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SA Chapter 65 (Part 1) – Won’t feel Comfortable Without Suppressing

*Note that ‘Suppress’ in this chapter is mainly in single quotation marks. The ‘…’ is to emphasize that the act of ‘Suppressing’ in this chapter is not actually effective. The character is attempting to ‘suppress’ others but is not successful. It’s more like the character’s hobby.

News that’s generally published on the Internet, newspapers, and magazines are usually divided into two types.

The first type is from the media actively tracking and interviewing, digging out and compiling news information; the second type is from the related party directly compiling content and sending it to the media through connections on their own initiative. After the information is reviewed by the media, it is then published in paper media or an online platform.

These direct parties are separated into many kinds, the most common being individuals in the entertainment industry.

With the exception of some big, first tier names, it is impossible for all the celebrities in the entertainment industry to have news everyday. Some less popular second- and third-tier celebrities could only stay at home for several months without announcements or new works. However, if they were really allowed to honestly stay at home, posting and playing games every day, then sooner or later they would lose all of their popularity. Therefore, they would choose to publish their own news to increase their popularity. 

They could have their team write whatever news content they want and send it to several media platforms to have it published. Although it wasn’t always headline news, it could still temporarily save their popularity and create a false sense of high popularity by themselves.

But, in the entertainment industry there was also another kind of news that was used to not only restore popularity but also to obtain benefits.

That evening, several consecutive articles with different titles and contents swept through all the major media platforms. Sina, NetEase, Tencent…turning on the computer, a pop up a news bulletin would appear on the screen; turning on the phone, the phone app would once again send out a news message.

Most netizens just take the news as a pastime, like having tea after a meal. They looked at it casually and jokingly said: “ten most popular male newcomers, who is number one? Ha Ha, Let me see….. Oh, it’s Deng Yiwen, ah. He is also indeed quite handsome. I recall that he seems to be one of Luck Potato Chips’ spokespersons?”

Yes, in the news that appeared in today’s bulletins included the names of many beautiful ladies and handsome guys. However, there was no doubt that the one who left the greatest impression was Deng Yiwen

Looking at these handsome guys, the first place was Deng Yiwen; the King of Popularity was also Deng Yiwen; Best Actor and Best Image was still Deng Yiwen!

Although these articles also praised the other stars, the most praised and most exaggeratedly described was Deng Yiwen.

Passers-by netizens wouldn’t think too much about it. It would just leave an impression in their hearts and make them feel that “since the media has said so, then I guess this Deng Yiwen really is incredible”. At the same time, they will also retain a previous impression: Among these handsome newcomers Dong Zheng, Rong Xu, Ye Qiao… the strongest would perhaps be Deng Yiwen.

Although such previous impressions wouldn’t be too deep, the person who spread the news would have already achieved their intentions.

As for those fans, they could immediately see the true face of these bulletins at a glance.


[Just now, NetEase promoted a newsfeed to me, Check out the top ten hot newcomers, who is number one…… guess who number one is? Hahahaha, I’m going to laugh to death.]

[Deng Yiwen? He sends suppression news all day, isn’t he annoying.]

[I also saw that newsfeed. Dong Zheng, Ye Qiao, Rong Xu, Liu Zhengyan…Why didn’t he just pull down all the newcomers in the entertainment industry and step on them a few times]

[A certain family really is so shameless, posting suppression news every so often. It is indeed ‘Deng Suppressing’] [1]

The fans of celebrities who had not been impacted by Deng Yiwen’s announcements all carried a sense of disdain. Although their gods and goddesses were not affected, this type of behavior still made others feel annoyed. And the fans of those who had been impacted by this suppression announcement were even more disgusted such that they even wanted to throw up yesterday’s dinner.

They each posted their distaste in various media communities such as Weibo and Tieba. However, they only showed their disgust for a bit and did not take any measures against it. After all, this kind of suppression news was quite commonly seen in the entertainment circle. Since Deng Yiwen could carry the nickname “Deng Suppression”, it was obvious what his team enjoyed doing the most. It was very well known.

That’s right, in the years since Deng Yiwen’s debut, his favorite thing to do was spread suppression news.

