What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 31 – I, This Koi Fish

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He Ruge placed the prop back into the backpack with a complicated mood. When he turned off the game, using his amazing self-control, to go work on writing he saw a huge number of unread messages jumping up and down on the Penguin App. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Congratulations on making it onto the Shelf!” 

“Shelf” is Jinjiang’s (JJWXC) ‘thousand views trending list’, located in the upper left-hand corner of the Bookshelf page. Each official V work only had one chance to make it onto the list- that is, from the early morning to the evening of the fourth day upon entering V. They can then stay on it for a full 24 hours, which was practically equivalent to being ‘published’.

The Shelf covered all genres, and the top six could be seen on the first page of the Shelf. On JinJiang, there was no other listing that allowed more exposure than the Shelf.

There is even a saying in the writer’s circle, which was ‘The Shelf determined life or death’.

He Ruge has been so obsessed with the game until late into the night that he even forgot he’d made it onto the Shelf. 

Sure enough, games are the cause of many troubles.


He scrolled through the chat log in a calm manner, but when he saw the following messages, his calm facade was utterly shattered. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Third on the Shelf! You are on the first page! You’re Set! Set! You’re gonna soar!!!” 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Picture jpg.” 

It was a screenshot of the Shelf which had just refreshed at midnight exact. He Ruge’s work was ranked third, and the first and second placers were both well-received authors. His hand which was holding the screen trembled slightly, and He Ruge cautiously continued to read the following news.

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah, ah, ahhhh a counterattack! You’ve usurped the second placer! CHARGE!! I won’t allow you to stop!!!” 

That message was sent at three in the morning. 

The rankings on the thousand views trending list was ever changing. When a work’s views became higher than the work ranked above it, it will advance one place. However, usurping positions was very uncommon. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Ah, watching you grow is also making me so excited and anxious. Yet, you, this stinky pigeon, why haven’t you replied to me? It can’t be that you forgot you were going to be Shelved, right?!”

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Good night! I’m exhausted! I’m going to sleep first!” 

The chat records ended there. He Ruge opened JinJiang in a daze, and when he first looked at the thousand views trending list, he found —-

Hmm, why was the cover of the first place work so familiar? ……It seemed to be a cover he made himself. 

He, He Ruge, a common, everyday street writer, at 9 o’clock this morning, usurped first place in the thousand views trending list. 

The number of searches for this work was increasing every second, every minute. Last night, the number of bookmarks was only a 4-digit number, but now it had already skyrocketed to a 5-digit number. 

Emotionless Coding Machine: “Soon, I will have a close friend who is world-renowned for a popular work!”

At noon, 15,000 bookmarked. 

At 10:30 in the evening, 19,000 bookmarked. 

In the last minute before twelve o’clock midnight, 20,000 total bookmarked. 

Thus far, his single-day bookmarks had increased by more than 10,000. In recent years, with the explosion in popularity of online literature, the first work that garnered more than 10,000 single-day bookmarks while on the Shelf appeared and caused a sensation in the author’s forums. Although it wasn’t uncommon for a Shelved work to earn more than 10,000 bookmarks in the current times, it was still by no means a common occurrence. 

He Ruge was truly soaring.


This was the first year since he had graduated that he experienced a smooth take-off. 

New lines suddenly appeared on his legs. Now, in addition to red lines, there were also silver-white lines. 

Was this the change brought about by “collecting the power of faith” during the “awakening period” which 8 Legs had originally talked about? 

He Ruge also discovered that his hair was growing longer.

In the past, He Ruge’s hair had never exceeded his ears, but now it had already reached the sides of his shoulders. He Ruge wanted to use scissors to snip his own hair, but when the blade was aligned at his hair, He Ruge hesitated. 

After all, it was his first time being a monster, he shouldn’t be too reckless. 

What if there was something special about a monster’s hair? What if it was taboo, like “One cannot cut their hair in the first month of life, once cut an uncle will die.” 

The scissor that was lifted up was once again placed down silently. 

He Ruge looked at himself in the mirror and also noticed that his ears had become slightly pointy, reminiscent of elves from fantasy worlds. 

It was a very strange feeling. Although his own appearance hadn’t changed much, his hair only changed slightly and his ears became slightly pointy, but it was as if his entire temperament had suddenly transformed. 

Carrying the mentality of ‘if you don’t understand, then ask’, He Ruge went onto Penguin to reach out to 8 Legs. 

Ruge: “I have some questions. Do Bloodline patterns only have one color, or do they have multiple colors? After becoming a monster, will one’s hair suddenly grow longer and denser?” 

8 Legs: “…”

8 Legs: “If after becoming a monster, my hair will become denser and longer, then I wouldn’t have to worry that I’ll go bald from stress writing late into the night. We are monsters, not hair spirits. Since you are asking this, is it possible you can make hair grow longer denser? (Suddenly excited.jpg.)”

He Ruge subconsciously touched his lush hair in the next moment then glanced at the couldn’t-wait-to-jump-on-this-opportunity 8 Legs’ comment on the screen. His eyes landed on 8 Leg’s head. The big and round head was as bright as a light bulb, like the head of an octopus.

If his original form was like this, then 8 Leg’s excitement can indeed be understood.

Ruge: “I’m not sure, but my own hair has become denser. Oh yes, and my ears have also become pointy.”

Worried that his text description wasn’t clear enough, He Ruge sent over a photo of his ears and long hair. 

8 Legs: “These ears……Where have I seen this kind of ear before…… Are you a very good looking person?” 

Ruge: “……En.” 

8 Legs: “Then, you might belong to the Merfolk/Siren race. But, the Merfolk/Siren race haven’t been seen for a long time now. The conditions for Merfolk/Sirens to become adults are very harsh. I’ve never seen any remaining information on the Merfolk/Siren race, so I am unsure of the specificities.”

8 Legs: “But, I do know that for Sirens, one is even better looking than the other. Their average face value could crush any fox spirit. They have pointed ears and long hair……Damn, I really want to run over to see what you look like to personally determine if you are indeed a Siren.” 


Fish people? 


He Ruge looked down at the lines on his ankles. The red and white stripes were indeed similar to the appearance of fish scales, like using paint to outline the edges of fish scales in an artwork, but not yet filling them in with color.

8 Legs: “Also, the first question you asked me. Bloodline patterns do have different colors, but whatever colorations you have on your true form will reflect the colors of your Bloodline pattern. This is also why I said to not casually tell outsiders about your Bloodline pattern. Bloodline patterns are a very private and personal thing, comparable to personal account books. If someone sees your Bloodline pattern and understands the information exposed by them, it is very easy to guess your race.” 

8 Legs: “One’s true form can’t be exposed casually. For example, if there was a rat monster and a cat monster, even if they were equal in pure strength, the cat monster will still easily win. If one of the weak, aquatic races like us goes out randomly, what would they do if they were locked on by a cat or tiger race?” 

The amount of information in those words was a bit heavy, and He Ruge looked at his red and white lines in contemplation.

What kind of fish has both red and white colors, and has the natural skill of luck? 

The answer was practically glaring — 

Isn’t it a koi?! 

8 Legs: “I just scrolled through the chat records. You told me previously that you become lucky every time the Bloodline pattern glows, right?” 

8 Legs: “I’ve thought about it, and I think your true form might be a koi fish.” 

8 Legs: “When can we have a face-to-face meet up.  I want to shake hands with a Koi race to exchange some luck QAQ.”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


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