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SA Chapter 79 (Part 2) – Exactly What Is Wrong With It?

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The next moment, he heard the man who suddenly hugged him speak in the most sincere and solemn tone. There was a hint of a smile in his voice, but his tone was very firm as he whispered four words to him using the most lingering, magnetic voice.

When these words landed, the youth’s eyes widened. His clear pupils flashed with shock and a hint of unconcealable happiness. After a while, he couldn’t help but lift the corners of his lips and give a helpless but gentle smile.


The huge pile of weapons and energy bombs in the staff dorm proved that Crow wasn’t joking, but how did he get his hands on this many weapons?

Luo Qian finally saw Rong Xu and Qin Cheng thirty minutes later.

They’d said they would be back within ten minutes, but no one expected that these two people would only return after half an hour.

Luo Qian and a makeup artist were waiting together at the gate of the set. Upon seeing Rong Xu and Qin Cheng, the two hurried forward, and Luo Qian said aggrievedly: “Director Yuan and everyone else went to the hotel first. Director Yuan criticized me saying that I shouldn’t have let you and Mr. Qin leave alone, and I should’ve followed after you just in case.”

What Director Yuan said was indeed correct. As an assistant, Luo Qian was responsible for ensuring Rong Xu’s safety at all times and shouldn’t have let Rong Xu leave by himself. However, Rong Xu also needed his own personal space. If he didn’t want Luo Qian to follow, the latter naturally would’t follow.

Therefore, Director Yuan’s words only had one meaning: See, if you had followed, they would have come back long ago, right?

After all, Luo Qian was still quite young, and she complained to Rong Xu with an aggrieved look. Rong Xu could tell at a glance that the young girl was only joking, and wasn’t really throwing a tantrum. So, he smiled and said: “Didn’t we come back? We just got a little lost halfway.”

Luo Qian nodded: “It’s not that late. Let’s go to the hotel and meet up with Director Yuan and the others.”

The four of them then headed towards the hotel. Luo Qian and the makeup artist walked in front, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng walked behind.

The sky grew darker, but there were plentiful street lights on both sides of the roads in the studio area, so it was still very bright. The makeup artist had a good relationship with Luo Qian, so she had stayed behind this time to accompany her in waiting for Rong Xu. She and Luo Qian were walking ahead, and as they walked, the makeup artist couldn’t help but turn her head and peer backwards furtively.

Once or twice was fine, but after the other party repeated the action several times, Luo Qian asked in bewilderment: “Qi Qi, what are you looking at? Is there something to see behind us?”

Hush!!!” The young makeup artist quickly covered Luo Qian’s mouth. When she realized that the two behind them didn’t seem to have overheard, she breathed a sigh of relief and leaned to Luo QIan’s side, whispering: “Qian Qian, don’t you feel like something’s weird? I keep feeling like there’s something…… abnormal between Mr. Qin and Rong Rong. Something’s different from the afternoon.”

Although He Ruge was very moved by Crow’s proposal and also believed that this spicy chicken laboratory, this spicy chicken orphanage, should have been bombed long ago, but this plan was a road of no return.

Luo Qian was stunned for a moment, and then she also secretly peeked backwards. But, she only saw Rong Xu and Qin Cheng walking in harmony behind them. Neither of them spoke nor interacted with one another, but the picture they painted was truly pleasing to the eye. Both were male gods whom she liked. One was handsome, and the other……in comparison, was even more beautiful.

Ah, Rong Rong really is good looking……

“Qian Qian!” Makeup artist Qi Qi interrupted her friend’s fantasies once again and whispered quietly: “You really don’t feel like anything’s changed?”

Luo Qian quickly observed them again carefully. Mr. Qin had always been very handsome and that hadn’t changed in more than ten years. As for Rong Rong…… huh, Rong Rong actually took out his phone to play with? ! Was this really okay? Mr. Qin was right next to him, but Rong Rong was actually playing on his phone? ! ! !

Luo Qian finally faintly perceived that something was wrong. Her family’s Rong Rong had always been smart and had extremely high emotional intelligence. Everyone in the crew liked him. So, how could Rong Rong disrespect Qin Cheng so much by playing on his phone right now?

