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SA Chapter 59 (Part 2) – Ripping Apart Sunspots

Hi, all! Part 2 is late, my apologies. Recently, I’ve been volunteering time to helping companies and organizations with packaging and shipping face masks for use in communities, hospitals and schools. Just today, I and two others packaged and labeled around 2,000 boxes of masks. (μ_μ)/ So exhausted. Some friends have been staying at the company/organizations till 3 in the morning to ensure delivery (I’m not that crazy LOL but kudos to them).

This will likely go on for the next 2 weeks so posts may be a bit slow. I will still upload a minimum of 2 posts per week. For today’s post, I haven’t had time to proofread it yet, but I didn’t want to delay it till Saturday. I will edit this tomorrow night for errors. Thank you! Stay healthy!

At the same time, in B City at the top floor of a high-end apartment.

The cold and handsome man sat on the sofa with his head down looking down at his cell phone, gently swiping through the pages. The more he read, the slower his reading became, and when he saw a certain post, he directly picked up his phone to start typing.

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Of course, Rong Xu should go to the celebration party. He is the male lead and he acted very well. The 1.2 billion box office in three days is a result! 】

Not long after ——

[Replying to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: HaHaHa, laughs to death. Even if you let a piece of roasted meat to act, Black Clouds, this film, still wouldn’t fail! Can’t fail, understood? None of Liang Chao’s films has had a box office lower than one billion yuan, Yu Siyu’s worst artistic film also got more than 600 million at the box office! There’s so many big-name guest stars and also Qin Cheng. Qin Cheng’s worst artistic film also got a box office of three billion yuan. Let alone having Rong Xu play the male lead, perhaps even if I performed, the box office for three days would still be 1.5 billion. 23333] [1] 

Soon, some sunspots swarmed over to support this lz’s [2] point of view: [Exactly, three days and only 1.2 billion, does this do right by Ling Xiao’s more than 200 million fans? Does it do right for the tens of big-name guest stars? Even having Qin Cheng Co-star with him, the fans still have the shame to say you family’s bias [3] has a high box office. This year, I will live off of this joke.]

The more this was said, the more intense the sunspots became.

[I feel it was not worthwhile for Qin Cheng, If he took on a commercial film himself, within minutes and seconds, it would match the three day box office of 2 billion! Ai, Rong Xu was too rushed. If any other star played Ling Xiao, don’t know how hot this move would become.]

Qin Cheng: “…” He thought it was very worth it! Very worthwhile! Super worth it! ! !

These sunspots didn’t necessarily dislike Rong Xu. There was a high probability that they were part of the water army bought by competing films. They attacked Black Clouds indiscriminately. Some mocked that the film only had a good lineup, too overrated; some mocked Director Liang for not making any progress, the film was boring; some mocked Rong Xu as being too young, his acting skills are poor; and others scolded Yu Siyu for failing to change styles, her performance was embarrassing. 

When one movie was extremely hot, it would naturally infringe on the breathing space of other films of the same time frame.

For example, when Black Clouds first premiered, it started with 5000 theaters. Then, the results of the premiere were so good that many major broadcasting companies quickly increased the number of playing theaters. By the third day, the number had increased to more than 6000 theaters.

Huaxia only had so many movie theaters. If you wanted to increase playing theaters, other movies would definitely have to decrease their playing theaters. Also, movie enthusiasts also had a limited amount of free time over the weekends. After watching Black Clouds, they would have no time to watch other movies.

There was a commercial film that was released the day before Black Clouds. Originally, its first day’s box office was also more than 90 million, which was considered pretty good. But on the second day, its box office dropped to around 20 million! That it had dropped by three-fifths of the box office on only the second day after it was released was because the release of Black Clouds had a strong impact on it.

Rong Xu ’s fans, upon meeting these sunspots, would all argue for their family’s Rong Rong. At the same time, Ling Xiao’s music fans, Black Clouds movie fans, Yu Siyu’s fans, and Qin Cheng’s fans all sneered at these sunspots who always found something to pick at. 

But even if the sunspots were beaten badly, some worrisome discussions could still be seen. Luo Zhentao was worried about Rong Xu seeing these comments, but he did not know that Rong Xu had already expected this situation early on and did not take it seriously.

Although he knew that out of 10 people, eight or nine were water army, he still gladly took on a commercial film to prove his worth.

Everything spoke through facts. Later, the moment when he could use the box office numbers under his belt to slap the faces of these sunspots, he didn’t know what kind of expression they would make.

Thus, Rong Xu didn’t take it to heart, only as a joke. But, a certain man became angrier as he read. When he discovered that these water army actually used “Qin Cheng” as an excuse to poke at the relationship between Qin Cheng’s fans and Rong Xu’s fans, he frowned and quickly refuted.

