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SA Chapter 71 (Part 2) – The Entertainment Circle

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After Rong Xu left the room, assistant Luo Qian immediately walked to his side and said indignantly: “How can that Ren Shuzhi be like that, Xiao Xu, she’s actually trying to seduce you!” Luo Qian was still quite smart, and had waited till there was no one else around to whisper to Rong Xu: “Her chest was about to latch onto your arm, Xiao Xu!”

Rong Xu walked calmly towards Director Yuan, and said indifferently: “You saw wrong, she just came to ask me about the script.”

Luo Qian froze for a moment before raising her head to look at Rong Xu. However, she only saw Rong Xu grin and wink helplessly at her. Luo Qian understood immediately, and she sighed heavily with a whisper: “Previously, I’d heard that this Ren Shuzhi was a very unrestrained and bold individual, often sleeping with male stars from the same film team. Fortunately, she is a singer and only filmed a few TV shows and a few movies, or else, I don’t know how many male stars would have been slept.”

Rong Xu was surprised. He’d never heard of this rumor before, and after thinking about it, he asked: “If I recall, a few years ago, did Ren Shuzhi collaborate with Deng Yiwen?”

Luo Qian was briefly shocked and then suddenly realized: “Yeah, she and Suppression Deng also had a scandal before. That year, they must have also gotten into bed before…… There really are such people in this circle who don’t care about anything, and just do whatever they want, bedding whichever handsome man casually?”

Rong Xu smiled without speaking.


During his many years in the entertainment industry in his past life, he had also seen such open celebrities. It was just that most of them were male celebrities.

Usually, filming a movie would take a few months, and many male stars couldn’t bear being alone and would take the initiative to hook up with a female star from the same cast. Everyone was single, ‘You chase, I’m willing’. It was just good fun for a few months of comforting each other. After the filming was complete, they’d part ways and still stay friends if they met in the future.

Rong Xu didn’t know how Ren Shuzhi ended up targeting him, but he never liked participating in such things.

He had always known that things within the circle were chaotic, but the number of clean and self-conscious people were never less than those who casually indulged in pleasure. Additionally, in his past life, Rong Xu was privy to a secret in the circle.

It was said that a certain Hollywood actor often went around making appointments with celebrities in the same drama, regardless of male or female, and was known in the circle as a famous double-sided plug. As a result, during one of his physical examinations, he suddenly found that he had contracted AIDS, causing a large group of Hollywood celebrities to fall off their horses (become frantic). Everyone hid the incident and no one dared to disclose it. No one knew for sure which celebrities also contracted AIDS, but it was revealed that at least ten first-tier celebrities had gotten it!

Anyways, after Rong Xu and Director Zheng finished discussing the filming details, he (RX) returned to the lounge and saw Ren Shuzhi sitting next to Ma Qi and giggling. It was unknown what the two of them were talking about. Ren Shuzhi was almost sitting in Ma Qi’s embrace, and Ma Qi’s hand was resting on Ren Shuzhi’s thin waist.

Rong Xu only took one glance before looking away, whereas Luo Qian’s eyes widened, and after a long moment of surprise, she whispered into Rong Xu’s ear: “That’s incredible, Xiao Xu, she tossed you aside so quickly…… “

Hearing this, Rong Xu frowned slightly, and said without knowing whether to laugh or cry: “What do you mean tossed me aside?”

Luo Qian quickly explained: “Anyway, it means that she won’t pester you anymore. It’s good, let her go and hook up with Ma Qi, humph.”

Rong Xu shook his head: “Everyone here is an adult, and interest between men and women is normal. Don’t be too opinionated with them.”

Luo Qian closed her mouth quickly and made a zipping-up-the-zipper motion.

Rong Xu’s words were truly quite accurate. There are many things that everyone in the circle knows, but didn’t talk about. Ren Shuzhi didn’t force Rong Xu, and neither was Rong Xu interested. Thus, she took the initiative to find Ma Qi. Ma Qi was obviously willing, and perhaps he was even pleasantly surprised. So, just let them be. They weren’t children anymore. This was just a simple physical need, and since they were both willing parties, then there was no need for others to stick their noses into it.