He began spreading suppression news since he first debuted in a TV Drama, suppressing the male lead and male No.2 at the time. Later, when he acted in a movie remake, he ‘suppressed’ the original actors. Afterwards, his road of ‘suppression’ became even  more unrestrained and rampant. From beginning to end, it was ‘suppress’, ‘suppress’, ‘suppress’…… maintaining a consistent record of ‘suppressing’ at least once a month.

It wasn’t like other newcomers had never published this kind of attention farming news, but Deng Yiwen was definitely one of the most outstanding among them. His suppression skills were seasoned and even if all the other newcomers were added together, they wouldn’t be able to match up

Initially, the fans of the celebrities who were pressured by him were so angry that they scolded him, going onto this Weibo to admonish and accuse him. But, the other party had thick skin! He completely pretended to have not seen any of it, still taking and posting selfies. His fans also followed him and completely refused to admit to the situation.

Who knew how Deng Yiwen behaved in the circle. Even after publishing all these articles like this, he actually still fared quite well within the circle. Supposedly, it’s because he was good at the art of rhetorics. Although others seemed to disdain him on the surface, in reality, it was not easy to sour their relations with him.

Moreover, being ‘suppressed’ and ’suppressed’…… En, they got used to it.

The one who was always ’suppressed’ the worst was undoubtedly Dong Zheng.

Dong Zheng and Deng Yiwen debuted in the same year and were even from the same company. Last year, the two had been competing for the position of LiuGuang’s Number 1[2]. But, using Vie for Supremacy, Dong Zheng directly climbed to the top and became Number 1. As for Deng Yiwen, he fell into a series of misfortunes. Not only did he not obtain number 1, but his TV series also rated poorly and its viewer ratings fell to rock bottom.

Did Deng Yiwen hate Dong Zheng? Anyone with a discerning eye could see that he must have hated Dong Zheng, and Dong Zheng also certainly did not like Deng Yiwen. However, the relationship between the two on the surface was not bad, always appearing like a relationship between brothers.

[Sure enough, this time he also desperately stepped on Dong Zheng. Dong Zheng really has been shot while lying down for thousands of years.]

[Eh? How come I think the one who has been stepped on the worst this time is Rong Xu? One moment saying Rong Xu was only a Newcomer king, while Deng ‘Suppression’ is the Popularity King; another moment saying Rong Xu has face value, while Deng ‘Suppression’ has acting skills…… Isn’t this clearly saying that Rong Xu has no acting skills?]

[Hahaha what “how come”. Recently Black Clouds has been on fire, and “Lost Wings” is also on fire. Concurrently, Luck Potato Chips’s spokespersons include both Rong Xu and him. Thus, Deng ‘Suppression’ came to borrow popularity~]

Since others’ fans could think of this, then Rong Xu’s fans could also naturally come to this conclusion.

At the time when he saw these newsfeeds, Rong Xu’s fans were celebrating “Lost Wings’” ascension to the top of Love Music’s Sales Rankings list. But, just as Rong Xu got Luck Potato Chips’s endorsement role, a pail of cold water suddenly came crashing down and was even more disgusting than eating sh*t. 

Looking at the content of the newsfeed, what ‘Rong Xu has face value, Deng Yiwen has acting skills’. What ‘Rong Xu was Newcomer King, Den Yiwen was Popularity King’. What was this baffling ranking list, based on what was Deng Yiwen Number 1?

This Deng Yiwen, did he have any (well-known) works, or awards, or achievements?

He didn’t have anything, yet you say number 1 so he is number 1. It seems firing random words didn’t cost anything this year.[3]


[Damn, I’m so angry that I can’t even eat well.]

[Before my Rong was on fire, Deng ‘Suppression’s’ news never mentioned him. Now look, he’s pulling Rong Rong into a bit of everything. How is his face this big? Did he cultivate one hundred years of stone essence, such that his face has become thick enough to become a wall?!]

[1]邓艳压: Deng YanYa: if anyone has a better way of translating this phrase, please let me know. Deng Suppression just sounds so off to me.

[2]Original: “Number one brother”

[3] The fans are scolding DYW for thinking that randomly saying things wouldn’t result in consequences

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  1. Haha I really like the comparison ” Did he cultivate one hundred years of stone essence, such that his face has become thick enough to become a wall?!”. Soo funny!

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