At this time, Qi Qi again whispered in a low voice: “Is there really nothing wrong……”

Luo Qian then nodded with deep understanding: “There is! I’ll have a talk with Rong Rong when we get back tonight. How can he play on the phone right in front of God Qin. Even God Qin’s not playing on his phone, yet Rong Rong is actually playing. If God Qin got angry, what would I do?”

Qi Qi: “……”

They weren’t talking about the same thing at all! ! !

Happy thanksgiving holiday yall!

Though, having said that, the makeup artist still couldn’t point out anything wrong in particular. She just felt that something was weird, but couldn’t actually explain how. 

In the end, she was angered by Luo Qian’s implied “Qi Qi, don’t tell me your vision has worsened again?” look and stopped thinking too much into the situation

However, Luo Qian didn’t know that, behind them, the youth was carefully scrolling through his phone with his right hand while his left hand brushed against the man’s right hand from time to time. When Qin Cheng found that the two in front had stopped looking backwards and seemed to be discussing makeup, the man decisively stretched out his hand and tightly clasped the youth’s soft, smaller hand.

Rong Xu’s steps suddenly paused, and his gaze moved away from the phone screen to look at Qin Cheng.

The cold and noble man lifted his head indifferently, and said in a calm manner: “It’s a bit cold.”

Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing: “……”

After a while, not knowing whether to laugh or cry, he asked: “If I remember right, it’s almost June. The temperature today was close to 20 degrees C?” And your hands are still burning hot!


Heat radiated from the man’s warm palms. Rong Xu was born with naturally cold hands and feet, and it was difficult for him to warm up even in summer. But today, he and Qin Cheng were both a bit overdressed. Holding hands like this, not to mention the possibility of being discovered by the two in front of them, Rong Xu also felt a bit too warm.

He whispered softly: “It’s a bit hot.”

Qin Cheng was momentarily taken aback. A trace of loss flashed across his eyes, and he let go of the youth’s hand with a low “En“. However, the next moment, the young man’s fingers brushed against his, and then ten fingers were intertwined, their palms clinging to each other without a single gap.

Qin Cheng turned his head in surprise and saw that the young man’s eyebrows were slightly curved. A bright and soft smile appeared on his face: “However, it’s better to be a bit hot.”

The tips of his ears suddenly became burning hot. Qin Cheng gave a soft “En” before quickly turning away from him, never glancing at the youth again.

However, he was overthinking it. 

Rong Xu again took out his cell phone, and sent a text message to Luo Zhentao with one hand, discussing the matter of attending the Peony Award ceremony in two days. He didn’t notice Qin Cheng at all.

Only after walking for a while did Qin Cheng realize that this young man actually ran away after he finished teasing. There was no follow up at all!

Qin Cheng: “……”

A minute later, the man lowered his head calmly, took out his cell phone, and sent a few Weibo posts.

[Qin Cheng: The weather is really nice today, I like this waterfall very much [Picture]]

One moment later, the number of comments on this Weibo post exceeded 5,000, and the number of likes broke past 20,000 very quickly. Fans excitedly liked and commented on their Male God’s Weibo, endlessly asking for ‘selfies, selfies’ in unison!

At the same time, within Rongxu’s fan circle, the famous Godly Wealthy Fair Maiden also posted a Weibo post.

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: He is so cute, he is so gentle, he likes me (·w·)! ! !

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


The author has something to say:

Orange Qin: RongRong runs after teasing, not taking responsibility!!!

RongRong: Then, I won’t tease anymore in the future, okay?

Orange Qin: Not okay!!!!!

What did he say?! The world may never know. BUT “I like you” “Be my lover” “Be mine” are all 4 words in Chinese. “I love you” is 3 words, but “I love Rong Rong” is 4 words!! Let your imagination run wild.

TL Corner: Chinese fun fact. The ‘Qian’ in Luo Qian can also be read as Xi (“She”)! I chose to go with Qian even though Xi is more common as a name because “Qian” is associated with the connotations “brilliance, ruby, outstanding” ^w^

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