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Qin Cheng is not suitable for the role of Ling Xiao, so he could not possibly play the role. And, Qin Cheng and Rong Xu have a very good relationship, super good, don’t even think about provoking an altercation.]

[XiXiHaHaLa replying to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Hahahaha, If you say can’t act, then can’t act. If you say their relationship is good, then it’s good? Have you opened your Heaven’s eye?]

[Small Flowers in Full Bloom replying to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Do you Rong powder all like YY that much. Last time, YY said his relationship with Tan Menglan was good. Now, they’ve even YY’d to Qin Cheng? This touching porcelain is really touching too much, right? [4] An 18-tier little star even dares to touch porcelain with Qin Cheng. Why are your faces so thick, why don’t you just directly say that Qin Cheng willingly went to Co-star with Rong Xu?] 

Qin Cheng: “……”

You’re the one with a Heaven’s Eye! You’re the one with a thick face! Your whole family has Heaven’s Eyes, your whole family has a thick face!!![5]

There are really too many sunspots, even if Qin Cheng had been in the circle for many years, he still couldn’t navigate the twists and turns between fans. These sunspots didn’t care about facts nor listen to reason at all. Perhaps there was only one way to deal with these people.

Five minutes later, thousands of water army arrived immediately, live broadcasting ripping sunspots apart. The hundreds of sunspots were scolding happily, but was suddenly refuted by a group of sharp-tongued fans until they couldn’t differentiate north, south, east, west. They wanted to refute, but the out-numbered them could only gape and finally leave in disgrace.

This group of water army that could have created truths from false[6] didn’t stop, but rather continued to fight the other sunspots with Rong Xu’s fans.

After waiting for half an hour, finally , beneath the #BlackClouds# tag it was finally clear, there were no more dirty pollutants [7]

The man raised his eyebrows, thin lips slightly hooked, and posted a Weibo–

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #BlackClouds##QinCheng##RongXu##ChengRong# really looks nice thatI looked at it again, RongRong Kiss Kiss Kiss =3= [picture]]

Just after posting this Weibo, a rustling sound came from the entrance way. Qin Cheng’s eyes flashed and he immediately turned off his phone and put it into his pocket, not knowing the potential impact of his Weibo post. At the same time, he took out another phone and began to read the latest news calmly. 

Rong Xu changed his shoes when he entered the house. When he looked up, he saw Qin Cheng dressed in home clothes and looking down at his phone. He froze for a moment and smiled: “I thought you were out too, didn’t you have dinner gathering tonight? Have you eaten yet?”

As he was speaking, Rong Xu took off his coat, but before he walked into his room, he heard the man’s low-voice say: “No.”

His next step faltered a second. Rong Xu slowly turned around and asked in surprise: “You haven’t eaten yet?”

Qin Cheng nodded slightly.

Rong Xu thought for a moment, and the corner of his lips hooked up as he smilingly said: “Coincidentally, I also haven’t eaten. How about… I make some noodles for you?”

The author has something to say:

Orange Qin: They are saying nonsense! Rong Rong, baby thinks it is especially worth, baby and your relationship is especially good! 

Rong Rong: …… Speak, you not eating, is it because you are waiting for me to cook for you? 

[1]23333: text form of Ahhahahahaha

[2]LZ: Lou Zhu: original poster. “Floor owner”. On China’s forum platforms, netizens use floor numbers to signify the post order. Original poster is thus the “floor owner”. First responding post would be called Floor 1 poster or Level 1 poster

[3] 蒸煮: Zheng Zhu: the meaning of this phrase in modern slang has changed quite a few times in the last few years. Some meanings include: bias, child, idol, flavor, taste. Basically, it refers to a preference. Idk what the current usage is

[4] Touching porcelain: conning people to gain advantage – most popular form is people laying down in front of cars to extort money from innocent drivers.

[5] It’s so hard to choose words that don’t make QC sound like a baby throwing a tantrum…..(QAQ)

[6] Water army could make truths with falses: their numbers were big enough to change perspectives

[7] Dirty pollutants: also: social darkness, negativities

TL corner: Secret Agent QC

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    Kudos to you and your friends! Thank you for everything you guys have done, but I think it’s just as important to get enough sleep and keep your body condition. Don’t sacrifice your own health, as you’re just as precious as the people you’re trying to help. Please keep things moderate and stay healthy 💙

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    1. XD Yep, Lotus seed paste and Orange stuffing is QC’s alternate account. Lotus Seed in Chinese is Lian Rong, and Orange Stuffing is Cheng Xian (Hence, QC is combining: “Rong + Cheng”).

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