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WDBKFMGB Chapter 27 (Part 1) – Invisible Wings

Don’t worry too much about the appearance of the new characters yet. Everything will explain itself later on.

A double release week! Enjoy!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

It appeared that he could complete the side mission by tonight. After He Ruge finished reading through Crow’s dialogue, he became curious about the mysterious door Crow had been talking about.

What was behind that door?

As today’s playing time had exceeded his daily average game time, He Ruge turned off the game and prepared to go find his close friend and do some writing.

When he opened up Penguin, he found that there was a friend request from “Kraken”.

He Ruge’s mood turned a bit strange. The head of the Kraken was a gray-purple Q octopus. Before today, he had never thought that there would be real monsters in this world, nor did he ever think that he might also be a monster.

“You are now friends with Kraken, you can now start chatting.”

Ruge: “Hello.”

Kraken: “I apologize. I was writing. Could you send me a picture of the red streaks?”

He Ruge took a picture of the red streaks on his ankle.

Kraken: “This is a bloodline pattern[1] of our water tribe, but I’ve never seen this type of bloodline pattern.”

Kraken: “Picture .jpg.”


and his eyes were drawn to the other party’s tie: “Huh, when you all were deciding on the image for the final scene yesterday, didn’t you say that the crimson colored one is better? Why did you choose this one?

From the other party came a picture of a hand with light grayish-purple lines on the wrist. The purple lines twisted and turned, detailed with small circles.

When he saw the familiar lines, all the doubts in He Ruge’s heart dissipated. No scammer would so leisurely get this kind of tattoo on their hand. 

Kraken: “Your bloodline pattern is very dark, are you using a picture filter?”

Ruge: “No, what does the color darkness of the bloodline pattern symbolize?”

Kraken: “…The darker the color of the bloodline pattern, the stronger the strength. I feel like I was originally fishing around in the forum for a small fry, but ended up scooping up a big boss.”

He Ruge didn’t know whether to laugh or cry about this metaphor.

Kraken: “Are you also a JinJiang (JJWXC) writer?”

Ruge: “Yes, I have been writing for a year already.”

Kraken: “It should be due to you absorbing the power of faith[2] from your writing that caused you to awaken. You said before that the bloodline pattern gives you good luck. This may be your natural ability. You haven’t fully awakened yet, so don’t use your abilities casually. The power of faith that you’ve absorbed must be slowly accumulated in order to fully awaken you.”

Kraken: “Every monster has a different awakening period. For example, the awakening period of the cicada type is very long and can be up to seventeen years. The awakening period is extremely important and most monsters only have one awakening period in their entire life.”

Kraken: “The more faith you accumulate during the awakening period, the greater the changes you will experience on the day of your awakening, like flushing your tendons and transforming your marrow[3]. Accumulating faith during the awakening period is twice as effective as accumulating faith after.”

Kraken’s words seemed to have parted the clouds and revealed the light, and He Ruge, who was “on the verge of experimenting through mass buying lottery tickets”, was pulled back. It seems that the only way he could make money and support the family [4] was to obediently write more words.

Ruge: “Thank you for your scientific explanations. I haven’t introduced myself yet. You can call me Ruge.”

Kraken: “Hahaha, no thanks, just call me 8 Legs [5]. You can ask me if you don’t understand something in the future. I’ll add you into a small communication group chat for aquatic type monsters later. By the way, you don’t want to reveal your bloodline patterns to other people casually because bloodline patterns can reveal a lot of information.”

Kraken: “If you anytime you wanna write, you can also look for me.” [6]

He Ruge thought about his own writing speed. Under normal circumstances, his speed was 1,500 characters per hour. If he used himself as a unit of measurement and counted as 1 Ge, then “Emotionless Coding Machine” was approximately equal to 3 Ge’s, and “Kraken” was 7 Ge’s.

He Ruge revealed an awkward but polite smile.

Ruge: “Okay, I hope we have a chance to write together in the future.” No, there never be this chance. Even a crumb has its own stubbornness![9]

The group that Kraken pulled He Ruge into was called “Family of 5 Lakes and 4 Seas”. There were a total of seven members in the group. When He Ru Ge entered the group, the online members all bubbled up boisterously.

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “Welcome, welcome, it’s been so long since I saw a new person.”

Virtuous Tortoise: “Welcome.”

Your Old Mother: “Welcome Newcomer @Ruge”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “8 Legs, come and introduce the Newcomer!”

8 Legs: “My colleague Ruge. He is still in the awakening period. Don’t bully him.”

Ruge: “Hello everyone.”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “So, RuGe is also a writer. Recently, I don’t want to stay in the entertainment industry anymore. I heard that the Webnovel industry is quite relaxing, is it true @8Legs”

8 Legs: “False.”

8 Legs: “If you don’t have the talent, you will die. The Webnovel circle does not rely on one’s face to eat, but rather on talent.”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “But you also don’t have the talent. You’ve been on the streets for seven or eight years now.”[7]

8 Legs: “Who said I have no talent. My speed is 10,000 words per hour. If you could squeeze out a hundred words in an hour that’d already be amazing.”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “Hey.”

8 Legs: “Jiao’er [8], be good for me. Isn’t it good to just quietly be a flower vase?”

Little JiaoJiao Wants to Become a Dragon: “……Hey.”


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]“Bloodline pattern” can also be “demonic patterns”, “monster pattern”, “creature pattern”, “devil pattern”. I went with bloodline because it made more sense in English. If one of the other translations sounds better to you, let me know and I can change it. Thanks!

[2] Faith: can also be considered “worship” or “fame”

[3] Flushing your tendons and transforming your marrow: A complete transformation from the inside-out

[4] Make money and support the family: figuratively

[5] 8 Legs: technically….“8 tentacles”…. But I felt like that would lead to some inapropos and misleading translations later on down the road. Hahahaha ╮(>_<)╭

[6] Write together: To accompany him as he works, or as a helper.

[7] “On the streets”: not literally. It refers to being destitute or unsuccessful

[8] ‘Er’ is a term of endearment

[9] Every crumb has its own stubbornness: HRG knows he can’t write that fast, so he rejects Kraken’s offer to write together.

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