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WDBKFMGB Chapter 23 – Dust Covered Memories

Hi all! Thanks for your patience! I’ve been allocating most of this week to preparing for the super long chapter 25 (beginning of VIP chapter, 10,000 characters long!! Q_Q) and scouring it for triggers and potential footnote explanations.

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Due to the requirement of 10 thousand words a day after entering V, He Ruge’s daily gaming time was limited to within one and a half hours. After he exited the game, he wrote for 3 hours and then examined the red stripes again before going to bed.

The amount of red stripes had increased, but the new streaks were above the ankles. 

Since the red streaks were in two different places, did that mean he would be able to obtain two lucky chances each day in the future?

He Ruge already drew the rare prop “Love Horoscope” today, so, in theory, he should have another lucky chance. Right now, it was past nine O’clock at night, and He Ruge logged into the game, retrieving his ‘backpack’ and taking out the pink Gacha Egg. He used his mouse to click on the Gacha Egg while his line of sight stayed upon the red streaks on his ankles and thighs, afraid to miss any changes in the red streaks.  

The red streaks on his ankles consequently began glowing and burning.

Dang, Dang, Dang~

Name】: Diary


Evaluation】: Although I don’t have any ill intentions, I will still secretly peek into your diary, ah~ All of your little secrets will be discovered by me! 

Note: Diary. This game recognizes that all previously recorded interacted individuals can become ‘diaries’.

[Instructions: Select any character in the game to view their secret]

[Limitations: The selected individual must have a habit of documenting their secrets. Once selected, the target cannot be altered.]

There really were two lucky chances in one day!

However, this restriction was a bit difficult. He Ruge wouldn’t be able to find a target in such a short amount of time. Were there really any NPCs that used a diary in this game?

Maybe…he could have Little White Tiger cultivate a habit of keeping a diary from an early age, and once Little White Tiger was able to become humanoid and write in the diary, he could use the prop to peek into his heart!


Exactly how did Little White Tiger see him?

He manhandled Little White Tiger everyday, touching his head, touching his back, touching his paws. In the future, he also wanted to touch his bum, put his face onto his belly, and play with his tail. In Little White Tiger’s eyes, was he a pervert who coveted carnal pleasure, or was he a highly skilled masseuse?

If Little White Tiger could write a diary entry, the style might be something like:

Today, I was patted on the head. I’m finished. Patting the head makes you stop growing, angry.

Today, my paws were squeezed. Clearly, my claws are reserved for a beautiful and cute little tigress to hold, humph.

Today, I was rubbed on my bum. Damn, blame myself for being too cute, even my bum is adored by others. 

After a long time, the little white tiger would become a big white tiger, and he would still keep the habit of writing in a diary:

Today, he wanted to touch my butt, and I bit off his head in one bite.

He Ruge: “……!”

 This assumption was too horrifying, quickly halt!  

He Ruge considered the prop’s applicable individuals. If he had to find an NPC [1], then perhaps it would be Crow?

He Ruge exited the Pink Gacha interface and went into the staff accommodations area. Crow wasn’t in the room, so He Ruge conducted a thorough sweeping search of the room, searching through both the ceiling and the bottom of the bed and clicking on every single item that appeared on screen. But, there was no shadow of a diary.

 It seems he won’t find one.

 However, He Ruge did pull out a small iron cage from under the bed. It was a tiny cage filled with a layer of dust.

Name】:Iron cage

Source】: Crow


Evaluation】:This is Crow’s cage. For Crow, this is an item that is of great significance to the Crow of the past.

Crow of the past.

This sentence looked a bit weird. It was significant to the Crow of the past, then does that mean it holds no significance to the Crow of the present?

The iron cages in this game were all used to hold experimental subjects, so this iron cage shouldn’t be an exception. Could it be that the experimental subject once locked in this small iron cage was very important to Crow, and later, when the experimental subject died, Crow quietly hid the iron cage as a memoir?

Death is like the extinguishing of a light, and with the passage of time, even the once treasured iron cage was left under the bed to gather dust.

This cage was so tiny, it could only perfectly fit a pigeon[2]. Then, he’ll just think of it as a female pigeon heroine.

