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SA Chapter 64 (Part 3) – Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: I Love You, Truly, I Love You

“…… He seems to be, seems to chatting me up?”

Xu Jin: “…I didn’t hear wrong. Just then, you seemed to be having the most normal of conversations, ba[1]. Unless, you talked about something unspeakable? How come I didn’t hear anything?

Qin Cheng raised an eyebrow: “Am I overthinking it?” 

Xu Jin showed his hands, a look of “isn’t that obvious” was written on his face.

Qin Cheng: “……”

With a soft hmm from his nose, Qin Cheng glanced at his agent and said quietly: “How’s your emotional intelligence?” He walked forward as he spoke.

It was clearly  a question, but inexplicably, Xu Jin heard a negative connotation.

His eyes widened immediately, and Xu Jin quickly chased after him: “Hey, hey. Speak clearly. How dare you, a single dog, say in front of me, a married man, that my emotional intelligence is not high? Do you understand, I have a wife! My wife is a jade flower. My wife is smart and capable. My wife makes more money than I do each month. My wife……”

“Your wife makes more money than you?”

Xu Jin: ”……What’s wrong with that?” 

Qin Cheng silently raised the corner of his lips, gently shaking his head and saying meaningfully: “More than you, ah…… En. Nothing.” 

Xu Jin: “…” Not like he was eating soft rice[2]!!!

Clearly, when this man was on the phone just then, he had seemed clumsy. How come he got his poisonous tongue back after hanging up the phone


Xu Jin lowered his head and kept vomiting (vomiting blood) in his heart. When he was almost at the door of the airport, he seemed to suddenly think of something and mumbled with a great smile: “Yi, someone’s (RX) CD has sold quite well. Someone also has properties to inherit. Based on these words, I also don’t know who compared to someone (QC compared to RX) will earn more in the future……”

Qin Cheng: “……”

At this moment, in an American airport on the opposite side of the earth, smog contaminated the air (rush hour). Yet, in Huaxia, it was deep into the night.

The Weibo status reposted by Qin Cheng aroused the support and praise of many fans. For Rong Xu’s fans, this was just a situation of a Black Clouds crew member reposting to promote “Lost Wings”. It was just that this crew member’s identity was a little special. For Qin Cheng’s fans, since the male god has spoken, they must support, support, support!

But, for a certain type of fan——

[Ao Ao Ao Ao! What did I just see! Rong Rong said “I love you”, and Qin Shen answered him “I love you”! Ahhhhhh, I don’t care, I don’t care, I don’t care. They are straight up confessing, They are straight up confessing! Just like that!!!]

Was it a confession? This point, no one knows. After all, if the parties involved have not said anything, then no one can prove it.

However, at three o’clock in the morning in Huaxia, a Weibo account with only 3,000 fans left silently posted a new update——

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: I love you, truly, I love you.]

This Weibo, after the storm from the photo incident, had not posted any more special news. Its number of fans dropped by more than 1,000, leaving only 3,000 people. After posting the update this time, it gained the support of more than 10 CP fans. But at the same time, because of this Weibo update, the number of fans who left also weren’t many.

Early morning the next day, for this “I love you” Weibo, the CP fans had already created many new works. They continued to be active within the individual fan forum, competing with other “LanYao” CP fans and “HuoLiang” CP fans.

Everything seemed to be proceeding smoothly, and the sales for “Lost Wings” were climbing higher and higher. On Friday, it finally surpassed “Daylight Forest” and became second place on Huaxia’s Love Music sales rankings. After another day, on Saturday, the four day sales for “Lost Wings” was at 690,000, surpassing “Road” and becoming first place!

Countless fans celebrated “Lost Wings’” climb to the summit and the topic #LostWings# was also pushed into fourth place on the trending list. 

Observing the right timing, Luck Potato Chips posted an update at 8:30 the next morning and also brought with it four pictures.

[Luck Potato Chips: With the emergence of the new superpowered messengers, inside an icy blue skeleton cave, will Rong Xu be able to seize the third key to the treasure! [Image][Image][Image][Image]]

Once this official announcement came out, it immediately attracted a crowd of fans, riding on the tailwind of “Lost Wings’” popularity and Rong Xu’s fame. Four exquisite and handsome photos were excitedly reposted by fans.

[Oh my goodness gracious!!! A Rong Rong with silver hair! A Rong Rong with silver hair! Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh, how can he be so cool!]

[An expressionless Rong Rong is also beautiful, how can he be so beautiful AoAoAo! ]

[Baby fell down. Needs Rong Rong to hug hug, kiss kiss, and lift high to be willing to get back up~!!!!]

The fans were all immersed in the state of licking their screens, unable to extricate themselves. But no one noticed that a few announcements were quietly posted on the homepages of multiple major media websites. They were not posted in any particularly obvious places, but rather straightforwardly posted on entertainment pages. There was Rong Xu’s name, the names of other stars, and… the name of one same person.

《Check out the ranking for the top ten hot newcomers. Dong Zheng, Rong Xu, Yeqiao, Qiming… He turned out to be number one! 》

《These most handsome little trainees, who do you like most? Rong Xu was elected as the strongest newcomer king, He steadily stayed the King of Popularity》

《The new member of Luck Potato Chip’s Ultimate Adventure. Rong Xu has face value, Deng Yiwen has acting skills》

The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: He really did chat baby up, really!

Rong Rong: ……How come I don’t understand what LS baby is saying? [Spreads out hands while smiling]

[1]Ba: an ending particle used to imply the sentence is questionable or asking for confirmation from the receiving party

[2] Eating soft rice: relying solely on women

TL corner: Finally some clarification XD. In the chips commercial, the endorsers are competing to obtain keys that teleport them to the final battleground where they can then fight for the ultimate treasure – divine potato chips. Sounds like they’re fighting for the last bag of chips left in the world. That’s indeed something worth fighting for. LOL

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