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WDBKFMGB Chapter 43 – Giving You a Name

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

     He Ruge smelled the distinct aura of an incoming boss fight when the two new rare items appeared. He put away “Who is the murderer” and used the “Upgraded File Save Assistant” to change his last save point.

     He still had one remaining chance to save anytime, anywhere [1]. The only limitation was that the file reading time would be considerably long. 

     He Ruge brushed through his library of knowledge. He would learn 300 nursery rhymes today and find a chance to sing it to all the cubs in the Ice Project. According to Ruan Ruan, even humming a few lines was effective. If he sang three times for each experimental subject, it should be able to improve their overall survival rate.


     After thinking through his plans for the three Ice Project participation chances, He Ruge bought a piece of fruit candy, planning to feed it to the little monster.

     He shouldn’t let physiological fear block his chances at petting a tiger.

     Although the little monster had grown big enough that he should technically be called “big monster”, his temperament was still the same as a child’s. However, He Ruge still referred to him simply as the little monster because no matter how big the little monster grew, in He Ruge’s heart, he will forever be a little broken bear child.

     He pushed open the door of Room 104 and saw the little monster laying on the bedding. The new bedding gifted yesterday was already almost too small for the little monster, and his whip-like tiger tail had to be closely attached to his butt in order to not fall off the side.

     A pair of silver-white Zerg wings were strewn across the floor. When the little monster saw He Ruge, the Zerg wings unconsciously trembled lightly. The slight vibration of the wing tips was comparable to joy sprouting from the tip of one’s heart.

     He Ruge supported himself with the wall and walked a few steps. Under the gaze of the fierce tiger eyes, he tried his best to maintain a facade of calmness and sat down half a meter from the little monster. He Ruge had never sat in such an upright posture before, back straight and shoulders desperately clenched, tensed until his collarbone felt like it was about to pop out.

     “It seems we haven’t properly introduced each other before. My name is He Ruge, what is your name?” He Ruge asked. Since Little White Tiger was called Xi Guican, then the little monster must also have a name.

     Calling the little monster a “little monster” in his heart was okay, but if he suddenly blurted out “little monster” while chatting, it would be extremely awkward. After all, “little monster” wasn’t exactly the same as calling him “little cutie”, and it always felt a little derogatory and disrespectful.

     No one wished to be called a “monster” by others.

     The little monster’s big head was pressed down on its two sharp claws, and his blue eyes were tilted upwards to look at He Ruge. From this angle, a trace of innocence seemed to shine through the otherwise fierce looking eyes. 

     He was silent for a while before saying with uncertainty: “I don’t seem to have a name.”

     No name?

     How could he have no name? Did he perhaps forget his name? But the little monster did not go through brainwashing and shouldn’t have forgotten his own name.

     “Is ‘A Name’, this kind of thing, important?” The youthful low and horse voice of a boy going through his voice changing period sounded out.

     “Of course it’s important. Let me put it this way. If you didn’t know my name, how would you let me know to look backwards and find you in a bustling crowd?” He Ruge didn’t have a deeper  explanation, he only gave a hypothetical scenario of the simplest use for a name: “If you can’t find me, you can just call my name. If I hear it, I will definitely respond. Do you think a name is important?”

     The little monster let out a thoughtful hum, “Then, you should give me one.”


     Under He Ruge’s stunned gaze, the little monster said seriously: “Since a name is very important, you can give me one.”

     “I don’t have this right. A name is a very important thing. I’m not your parent nor your master. How can I name you?”

     The little monster replied: “But I don’t have parents, let alone a master.”

     “Then you should give yourself one. My name was given to me by myself.” He Ruge didn’t want to help give the little monster a name because he always felt that naming was a matter of great significance (in one’s lifetime). It was giving someone a new life and identity, and also a responsibility that cannot be brushed off once accepted.

     The little monster shook his head and whispered softly: “But, I always mess up important things. I’m so stupid. The name I come up with will definitely not be good.”

     Such a large white tiger stood with its head bowed in the corner, appearing like a little cub.

     “Everyone makes mistakes, no one person is born perfect at everything. It doesn’t matter if you mess something up, you can fix it if you know it’s wrong. If the name doesn’t sound good, there’s no need to worry, we can always change it.” He Ruge coaxed in a gentle voice.

     However, the little monster refused to listen, pretending to be deaf and mute. A bad personality cannot be corrected overnight. After listening to He Ruge’s long tirade, the little monster stubbornly said: “You give me one.”

     He Ruge: “…”

     Really want to twist this broken wild child’s ears and teach him a lesson.

     He Ruge could only take a step back: “Then let’s do this, I’ll give you a nickname.”

     The little monster tilted his head in confusion, “What’s a nickname?”

     “It’s an informal name usually given to a child. People who are close can call each other by their nicknames. Once you grow up, you can choose your formal name by yourself.

     The little monster furrowed his brows and retorted: “But I’m not a child.”

     He Ruge: “…”

     Baby, do you think you are mature right now?

     The little monster stared at his own big claws and fell into deep thought. After a while, he compromised and said, “fine, then what is my nickname?”

     Little White (Xiao Bai)? Big White (Da Bai)? Dog egg (Gou Dan)? Fat tiger (Pang Hu)?

     No, those all seem too incompatible. Actually, He Ruge thought “little devil” (Xiao huai huai), “Brute” (Xiong Xiong), and “Bitey” (Yao Yao) were all suitable for the little monster. But, a nickname should have a better connotation. They could go with “Miao Miao”.

(Miao Miao) sounded like meow meow, and this nickname contained a plethora of water[2], which could hopefully reduce little monster’s explosive, fiery temper.

     “How about Miao Miao?”

     The little monster called out meow meow once and asked in confusion what it meant.

