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SA Chapter 69 (Part 2) – This Fan…… is A Little Cold

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Xu Jin: “Exactly what are you going to do! What do you want with my wife! Let me tell you, she doesn’t like you, she’s never watched your movies, and she absolutely doesn’t like Song of the Night. She also didn’t go to the cinemas to watch this year’s The Disciple, nevermind watch it three times! My relationship with her is not because she is your fan, it’s not!”

Qin Cheng: “……give me an address and a phone number.”

To prevent this man from mentioning his wife again, Xu Jin readily gave Qin Cheng an address and phone number. Originally, the phone number he provided was a male friend’s, but who knew that Qin Cheng asked for a female’s phone number. This made Xu Jin raise even more alarm bells, and he quickly made a call to a female friend who was outside of the circle.

Before hanging up the phone, Qin Cheng said in a slow and cold manner: “Don’t tell your friend about this situation, just say it’s you who wants to send something, and that it has nothing to do with me.”

 Xu Jin: “……Okay.” As long as he didn’t mention his wife, anything is fine!

At this point, this matter was technically considered resolved.


Luo Qian received the address and phone number, and she naturally relayed the number and address to Rong Xu and Luo Zhentao. Luo Zhentao wasn’t familiar with the other party, and Rong Xu also looked at it for a while, but the name wasn’t in his memories.

This person had never participated in the filming of Black Clouds. It could only be said that this is definitely a fake identity.

Rong Xu didn’t put too much attention on this address. He opened up Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s homepage and flipped through it again carefully. This Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing really did confess to him three times a day. Even if he forgot to eat, he’s afraid they wouldn’t forget to confess. Additionally, in recent months, she seemed to have become obsessed with his and Qin Cheng’s CP, often tagging #ChengRong# on Weibo.

In any case, other than being exceptionally wealthy and having his personal sleeping photo, this fan appeared to be just an ordinary fangirl, an ordinary CP fan…… Oh, wait. She was also very good at selling meng.

But, just as Rong Xu decided to give up and go work on other things, his line of sight suddenly caught a Weibo post from Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing from three days ago.

“Huh? It was sent at five in the morning?”

Vaguely aware in his heart that something was off, Rong Xu flipped through Weibo again and then discovered that, in the past few months, the timing of this Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s posts on Weibo were a bit strange. She used to post Weibo comments on time according to three meals a day. But, in recent months, her timing had become abnormal.

Last month wasn’t too off, only a few hours earlier than usual.

But, in this month! They were all posted on Weibo at very atypical hours!

The original eight or nine o’clock in the morning (08:00~09:00) became nine o’clock in the evening (21:00); noon (12:00) became one or two in the morning (1:00~2:00); four or five o’clock in the afternoon (16:00~17:00) became five or six in the morning (05:00~06:00).

Like there’s a time difference or jet lag!

“She had gone abroad recently?”

This idea flashed through his mind, and Rong Xu deliberated again before his eyes suddenly widened. He rushed to contact Luo Zhentao and asked the other party to check if Wen Xuan, Xia Muyan and the other actresses who had participated in the filming of Black Clouds had recently gone abroad for filming.

Although Luo Zhentao felt this was a bit strange, he still went to inquire and said that he would give Rong Xu an answer in a few days.

By the time Rong Xu finished all these affairs, it was already six in the evening. The faint golden sunset slowly descended into the west as the brilliant light dyed the sky red and created an enchanting color.

Rong Xu finally put down his phone and went out to eat dinner. As soon as he opened the door, he heard the sound of the door next to him also opening. Rong Xu turned his head in surprise and saw that Qin Cheng also appeared a little tired and was similarly looking at himself with slight surprise.

Rong Xu smiled slightly: “You didn’t rest well?”

Qin Cheng was silent for a moment: “……Mmm.”

Rong Xu nodded lightly: “I also didn’t get much rest, met with a small situation.”

Qin Cheng: “……I also met with a small situation.”

The youth glanced at the man in astonishment before he curled his lips and smiled: “Looking at your appearance, it seems that you have already taken care of it. What do you want to eat tonight? I kind of want to eat dumplings. Yesterday, I asked Sis’ Xiao Qian to buy some dumpling skins because I’d planned on wrapping some by myself……Oh, yes, Qin Cheng, can you wrap dumplings?”

The topic was thus diverted.

In the cozy and quiet kitchen, a warm yellow light enveloped the two men. Rong Xu picked up a black apron and Qin Cheng’s face suddenly stiffened. The smile on the youth’s face became brighter, and the man had no choice but to open his arms and let the boy place the apron on him.

