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WDBKFMGB Chapter 26 (Part 2) – You are Mine

Part 2 is connected directly to Kraken’s original post. In case anyone needed a reacap, I included the post.

Original poster


Wuwuwuwu~ I’m so excited right now, I can’t help but want to upload a post to celebrate. Everyone should just treat my later words as a fart. 

You can call me Kraken/Octopus, taken literally. My speed is 10,000. This speed doesn’t represent that the limit of my typing is 10,000 words, but rather that my brain speed is 10,000 words. I’ve been writing for ten years now, from the beginning confusing bullshit to the now barely readable content.

Before I came into contact with online writing, I had always felt inferior because my outer appearance was not as good as that of my friends around me. Most of my friends had entered the entertainment industry, but my appearance was mediocre and my acting skills were poor. Practically forcing my way in, after the show was broadcasted, I was scolded bloody by the audience.

I can’t afford to eat this bowl of rice called the entertainment industry. The heavens don’t deliver rice. I thought this might be fate, so I left the circle tragically and was abandoned for a long, long time.

One day, I accidentally came into contact with online writing. At the time, I just found it interesting and started it on a whim. But, what I didn’t expect, was that it was the turning point of my life.

I gained the love of my first ever reader.

It was a pure like, nothing to do with how sexy one was, nothing to do with gaining benefits. This is what we monsters have been pursuing our entire lives, the most pure and clean power of faith.

I was stunned silly at the time. 

I am not afraid of becoming the butt of a joke. Although I am a Kraken monster, only four of my tentacles were capable of moving at the beginning, and the other four were always treated as decorations because of my insufficient energy. However, after getting that additional tiny amount of faith, my fifth tentacle actually showed a slight reaction.

I hugged my four chubby tentacles and cried, cried until I couldn’t cry anymore. I have no talent, no acting skill, no writing skill, and no one hit wonder. I had written seven million words before unlocking my skills. What I am most thankful for is my racial talent which allows me to easily break through ten thousand characters per hour.

I’d been wandering the streets for eight years and changed countless vests. This year, I suddenly became popular! Now, even if I didn’t write everyday, there is still a steady flow of faith. It turns out that God really does reward hard work. That’s all, I’m really excited, I’m going to celebrate!

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I thought it was a sexy original poster who was writing.


You can be anything you want in a dream. Being a tentacle monster is quite good.


Inserting a level, 649/6000, does the original poster take shortcuts?


Hahaha is this post so stupid


Original poster, which TV series did you perform in, speak, let’s hear it


Unlike everyone who was laughing, He Ruge read the post carefully, and the hand that was pushing at his glasses frames almost failed to hold the frame steady.

I think I believe this post is actually true?

He Ruge thought of the mysterious red streaks that were appearing on his body. Those red streaks had already shattered his worldview into pieces, thus, He Ruge readily accepted the setting of “monsters” and “obtaining faith through writing”.

He included his Penguin username into the post, and left a message: “Floor Owner, I recently experienced mysterious red lines appearing on my thighs and ankles. These red lines can increase my luck. For example, when rolling game items, I can always draw rare props. Whenever it starts working, it will glow and heat up. I am confused about these red lines. Can I  add your Penguin to discuss it in detail?”

After He Ruge replied, he waited a little nervously. 

The original poster didn’t show up. He/she might really be partying it up one hundred thousand days in the wild. However, there were many sunflower seed eaters who replied to He Ruge’s posts, such as:

“Really surprising. Back then, didn’t you upload a post where you thought that the strange disease was a golden finger?! It’s already been so long, haven’t you taken any medicine?”

“Green posts[1] are green from beginning to end, admirable.”

“Hahahaha, this floor owner, are you trying to claim a koi spirit?”

Kiss Kiss, our suggestion here is to take medicine early. Posting Penguin accounts won’t make you better.”

He Ruge: “……”

I’m not sick, really not sick.

