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SA Chapter 80 (Part 2) – Abstinent Temperament

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Among the people present, only Ren Shuzhi knew that Qin Cheng had slept in Rong Xu’s room last night. She looked at the two people suspiciously, opening her mouth a few times but then finally deciding to keep her mouth shut.

It was better not to interfere with this strange turn of events. Who knows how the relationship between these two became antagonistic[2]. It was still okay for her to offend Rong Xu, but she definitely couldn’t afford to offend Qin Cheng.

Qin Cheng was not like the Film Empress Ren Shuzhi had secretly dealt with a long time ago. After that Empress became a washed up figure, Ren Shuzhi found someone to expose her husband’s scandals to make her lose face[3].

Resultingly, Director Yuan took the lead and made a call to book a room while Rong Xu just looked at Qin Cheng innocently, sporting a grin on his face.


Everyone walked to the hotel together, but no one noticed that a certain man had his lips pursed tightly while walking unhappily beside Rong Xu. The joviality and laughter from the people around them formed a sharp contrast with Qin Cheng’s bleak appearance. It was truly ‘within the brilliant and beautiful spring day, there comes an icy wind howling like winter’.

After arriving at the hotel, Qin Cheng once again tried to petition to room with Rong Xu: “I came over in a hurry, and I seem to have forgotten to bring my wallet.”

The middle-aged Director Yuan looked at Qin Cheng incredulously as he asked in astonishment: “You actually don’t use online banking?”

The 27 year old Qin Cheng: “……”

Rong Xu: “^_^”

Qin Cheng lived on the top floor while Rong Xu was on a middle floor, so the two parted ways in the elevator. The man had frowned his handsome eyebrows, seemingly wanting to say something, but Director Yuan and the other staff were watching in the elevator, so he just took a glance back at the youth before turning to leave.

When Rong Xu returned to his room, he received a text message before he could even take off his jacket.

[Qin Cheng: I will come down to find you.】

Looking at this text message, Rong Xu lay back on the big, soft bed and couldn’t help but raise the corners of his lips: [No need. I really do need to get up early to film tomorrow. The request for leave today had already delayed progress, and we must speed up the shooting process】

It was only after a long time did he receive a simple one-word reply from the man: [Oh……]

It was just one word, but the deep sense of loss was thoroughly presented and directly poured through the phone screen.

The smile on the young man’s lips grew a bit wider. Looking at his phone, he could guess that the man must be staring coldly at his phone screen with an expression of facial paralysis. It might appear like he didn’t really don’t care on the outside, but in reality……

[Rong Xu: Good night, the waterfall from today was very beautiful. 】

Seeing the text message, Qin Cheng was taken aback. After a while, he curved up his thin lips into a smile.

The waterfall was beautiful……

Qin Cheng then calmly pressed the voice record button and gently said into the phone in a low voice: “You are more beautiful.”

When Rong Xu tapped on the recording, a magnetic male voice echoed throughout the quiet room. The voice was soft and deep, like a gentle cello vibrato. Rong Xu’s body trembled slightly, and a flush appeared on his cheeks. He subconsciously flipped the phone over onto the bed and covered it with his hand. Then, Rong Xu got up and went into the bathroom to wash up.

On Qin Cheng’s side, after waiting for a long time, he still didn’t receive a reply. He raised an eyebrow and seemed to have come to an understanding. The youth was very smart, but he was also very shy.

His waist was thin and soft and a refreshing fragrance emitted from his body. When you hugged him tightly from behind, his face would flush from shyness, and his ears would turn red enough to drip blood. It made others want to bite down on his soft earlobes.

He was ten thousand times more beautiful than the waterfall.

Once confessed to, he would be too shy to look at you. If you say it again, he would raise his face and look at you with a calm facade, oblivious to the fact that his eyes were filled with glistening water, beautiful and…… seductive.

That scene reverberated through his mind once again, causing the man’s eyes to become deeper and darker. He pursed his lips tightly. The next moment, his whole body suddenly stiffened and he placed down his phone in a calm manner as he got up without a change in his expression and went into the bathroom…… to take a cold shower.

Qin Cheng’s second day at Xiangshan Film and Television City, and first day of observing the crew of Maze City, ended just like that.

When Director Yuan saw a specific man again in the crew the next day, his mouth hung open in surprise, and it took a while before he accepted this reality, asking: “…… come to observe again?”

Qin Cheng lowered his eyes and said with a serene expression: “The set location has yet to be determined.”