     “Three water 水 characters combined make a Miao 淼. Stretch out your paws, I’ll draw it on your palms, okay?” He Ruge, who was originally only trying to explain the meaning of the word, suddenly noticed the two large fluffy paws and immediately decided to “grab” the opportunity to touch the little white tiger[3].

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


     The little monster retracted his sharp claws and hesitantly reached out his big paws towards He Ruge. The firm, strong front paws were bigger than He Ruge’s two hands combined.

     Viewed from an angle, the claws were like small snow-capped mountains, the lines from paw to arm were similar to the rise and fall of mountain tops. The thick, snow-white fur was shiny and smooth, and at a glance it was clear that this dense hair reflected a robust and fully furred tiger.

     It must feel very nice and smooth……

     He Ruge turned the little monster’s paws over using both hands so that the pink fleshy pad that was larger than his palms was facing upwards and visible before him. He Ruge’s hand touched the paw pad shakily. He gave the little monster’s dense, bouncy paw pads a few trembling pokes and examined the little monster’s reactions with a psychological shadow of guilt.

     The little monster stared at He Ruge with a blank expression, “Write, ba, It doesn’t itch.”

     When his fingertips landed on the paw pad and drew out the first stroke, the little monster suddenly exhaled, and his long tiger whiskers trembled along. This sudden movement made He Ruge reflexively retract his hand as he looked at the little monster, fearing that the little monster would bite him.

     Seeing He Ruge’s frightened reaction, the little monster closed his mouth gloomily and was silent for a while before he said with a huff: “It doesn’t itch, and I…… also won’t bite you.”

     He Ruge, who received a promise from the little monster, breathed a sigh of relief; his expression a bit sheepish. In truth, he also felt that his reaction was both offensive and hurtful. The little monster was willing to give him the pads of his paws, which was equivalent to a porcupine hiding all its quills, presenting its vulnerable flesh to another.

     His actions definitely hurt the little monster’s heart.

     He Ruge felt very remorseful when he considered this possibility. He quietly glanced at the morose little monster and decided to quickly make up for his mistake.

     “Miao Miao.” He Ruge softly called out the little monster’s nickname. Under the little monster’s oblivious gaze, he gave a “kiss on the hand” onto the pink fleshy paw pad.

     A thumb was placed on the paw pad, and pale pink lips kissed the finger, but from the little monster’s perspective, it looked like He Ruge was giving his palm a tender kiss.

     Perhaps it was because this kiss was too soft, lighter than a feather and gentler than a breeze, and his own paws were too rough to feel this softness, the little monster didn’t even have enough time to feel it before the person in front of him already lifted his head and gave a crescent-eyed smile.

     “Miao Miao~” he called out with a laugh.

     The little monster stared at He Ruge in a daze, and his tiger ears trembled as if it were being tickled.

     He seems to have…… somewhat understood the importance of a ‘Name’. Having a name that belonged to oneself, a name that could be called gently by the person in front of him, was indeed a very, very good thing.

     If time could stop at this moment, then there would no longer be a monster in the world, only Miao Miao.

     When He Ruge saw that the little monster looked happy again, his heart relaxed and he continued to write “Miao” stroke by stroke on his paw pad.

     “Miao Miao, means I hope you can be gentle as water.” He Ruge explained.

     The little monster stared at the center of his paws, his paws still seemed to contain a tingling itch. He shook his tiger ears and said to He Ruge: “Then, I’ll only be gentle to you, okay?”

     A big, gentle kitty?

     He Ruge smiled and said: “Okay.”

     He seemed to have found some joy in raising the little monster, too. The violent and fierce little monster, the little monster who was used to tearing apart his prey with sharp claws, would only bow his head for him, would only allow him to touch his paws and belly, and only allow him to pet. The overall feeling was one simple word —


     Although he could only touch his paws and didn’t dare touch his head, He Ruge still found a mysterious sense of happiness. He refrained from continuing to pinch his paws and said to the little monster: “Then, let me sing a song for Miao Miao.”

     The little monster perked up his ears in anticipation.

     He could test the golden finger on the little monster; plus, He Ruge really wanted to sing for the obedient little monster.

     What song would be best?

     Looking at the little monster’s sky-like blue eyes, He Ruge suddenly remembered the night he took the little white tiger and the little rabbit to see the starry skies. The starry sky that evening was like a jewelry box tipped over onto a sheet of black velvet. The stars were dazzling and beautiful without compare.

     “Twinkling and sparkling, a sky filled with stars hanging in the sky to shine, like thousands of tiny dazzling eyes.”[4]

     The little monster lay quietly on the bedding and listened to the singing of the people in front of him. He stared fixedly at He Ruge’s eyes which seemed to light up, and his mind pictured a brilliant expanse of starry sky.

     “The sun slowly sinks to the west, and the crows slowly fly home in groups [5]. The stars blink their little eyes, twinkling and shining until dawn.”

     Everyone had become a star, whether it was Golden Python, Little Rabbit, Crow, or the experimental subjects who had followed after Crow. They flew up to the stars and no longer had to endure the struggles of the world.

     “Twinkle twinkle little star, a sky filled with stars hanging in the sky to shine……”

     All the feelings of pain fell into a deep slumber. It was a sense of peace and comfort the little monster had never felt before. His blue eyes gradually closed, and he quietly fell asleep.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Recall that in chapter 23, HRG only had 1 remaining save opportunity.

[2]Miao Miao: 淼淼 is made up only of “water” 水, which is believed to signify calm and peace

[3]“Claw”, “paw”, “grab/grasp” are all possible translations for the same word 爪

[4]Stars Song first appeared in Chapter 29, He Ruge sang this for the Little Rabbit qwq

[5]A group of crows is called a ‘murder of crows’ uwu

Here’s some adorable tiger toe beans

citation: Pinterest Img

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