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WDBKFMGB Chapter 22 (Part 2) – His Name

Mentions of torture and cruelty. Nothing explicit 

When Xi Guican logged into the game, he found that the game had already been fast-forwarded to the end of the Ice Project. Except for the altered variable Number 19, all other subjects had died as they did in reality.

Initially, Xi Guican was unclear as to why No. 19’s mental state was so stable, but since the last time He Ruge sang to Little Rabbit, Xi Guican understood the reason.

He Ruge’s singing voice contained a mysterious and powerful force. Xi Guican could feel that the power was not being fully exerted, but rather only a small portion of it was leaked. However, just that tiny leaked portion could already allow his shattered Spiritual mental consciousness that could have collapsed at any moment to stabilize.

Previously, He Ruge also sang for the Little Rabbit, and the Little Rabbit’s Spiritual Sea was baptized by this mysterious energy. The benefits Little Rabbit gained would not be less than his (XGC) own.

Although Xi Guican’s spiritual mental consciousness was not completely repaired, just allowing the condition to stabilize was already shocking enough.

Before yesterday, Spiraling Mental Consciousness Deficiency[1] was a baffling disease that made the Medicine Seeking Rat absolutely helpless. At the beginning, Mao Zixie[2] personally  informed Xi Guican that “Game Therapy” was the real game they created to treat this disease.  

Xi Guican was growing more and more curious about who the divine creator of “Your Exclusive Lover” was, being able to gather all the information pertaining to Starry Sea Orphanage, treat Spiraling Mental Consciousness Deficiency, and create the character “He Ruge”. 

After going offline yesterday, Xi Guican opened up “Game Therapy”. That game simulated the Intergalactic Wars battlefield in extremely high definition, replaying the fighting process between the Interstellars and the Zerg. Xi Guican tried it for only ten minutes before quitting the game because he found that the biggest effect of the game might only be allowing him to vent.  

Whenever Xi Guican went out of control in the past, only killing could allow him to barely calm down. Mao Zixie’s group made that game based on those past experiences.

For the past him, killing was indeed the best pacifier. But now, it no longer was.

He Ruge.

Even just silently reciting this name in his heart, he could perceive a slight tingle of joy.

The door to room No.20 opened, and Little White Tiger raised his head to see He Ruge carrying an iron cage.  

Heading to the new experiment site.

The little white tiger of many years ago had struggled frantically, not differentiating between good and bad (strategies) and planned to attack the staff in an attempt to perish together. Finally, after suffering a good deal, he was forced into the iron cage.

However, the little white tiger of the present was so docile that it was touching. Without anyone’s urging, he ran into the iron cage himself and even understandingly helped close the cage door.

The iron cage was picked up by a beautiful hand and, in this moment, Xi Guican suddenly produced a ridiculous illusion–

That his whole world was being embraced in the middle of He Ruge’s palm.

That palm which sometimes carried a hint of the scent of milk.

Xi Guican hated the feeling of being within someone else’s control, but currently he didn’t feel even half an ounce of disgust, and…was even relaxed.  

The cage began to sway slightly with He Ruge’s motions. Though, it wasn’t bumpy since He Ruge carried it steadily and carefully.

Besides his ears came the sounds of No.19 Little Rabbit’s excited chirps. Xi Guican initially didn’t react to the situation, unable to understand what the Little Rabbit’s enthusiastic gibberish meant.


It wasn’t until he saw He Ruge’s body, face, and strands of hair gilded by the sunlight; those long, curly eyelashes also dyed a golden hue[3]. Half of the young man’s face was dipped in the middle of gentle sunlight, casting a golden spark in his black eyes.

So bright, so clear, so warm and so dazzling, like a person who had walked out from the light.   

Xi Guican watched until his soul had left his body. From beginning to end, he never looked back at the sunlight outside the window which he had once yearned for.

Chirp~ It’s light~” Little Rabbit shouted gleefully.

Little White Tiger stared widely at He Ruge.

Yes, it’s Light.

It was the Light he wanted to pursue with his whole being.

Even though their next destination was the experiment site of “Death God’s Wings”, Xi Guican didn’t bear much negativity in his heart.

Upon entering Room “214”, Xi Guican saw the familiar Golden Python. Back then, only Xi Guican survived the Ice Project. He was hostile to all the staff of Starry Sea Orphanage, but he didn’t hate the experimental subjects who shared the same fate.

Perhaps it was because the Golden Python didn’t want to die quietly, leaving no trace of its existence after its death, so before its death, that Golden Python talked about his experiences to Xi Guican.

That Golden Python was called Xi Xing[4].

He said it was because the golden scales on his body were comparable to the stars in the sky[5]

His Zerg wings had been changed four times during the organ transplantation experiments of “Death God’s Wings”.

He explained that he wasn’t actually a failed product. When the Zerg wings were transplanted onto him for the first time, he had assimilated them perfectly. He was happy because he felt that he could survive.

But, Xi Xing did not expect that those people would actually carve out the perfectly transplanted wings from him.

“……’s Zerg wings are too inferior, this experimental subject can try wings of higher quality.”

And so, new Zerg wings were pressed onto Xi Xing’s still-bleeding wound. However, the energy contained in the new Zerg wings was far too domineering, and his body experienced a strong rejection backlash. 

As a result, the new Zerg wings were once again cut out from the same wound, and he was refitted with the inferior wings that he had perfectly assimilated the first time. But, what was most lamentable was that because of the higher-level Zerg energy remaining in the body, he couldn’t even fuse the original Zerg wings, let alone reproduce the first perfect assimilation.

The person who’d performed the transplant operation was disappointed and had to attach the most low-quality Zerg wings onto him.

He’d been abandoned.  

Yet, he had clearly once touched upon a hope to live. He’d been so close, so close that he actually believed he would survive.

The Golden Python was imprisoned in an iron cage and trapped in a strange, decaying body. His eyes could barely see, but he still raised his head with difficulty and said softly: “Actually… I was overjoyed when the first transplantation experiment succeeded because I thought I could live on – Live to one day leave this cursed place and fly free using those transplanted Zerg Wings……”

“……Fly high and far into the sky and become a star.”

When the Golden Python mentioned “stars”, those turbid eyes suddenly radiated a brilliant light.

A long time later, No. 20 had become so strong that he was no longer “No. 20”. No one dared called him “No. 20”, so he had to have a name.

A name to call his own.

He’d suddenly recalled that Golden Python. It’s said that after a person dies, their soul can turn into a star.

Then let him be called Xi Guican[6].

No matter what you have experienced in your lifetime, you can always turn into a star after death and shine forever[7].

<Author thanks>

[1]Spiraling Mental Consciousness Deficiency: More specifically, it should be “Whirlpooling Spiritual Dysphagia” which could mean that this disease makes it impossible for the patient’s spiritual consciousness to absorb adequate nutrients or make it difficult to ‘cultivate’

[2] Mao Zixie: medicine seeking rat’s name

[3] This sentence is originally only a sentence fragment

[4] Xi Xing has same Xi as XGC

[5] Xing from “Xi Xing” means Star

[6] 归璨: “Gui Can” can mean “Return to Brilliance”

[7] Shine Forever: 归于璀璨: Guīyú cuǐcàn: Returning to Brilliance

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