Director Yuan hurriedly said: “Rong Xu can’t go with you today, Qin Cheng, you have to go by yourself. At most, I can send a staff member to accompany you, lest you get lost.”

Upon hearing this, many staff members on the scene pricked up their ears excitedly as each one looked at Director Yuan with the same large words practically written on their face——

Please, let me serve this male god!

However, to their disappointment, Qin Cheng gently shook his head: “No hurry, we can talk about it later this afternoon.”

As a result, the Maze City crew formally ushered in a Film Emperor tier member.

Director Yuan had been in this industry for many years now and maintained a good reputation, but he rarely had the chance to cooperate with big-name Film Emperors and Empresses. Director Yuan preferred to use newcomers, just like for the cast of Maze City, except for Bo Xiwen who was once nominated for Film Emperor, almost all the other actors were newcomers.

Besides Rong Xu, Ren Shuzhi was a singer-turned-actor. She had appeared in TV shows before but Maze City was only the second film she has ever filmed.[1]


Initially, everyone thought that Qin Cheng was only here to take a casual look. But, unexpectedly, his observation lasted for a full three days.

Director Yuan was not worried that Qin Cheng would leak information on Maze City’s current progress. After all, this is the most basic of this industry’s ethics. If they couldn’t even do that, then that actor must not want to continue on in this industry.

It was just that, with Qin Cheng staying here, he kept feeling that something was a little out of place……

This situation didn’t turn better till the third day.

Director Yuan directly decided to regard this man just another ordinary person: Qin Cheng was only here to determine the set location, and it just so happened that he and Qin Cheng were familiar with one another, and Qin Cheng and Rong Xu had also worked together before. The other party had nowhere to go, so he came to hang out with the crew.

When he thought about it this way, everything became inconsequential.

However, as Director Yuan devoted himself to filming the movie, he naturally didn’t notice that a certain man sitting next to him and looking at the monitor was staring at the young man in the screen with an unnatural gaze.

Rong Xu in a suit, Rong Xu in glasses, Rong Xu with a poisonous tongue, yet clever words that just made others admire him…… Qin Cheng had previously experienced Rong Xu’s mature side before. Though he was still quite young, when Rong Xu played Ling Xiao in his 30s and 40s, he didn’t lose out to anyone.

When he narrows his eyes and looks at you seriously, it would appear as though the years had quietly settled upon him. His eyes would no longer be simple and pure, but rather mixed with a depth gained from experiencing the vicissitudes of life.

However, what never changed was that he always looked great.

Qin Cheng had long gotten a good grasp of Maze City’s plot. When he helped Rong Xu analyze the script, he came to understand a majority of it. But, nothing was as shocking as seeing it in person.

The scene they were filming this time was a night time scene.

The case exploded into something big. The city was covered in wind and rain, and there were only three days left of the time limit mandated from the higher ups to close the case. Xue Jiazhe gave Tan Yangxuan a lot of in-depth analysis, and they were getting closer and closer to the answer. However, as the ancestors said, one who traveled a hundred miles was really only halfway to ninety. They came closer to the truth, but also felt that they were getting further and further away from the truth.

With increasing numbers of media exposure on the case, Tan Yangxuan was under a lot of pressure, so he went to the university where Xue Jiazhe taught and listened to his lectures.

Even though it was an evening class, the classroom was still fully crowded by students. A young, handsome professor with high credentials and an icy temperament, even if the other’s tongue was poisonous and every student was terrified of being called on to answer questions, the students would still plead for Professor Xue to attend class every day.

Xue Jiazhe stood at the podium and lectured with an indifferent tone about the Barnum effect to the students below.

“As far as this psychological aspect is concerned, most of the astrology, divination and ancient Chinese fortune-telling can be explained through the Barnum effect. The fortunes derived from the astrological signs can basically be applied to everyone, and more than 90% of them will always be applicable.”

The young professor raised his eyes and a flash of darkness passed through his phoenix eyes as he looked towards the policeman sitting at the back of the classroom.

“But, I hope all of you understand that in this world…… there is no single theory that can explain every little thing or analyze any one person completely.”

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[1]Many hotels have their check-in lobby at the top most floor

[2] Antagonistic: She doesn’t know why RX is being mean to QC right now XD LOL

[3] Recall that Ren Shuzhi had a previously antagonistic relationship with a past Film Empress because RSZ was romantically involved with the Empress’s husband before they married. It wasn’t an affair but the Film Empress didn’t like it and decided to make RSZ’s career difficult

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