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SA Chapter 74 (Part 1) – Tease, Tease, Teasing the Orange~

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The higher the quality of the Zerg wings, the lighter the color and the longer the length. High-quality Zerg wings not only have the ability to fly long distances in high altitudes, but also have sharp bones covered in spikes that maintain extremely terrifying lethality.

In this world, movie award ceremonies liked to stagger times and present different awards separately. However, Huaxia’s three major TV series Awards were very strange and preferred to be presented together. Each June, the Peony Award would take the lead and publicize the results early in the month, followed by the Feitian Award, and then the Golden Bell Award.

Among the three awards, Peony Award’s selection process was based on the audience’s choice, with professionalism being the weakest factor. The Feitian Award was based on both comprehensive professional analysis and audience votes. The Golden Bell Award had the strongest focus on professional opinion, where the results of audience votes would only be counted as one total vote. The majority of the weight was still on expert evaluation.

In any case, these three awards are Huaxia’s most heavyweight TV series awards. When their nominations were announced, there had been no doubt that Vie for Supremacy and Ambush would be the big winners of the year.

For the Peony Awards, “Vie for Supremacy” received 13 nominations, and “Ambush” received 10 nominations.

For the Feitian Awards, “Vie for Supremacy” received 9 nominations, and “Ambush” received 5 nominations.

For the Golden Bell Awards, “Vie for Supremacy” received 7 nominations, and “Ambush” received 4 nominations!

Although, in regards to the most professional Golden Bell Award, the advantages of these two TV series were not as obvious as it was for the Peony Award and Feitian Award, they were still far ahead of the other TV shows from the same time period. This was especially so for “Vie for Supremacy”. Best Director, Best TV Series, Best Actor and Actress…… this TV series received nominations for all of them!

Even the Male Number Four could be nominated for Best Supporting Actor at the Golden Bell Awards! 


[YaoYao was nominated for Golden Bell Award’s Best Actor~!!! AAAHHHHHHHH I heavily support this nomination! YaoYao is really too beautiful, RongRong also played him very well!]

[#BeggingToSleepWithWanQiYao# I post a Weibo with this tag every day, really want to sleep YaoYao!]

[YaoYao I definitely cannot sleep with, so I will take a step back and compromise, I will sleep RongRong instead XD

[A shameless LS! RongRong is mine! My Rong is the best, nominated for 2 Best Supporting Actors awards, and nominated for 2 Best Newcomer awards! AAAAHHHHH, Marshall Huo is great, YaoYao is great, they are ALL GREAT. RongRong is the best! #RongXu]

The success of Vie for Supremacy and Ambush equated to Rong Xu’s success.

He looked forwards, through the iron cage, at He Ruge in the distance and saw the worry and pity that were about to overflow from his deep, black eyes.

This situation was not particularly obvious in Vie for Supremacy because Tang Menglan’s and Dong Zheng’s interpretations were also spectacular, and both had been nominated for TV Emperor and TV Empress. Compared to them, Rong Xu’s Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer were not particularly eye-catching. However, for Ambush, no one expected that the actor Han Yanghao didn’t even get a single Emperor nomination, while Rong Xu got a nomination for Best Supporting Actor and Best Newcomer for the role of Huo Xi.

Of course, after the incident half a year ago where he flaunted his celebrity status, Han Yanghao had already fallen out of popularity. Not to mention comparing with Rong Xu, even compared with ordinary first-line newcomers and second-line newcomers, he was already out of his league! In recent months, Han Yanghao had completely disappeared from public notice- all endorsements had been changed, and no new works had appeared.

When Ambush received the nominations for the three major TV series awards this time, some netizens even jokingly said: [Do you think that shameless Han Yanghao’s skin will be thick enough to follow the cast onto the red carpet? 】

An outraged netizen immediately replied: [Back when we asked him to roll out of the entertainment circle, he kept playing dead and shut off his Weibo! Maybe he really will go benefit off the red carpet this time. Clearly, he even wanted to drive our Rong Xu out of the crew in the beginning. If he wants even a smidgen of face, he shouldn’t go. Of course, if he really dares attend the awards ceremony, then I dare to brush his black materials onto social media a hundred times! 】

Ordinary quality Zerg wings are like a bird’s wings, being generally gray or light brown in color, and have the ability to fly short distances.

Just news pertaining to Han Yanghao, there was already this much, but most netizens regarded this protagonist of Ambush as invisible. Anyways, this person didn’t have a single nomination for any award. Even by casually discussing him, it would be giving him publicity traffic for nothing! 

 Coincidentally, Rong Xu’s endorsement advertisement for Luck Potato Chips just began airing on TV the day before yesterday. Deng Yiwen’s scenes had accidentally been cut out in the ad, and only the scene of Rong Xu’s seizing the treasure was shown. Coupled with this time’s nominations, Rong Xu’s popularity reached a new high, and he rose to eighth place on Weibo’s trending celebrities list! 

Weibo’s trending celebrities list includes all of Huaxia’s celebrities. This list didn’t rank celebrities according to their position, work or seniority, but rather on the amount of Weibo discussions held about each celebrity within a week’s time. It was a simple and crude ranking system. So, in theory, as long as one was popular enough, even if they’d only debuted for a month, they could still surpass other celebrities and become number one on the list.

It was also worth mentioning that the Number One position on this list had not changed in the past six years.

It was always Qin Cheng.

The experience of Zerg wings transplantation was a layer of murky gray ash in Xi Guican’s memories. He initially thought that if he experienced this pain again in the game, he might lose control of his emotions.


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