This hug-like gesture made Qin Cheng’s ear tips turn a tad red, but Rong Xu didn’t seem to notice and actually moved closer! The man’s body became even stiffer. After tying the apron, the youth raised his clear eyes and said with a smile: “I’m not good at wrapping dumplings, so let’s just wrap them casually?”

Qin Cheng nodded with a calm facade: “Okay.”

Outside the window, the bustling and noisy city night could be seen, but on the other side of the window was currently an ongoing lesson where two men delved into the art of making dumplings together. The man’s handsome and profound face was stained with flour, while the youth’s hair tips were also stained with a hint of white. No one would have thought that a mega superstar and a popular newcomer would be working together to study how to make dumplings on this quiet night.

Of course, regardless of the process, and no matter how many times Rong Xu had laughed during this period, or how many times Qin Cheng’s ear tips had turned red during this period, the dumplings still made it into the pot an hour later.

After fishing them out, Rong Xu looked at his bowl of crooked dumplings while silently glancing to the side. 

He expressed with his eyes: You taste first?

Qin Cheng lowered his eyes, and also replied with his eyes: ……you can taste it first.

Rong Xu’s lips curled up: To thank you for your care this past year, of course, you have to taste it first.

Qin Cheng’s thin lips hooked: Mother wants me to take care of you, you should try it first.

You taste.

You taste.

You first.

You first.

Rong Xu: “……”

Qin Cheng: “……”

In the end, the two of them were forced into a helpless situation. Simultaneously, they both picked up a completely indiscernible to be dumplings and more round than a meatbun dough ball, and put it into their mouth. However, just after the dough ball entered their mouths, the two opened their eyes and looked at each other in surprise.

Rong Xu: “…It’s actually quite delicious?”

Qin Cheng nodded, and there was an imperceptible smile that crossed his eyes: “Yeah.”

That night, the two quickly resolved the lacking-in-selling-appeal but surprisingly delicious dumplings. Afterwards, Rong Xu began to study the script for his new work. Meanwhile, Qin Cheng looked through the script next to him and made some occasional comments.

The next day, the two remained at home and continued to study the script together. Sometimes, there would be disagreements about the plot analysis, but in the end, they would always come to a consensus. Upon coming upon a conclusion, Rong Xu would then take out a pen and carefully write down his thoughts on the sides of the script. During these times, Qin Cheng would lower his eyes to gaze at the young man.

The sunlight gently sprinkled upon the youth, making him appear as exquisite and beautiful as a fae.

The serious and focused appearance of the young man …… was even more beautiful than usual.

On the night of the Golden Phoenix Award ceremony, Rong Xu sat on the sofa in his pajamas and watched the live broadcast. A thick script lay on his lap, and on the TV, the stars were dazzling and the environment was lively.

Rong Xu kept lowering his head to examine the script, and he only raised his head when he heard the man appear. When his sight fell upon the other, he was stunned for a bit. The man’s cold and powerful aura passed through the cold TV screen unimpeded, passing through the eyes of every audience member. He stepped onto the red carpet with the crew of The Disciple, but within the entire crew, he was always the first person everyone noticed.

After watching for a duration, only when the The Disciple crew left the red carpet did Rong Xu raise the corner of his mouth and continued to study the script.

That night, the crew of The Disciple won six awards, including Best Picture, Best Director, Best Actress, and Best Screenplay. Though this was a major male-lead focused film, the most important male lead didn’t actually win the Best Actor. However, this didn’t mean that Qin Cheng, who plays the male lead, was lacking. It was really that his opponent this time was too strong. He (the opponent) acted the glorious life of an athlete with a broken arm. In addition to his strong acting skills, there was also an empathy bonus.

When all members of the The Disciple crew walked onto the stage to receive the Best Picture Award, the audience members frantically called Qin Cheng’s name as if they were shouting out their faith with their life. The man on the stage also raised the Golden Phoenix trophy in his hand and smiled at them calmly.

Staring at the picture on the TV, Rong Xu gradually narrowed his eyes, and the smile on his lips deepened.

Two days later, Rong Xu left B city and headed to Xiangshan Film and Television Town in preparation of filming Maze City.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


The Author has something to say:

Rong Rong: Speak logically. Is this Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing really my fan? Even colder than me……

Orange Qin: QAQ baby has a bitter heart

Dumplings google IMGS

Meatbuns Google IMGS

TL Notes: Psst, Qin Cheng, your tail is exposed.

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