselves. They used their face to set their image and enjoy the benefits of being youthful. 

Some internet celebrities could also hone their acting skills after much practice and change up their image later on. However, there were also some who, after one mess up couldn’t afford to bet on anything else. Either they had offended someone and were completely suppressed, or they had a failed facelift and were completely destroyed. 

“Deng Yiwen developed quite well (in the industry).” Slender fingers gently rubbed his chin while Rong Xu thought for a moment and chuckled: “Indeed. His mouth is quite sweet. I estimate it would be difficult for normal individuals to fall out with him.”

Seeing Rong Xu’s smile, Luo Zhentao asked: “You aren’t angry?”

Rong Xu shrugged and asked back: “Since he had to publish announcements to step on me, it is evidence that I am better than him. He is jealous of me, so just let him be. I won’t lose anything anyway. I’m not going to hold it in and torture myself over it. If we publish announcements, we’d have to spend money and effort. There is no need.”

Hearing this, Luo Qian[1] who was having a discussion with a leader of the fan group couldn’t help but say: “Xiao Xu, your temper is so good.”

Rong Xu turned back with the corner of his lips hooked up: “If I got angry at these kinds of small people for every little thing, I would’ve died from anger long ago.” Saying this, the youth even innocently tilted his head and blinked pitifully, putting on an obedient and understanding appearance.

This adorable appearance caused Luo Qian, who was originally a Rong Powder, to blush excitedly, nodding again and again. 

Seeing this, Luo Zhentao said helplessly: “Luo Qian still needs some more practice.You are Rong Xu’s assistant, not just his fan, you know?”

Luo Qian replied with more nods.

This incident passed by just like that. Rong Xu didn’t need to dirty his own hands and publish news to fight against the other party. However, though he was very patient and ignored the small people, there were some people…… who absolutely couldn’t stand it!


Qin Cheng: “……”

Xu Jin, who was currently organizing scripts, unexpectedly shivered and whispered: “How did suddenly become so cold……”

The cold and aristocratic looking man had his eyes angled downwards, looking at his phone screen with a black expression. Sitting with his legs crossed under him, a thin script book was spread out over Qin Cheng’s legs. He held a marker in his right hand and seemed to be studying the script while making note of the main points. But in his left hand, he was holding a cell phone.

On his phone screen was actually Rong Xu’s private forum page.

On the front of the forum page, countless fans were scolding Deng Yiwen for the announcements he published today. They really were disgusted to death. However, they couldn’t do anything except go and take jabs at Den Yiwen’s fans.

Originally, some fans decided to spend their own money to buy bulletin announcements for Rong Xu in order to scold Deng Yiwen. But very quickly, there was a seasoned long-term fan who sighed: [Don’t, doing it like that, wouldn’t that dirty our Rong Rong’s reputation?]

[What if we don’t mention Rong Rong and just directly suppress Deng Yiwen?]

[That is actually a good idea. However, for people like Deng Yiwen, whenever he chooses to ‘suppress’ in the future, he will definitely pull in Rong Rong. Even if we raise funds to purchase news bulletins, we can’t necessarily out buy him. We also don’t have connections within the circle, making it even more impossible to compete against him.]

And so, nothing happened.

This kind of thing, although ordinary fans couldn’t bear it, they couldn’t do anything about it. But, in the eyes of Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing……


The script book was crushed and wrinkled. Xu Jin immediately turned around only to see the man’s sullen face, his eyes deep and bottomless.

Xu Jin: “……” Secretly sits by the side, careful not to startle the pond fish. 

However, in the next instance, Qin Cheng slowly turned his head and looked at him calmly, saying lightly: “Dealing with Suppression Publications, how many methods do you have?”

Xu Jin froze but then subconsciously said: “Someone published articles to suppress you? No way? Amongst the male celebrities…… Piker? Sieves? Let me see it.”

Qin Cheng’s eyes dropped down: “It’s not me.”

Xu Jin instantly understood: “Rong Xu?”

Qin Cheng: “En.

“You want me to deal with it? Based on his current standing, it’s unavoidable that he will experience this sort of suppression article situation. Even without Deng Yiwen, there would still be a Zhang Yiwen or Li Yiwen[2] sooner or later. This type of first and second-tier popularity newcomers all love to publish these kinds of news the most. Some even touch porcelain often. I remember that last month there was a first-tier little flower who published news to suppress Xia Muyan. See, Xia Muyan also didn’t do anything about it…… Oh, no that’s wrong. At a certain award ceremony, I think Xia Muyan’s team made that first-tier little flower unable to receive media exposure and she walked the red carpet in vain.”

Qin Cheng raised an eyebrow: “And, so?”

Xu Jin: “……really need to care?”

Qin Cheng nodded slightly.

Putting aside the pile of scripts in his hand, Xu Jin revealed his teeth in a grin, his eyes narrowing slowly: “This type thing, if you really need to do it…… then it must be dealt with in a manner that makes him terrified, never daring to do it again in the future.” 

Qin Cheng closed his script book, folded his hands, and let the screen of his phone fall with a smack onto the cover of the script book.

“You are lacking in morals.”

Xu Jin asked in reply with surprise: “You already know what I want to do?”

Qin Cheng glanced at him. Although he didn’t say anything, his gaze demonstrated that he was sure.

Xu Jin snickered, hehe, as he stood up to leave and made a phone call to contact the public relations team. Along the way, his mouth was still muttering: “These days, I don’t even know if I’m your agent or Rong Xu’s agent.”

Three hours later, Huaxia just became 8 o’clock in the morning and welcomed a busy Monday.

Unexpected to all, it was at the start of this busy work day that a big-spender fan with more than 8,000,000 followers suddenly posted a Weibo: [Recently, Little fresh meat d has once again started to suppress the masses. Hahahaha. Which family is best at suppression news, Huaxia fresh meat d is truly busy~]

The Author has something to say: 

Qin Orange: Baby is angered (╯°Д°)╯︵┻━┻ !!!

Rong Rong: Actually, this is something that all celebrities will experience……

Qin Orange: Don’t care, Don’t care. Baby is not happy, Baby is going to throw a tantrum, a tantrum!

[1]Recall: RX’s assistant, refer to Chap 62 for character introduction

[2] XJ is saying that even if he dealt with DYW now, there will be others like him later on and he can’t deal with all of them forever

Chapter 62 part 1: Luo Qian’s Character Introduction

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