In the afternoon of the opening day, it was mainly Bo Xiwen’s scenes, but Rong Xu also had a few scenes.

The very first scene was the face-off between Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen. Director Yuan specially chose Rong Xu’s initial appearance as the first scene to shoot so that Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen could become familiar with and enhance their understanding of each other.

At the same time, on the Internet, the sensational “Lost Wings” charity event finally came to an end.

The total fundraised amount was 5.63 million!

The total amount of supplies was also countless. Only when a fan donated a whole warehouse were they able to store that many clothes and books.

Following the end of the fundraising event, Rong Xu’s fans will come together and form a team to directly enter the mountainous regions and personally deliver the supplies to the rural children. They will conduct live broadcasts to guarantee that not a penny would be embezzled, with the netizens as witnesses. This kind of live broadcast received unanimous praise from the netizens. 

In the past few months, Rong Xu’s Weibo fans skyrocketed by 9 million, and have now reached 16 million. Compared to other popular first-tier newcomers, his number of fans was only one-half, or even one-third of the others.

However, he had only debuted for a year.

Likewise, in the afternoon of the same day, Zhao Chuyun publicized the information regarding the “Lost Wings” CD donation event, and also provided a certificate of proof jointly issued by the Rongyun Foundation and the charity monitoring organization.

The tag, #RongXuCharity#, was immediately bumped up to second place in the trending searches on Weibo.

On the other side of the ocean, it was early into the morning hours, and the crew had finally ended a whole day of filming. A handsome and elegant man was searching Weibo under the tag of #RongXuCharity#. There was no expression on his face, but he looked extremely serious. He didn’t even notice when someone walked up next to him.

“Oh, Rong Xu? I’ve heard his name before.”

Qin Cheng raised his head and looked at the blonde Frenchman beside him: “Bertram, how do you know him?” His tone seemed indifferent, but the corners of his mouth had curved up silently, a trace of pride and admiration was suppressed in his voice.

The well-known French actor, Bertram, laughed and said: “Qin, this you don’t know about, but before I separated from Ren the other day, she told me that her new work was going be filmed with this Rong Xu. She said Rong Xu is very cute and also showed me photos. Oh, really is a cute and beautiful Oriental doll.”

The smile on the corner of his (QC’s) lips froze. The man narrowed his eyes slightly and asked lightly: “Who is Ren?”

Bertram said without hesitation: “Ren Shuzhi… Honey’s name is really hard to pronounce. When we were in bed the day before yesterday, honey kept forcing me to pronounce her name. I practiced for a long time before I got it right. She said it seems that in the crew, this Rong Xu is the cutest. Of course, same goes for me, too. I would also definitely like this delicate and beautiful Oriental doll.”

Qin Cheng: “……!!!”

A minute later, just as Rong Xu was about to go film, he suddenly received a text message.

[Qin Cheng: I will be finished in two days, then I will visit you at work. 】

Rong Xu was taken aback, but before he could react, he received another text message.

[Qin Cheng: No, I can finish by tomorrow, and I can visit you at work the day after tomorrow…… En, this was requested by my mother. 】

Rong Xu immediately retorted: [If you finish tomorrow, how will you come from the United States the day after tomorrow? Qin Cheng, have a good rest, no need to visit me at work. 】

Unexpectedly, 30 seconds later, Qin Cheng’s reply was quickly sent over——

[Qin Cheng: Tonight, I have something I need to tell you. When I call you……they are very private things. It is best not to have anyone in your room, no one is allowed. 】

Rong Xu: “……” exm? ! (“Excuse me”)

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: I really want to fly over, fly over, fly over! Baby trusts RongRong, but that bad person is not allowed to hook up with Baby’s RongRong! QAQ

RongRong: …… talking about private affairs at night? EXM? Meow Meow Meow?!


TL corner: Hehehe (Teaser!) Chapter 72’s Title is “Live ♂ Video ♂ Call ♂”

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