He Ruge, who was being ridiculed by the group, left the forums silently. He logged into the game after lunch and fed the game’s experimental subjects with nutrient solution.

Little White Tiger’s condition could be considered quite good, but Little Rabbit and Golden Python were both in very bad condition.

Golden python refused to eat.

Golden python

[For me, intaking food is a huge burden. If I don’t eat, perhaps I may even live a little longer.】

Golden python was feeble when speaking, and his breath was as weak as floating air. 

He Ruge suddenly remembered that when he was doing the side mission “The Mysterious Infirmary”, there was a blood-red colored 15-minute countdown timer floating on the screen.

When the side mission “Watch The Starry Skies Together” appeared, He Ruge was a slightly relieved that there was no specific time limit for that mission.

Now, he found himself wrong, ridiculously wrong.

The unknown was the most terrifying. Having a side mission without a definite deadline was like having the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. Perhaps, the sword could fall at any second and sever the last hope.

He Ruge used the [Universal Medicine Spray] to spray Golden Python’s wound again. He wanted to at least give the python a slightly better quality life before his death.

Golden python

[Thank you, but there’s no need to waste such precious medicine on the dying person, it’s not worth it.】

Opposite of the golden python who refused to eat, the little rabbit was actually overeating. He drank one bottle of nutrient solution and then glug glug glug drank a second. But, after downing two bottles of solution, he was still shouting in hunger.


[Hungry, hungry…… So hungry, I want more.】

He Ruge was a little hesitant. Inside the game, the little rabbit’s abdomen was bulging obviously. If he drank another bottle, He Ruge was worried that his little belly would explode.


[Can’t give him another. Drinking too much nutrient solution, he will die. 】

Little White Tiger stopped He Ruge.

Although the little rabbit was a small crying bag, he was still quite sensible. Little White Tiger and He Ruge didn’t let him drink more nutrient solution. So, instead of crying nonstop, he hugged his long rabbit ears and licked away at his own fur.

The little rabbit who had finished licking his fur looked dismally at his bulging belly, muttering that he was hungry.

Looking at the uncomfortable Little Rabbit, He Ruge suddenly understood what was meant by ‘when a child gets sick, the parents feel heartache’. He used a piece of fruit candy to temporarily coax Little Rabbit.

Why do you feel hungry? Is it a consequence of transplanting Zerg wings? But, why didn’t Little White Tiger exhibit these symptoms?

He Ruge was puzzled, and he clicked on Little White Tiger’s status.

[Like]: No. 20 likes you very much, Goodwill 82

[Unawakened]: No one has discovered that No. 20 is a little monster, except you

A little monster.

Since the beginning, this game clearly stated that Little White Tiger was a little monster. But now, the second experiment had already passed, and He Ruge only found that the little white tiger was abnormally cute.[2]

There was also this goodwill/favorability level. It’s only the second experiment, but the favorability had actually reached 82. It’s strange. The main task required a high goodwill level of 90. There were only 8 points left from the required favorability rating. This is totally illogical.

Was it really this easy to brush up to 90 plus goodwill?

He Ruge faintly felt that this game was hiding some big plan.

It had been a long time since he’d had a conversation with Little White Tiger, so he used his mouse to click on the intimate interactions option, [Talk].


[Roar, Roar “I’m fine”]

[Hou “Don’t worry too much, sometimes death is a release”]

[No. 20 wants to comfort you, but he is not that good at comforting people]

[No. 20 is upset at his own clumsy attempt at comforting]

Little White Tiger’s blue eyes dimmed. His tail circled around his four paws as he stared at his paws in silence.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Green posts: scamming posts will try to cheat you from start to end.

[2] “Strangely cute”: In Chinese, ‘monster’ is directly translated as ‘strange creature’ or ‘abnormal creature’. Thus, HRG says he doesn’t think Little White Tiger is an abnormal creature, but rather is abnormally cute

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