As a writer on JinJiang, He Ruge’s brain filled in the holes with a sadistic love story. Crow is a cold-blooded and emotionless male lead, and he had a sadistic romance with the tragic female lead pigeon trapped inside the cage.

When He Ruge’s gaze swept across the center of the iron cage, he suddenly found that, underneath the thin layer of dust, there were a few scratch marks.

His mouse clicked on the iron cage, and with each tap, it removed some of the dust. After a few more clicks, there was less and less dust on the base of the iron cage, and a line of words appeared.

[Wu Yunlan] (Crow Yunlan)

Other than this name, there were also more strange scratches. When He Ruge was about to click on it again to wipe off the dust, the game screen suddenly changed——


[What are you doing?]

It was unknown when Crow arrived to stand in the doorway, staring expressionlessly at He Ruge, and He Ruge felt the guilty conscience of being caught on the spot.

[You find an iron cage under Crow’s bed, and a name is engraved inside the cage. You think it’s quite strange. You choose to: A. Ask who Wu Yunlan is. B. Say that you were cleaning and sanitizing]

There was only one save chance left and He Ruge didn’t want to waste the save.

Option A was too risky, so He Ruge hesitated for a while before choosing B.


[I was cleaning the room and found this iron cage underneath your bed.]


[Throw it into the dumpster site, ba]

Crow’s indifferent response made He Ruge slightly surprised. It seemed that Crow really didn’t care about the iron cage at all anymore. So then, why did he previously have to hide this ‘trash’?

Crow got on his bed and went to sleep.

He Ruge took the iron cage and walked out of the staff accommodation. He passed through the dark corridor and arrived at the lobby filled with countless iron cages. 

Inside the cages were the corpses of experimental subjects. 

He Ruge suddenly thought of a question – If all the ones inside the lobby were failed products of the “Death God’s Wings” experiment, then where did the successful products go?

Those successful products, because of the successful transplantation of Zerg wings giving them enormous capabilities, wouldn’t they come to despise Starry Sea Orphanage and want to exact revenge on those in Starry Sea Orphanage?

He Ruge clicked on the small iron cage again, wiping away all the dust in the cage. In addition to the name, there were also many vague characters and a few phrases. 

 He Ruge: “…”

Okay, this hint was too obvious, I understand now.

The iron cage was the ‘diary’.

He Ruge used the rare prop ‘Diary’, and the small iron cage became wrapped in a yellow halo, transforming into a diary that recorded the history buried in the dust.

【I was selected to participate in “Death God’s Wings”]

【They cut off my wings and transplanted Zerg wings】

【I will definitely kill these people】

【The integration level of the Zerg wings was very high, I become stronger, I will kill them】

【I will definitely kill them all】  


【Wu Yunlan】

The murderous intent between the lines could almost burst through the screen. However, the diary excerpts abruptly stopped there, and the yellow halo dissipated, changing back into the small iron cage. But, this time, the words previously carved onto the iron cage had disappeared.

It was the same with the name “Wu Yunlan”.

The small iron cage was still just as small. Small enough for a pigeon, and also enough for a crow.

Wu Yunlan was an experimental subject in Starry Sea Orphanage, and he was selected to participate in “Death God’s Wings”. In this organ transplantation experiment, he had lost his original wings, while the Zerg wings gave him strength.

He had used his claws to record the events in the iron cage, and the phrase he wrote the most times was “I will definitely kill them all”.

However, the deepest carved marking on the iron cage was his own name, “Wu Yunlan”. Perhaps, it was only through exhausting all of his strength to engrave this name that it was so deep not even dust could cover up its existence.

He must have wanted to never forget these three words.

At this moment, He Ruge suddenly felt that he had stumbled upon a cold, cruel truth–

Crow is Wu Yunlan.

The perpetrator was previously the victim.

It was unclear what happened in-between, but he now donned a length of white work clothes, wandering the inside of Starry Sea Orphanage like a ghost. No longer even owning his own name, he only carried a code name: Crow.

<Author thanks>


[1]non-player character: characters built into the game, outside of real life players

[2] idk what kind of pigeon HRG sees, but the pigeons around me are all large, chubby feather children. Probably ate too many bread crumbs >_> <_<

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