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SA Chapter 80 (Part 3) – Abstinent Temperament

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In what was originally a boring theory class, the women sitting in the audience were staring at their professor obsessively. When they heard his declaration, everyone became energetic. Xue Jiazhe’s thin lips slowly curved up and an icy smile bloomed. He was smiling, but it gave people an inexplicable feeling of coldness.

He said softly: “No one knows exactly what the person is like behind the scenes. Astrology cannot discern everyone’s individual essence, and only divides people into twelve categories which, generally speak, is naturally unscientific. In contrast, Huaxia’s fortune-telling includes birth date, face reading, palmistry, in relativity to their personal and ancestral feng shui. If any single method was more likely to hold scientific evidence, Huaxia’s fortune-telling has the greatest possibility. Meanwhile, it is impossible for Constellation readings.” 

Immediately, there were some students who raised their hands: “Teacher! That’s feudal superstition!”

A psychology professor could actually say in class that fortune-telling held a possibility of being accurate? This was simply hitting his PhD in psychology in the face!


However, Xue Jiazhe only raised an eyebrow and looked at the student: “Did I say that it’s definitely accurate?”

The student was taken aback: “Huh?” 

Xue Jiazhe curled his lips and smiled even deeper: “You oppose me and say that I believe in feudal superstitions, yet you, yourself, believe in constellations. You didn’t ride your bike to school today, and were going to walk back to your dormitory. Whenever you were free today, you were always hanging around the girls’ dormitory. You are also planning to hang around there tomorrow.”

That student’s eyes widened: “Teacher, you…how did you know? Can you do fortune-telling?!” 

The audience was in an uproar. 

At the back of the classroom, Tan Yangxuan suddenly laughed. He had been frowning all day, and watching this group of students being played around by Xue Jiazhe, he was finally teased into laughter.

Xue Jiazhe turned his eyes to look at Tan Yangxuan, and said coldly: “The student who came to freeload class, please keep quiet.” 

Tan Yangxuan: “……”

In the end, Xue Jiazhe spent the entire class period talking about the Barnum effect without answering the student’s question. However, the student couldn’t restrain his curiosity and rushed over to ask after class. A crowd of classmates gathered around them, but Xue Jiazhe said indifferently: “I said it before. It’s because you believe in Horoscope readings.”

The student was even more confused. …

What does this have to do with Horoscope readings? ! ! !

Under the high-tech camera, even Rong Xu’s cold eyebrows were filmed very clearly. His temperament made him appear to be a lone individual separate from the crowds and is beyond the scope of this world. He donned a light-colored suit and a pair of stern glasses. He spoke objectively and impartially with thin lips, and his high intellect made others wary of approaching him.

This was the Xue Jiazhe played by Rong Xu.

During Qin Cheng’s three days in the crew, he saw Rong Xu only twice. Rong Xu would change into different suits and costumes daily, but no matter what kind of clothes he wore, he would always button the shirt buttons to the very top, showing only his slender neck. He seldom laughed, but when he did, he only appeared colder and more otherworldly. Only when he was with Tan Yangxuan did he occasionally show a sincere smile.

Such a person seemed gentle and polite on the outside, but was actually the most aloof. 

When the camera captured the close-up scene of Rong Xu raising his eyes and sweeping his gaze towards the camera, Director Yuan slapped his thigh and nodded excitedly: “I knew this since long ago. Rong Xu, this child, has a perfect abstinent temperament. I didn’t choose the wrong person, didn’t choose wrong, Hahaha!”

Yes, from the beginning, Director Yuan invited Rong Xu without consulting anyone else mainly because he reckoned that Rong Xu could play Xue Jiazhe well. 

There was naturally no need to talk about his looks, and there was also no need to consider his popularity. The most important thing was that, looking at the role of Ling Xiao who was gentle and kind, Director Yuan actually perceived a cold and merciless temperament underneath. 


Watching until his excitement boiled over, Director Yuan couldn’t help but day to Qin Cheng next to him: “Is he good-looking or not? Must be good-looking! Do you know what type the young maidens like these days? It’s this kind of ascetic, handsome man!”

Speaking to here, on screen, a clip of Xue Jiazhe and Tan Yangxuan reminiscing about their university life happened to appear. The handsome young man gave a slight smile. A hint of true happiness finally appeared on his tender face. Director Yuan became even more emotional: “I say. Our drama, although the plot is simple, the box office value will definitely not be low, do you believe it?”

From beginning to end, Director Yuan never noticed that he was the only one speaking. 

Qin Cheng was staring at the youth on the set from beginning to end. His eyes traced down from the young man’s thin phoenix eyes to his high nose bridge and pale lips. Because he was drinking with his old classmates, after going for three rounds, Professor Xue finally unbuttoned a shirt button, revealing a sliver of his delicate collarbone.

The man pursed his lips and looked at those delicate, white collarbones intently. He recalled the young man’s faint scent and warm body temperature from when he hugged him. 

At this moment, Director Yuan said with a smile: “I may not be able to shoot a large-scale commercial film like Lao Liu does, but I still know how to attract an audience to watch a movie. The plot itself will attract a male audience. And look, with Rong Xu’s great acting and outstanding looks, it will definitely attract a huge female audience. Such a good-looking yet perverted Professor Xue, Qin Cheng, don’t you think this setting is trendy?” 

Qin Cheng replied in a low voice: “En.” 

This youth will not only attract a female audience, but also a male audience……such as himself. 

In the afternoon, Xu Jin rushed over from the airport and hauled Qin Cheng away from the crew.

Originally, the man was still reluctant. But, his own agent personally came, so he couldn’t continue to shamelessly refuse to leave.

Xu Jin smiled and pushed at his glasses, saying: “I was supposed to arrive yesterday, but there was a storm in B city, and the plane was delayed. I only arrived today. Thank you for taking care of Qin Cheng, Director Yuan. If we have a chance inthe future, let’s have a meal together.”

Director Yuan laughed: “No need to mention it, we really did take care of him. Remember to invite me to a meal in the future.” 

Xu Jin smiled calmly: “Of course, or course.” As he was talking, he simultaneously dragged a certain man out of the crew.

Qin Cheng had wanted to say goodbye to Rong Xu, but Rong Xu, for the sake of attending the Peony Awards the day after tomorrow, had too many scenes to rush through in the span of 2 days. He could only give him a simple goodbye before turning around to rush back into the studio. 

The man furrowed his eyebrows and suddenly reached out to grasp the young man’s hand, directly yanking him into his arms.

The staff members passing by all widened their eyes in surprise. Xu Jin also opened his mouth, watching the scene in shock. As the person directly involved, Rong Xu’s pupils also slightly contracted as he was held by the other man dazedly. Rong Xu heard the other’s low and deep voice ring in his ears: “Then, I’m heading out first, goodbye.”

Rong Xu thought for a while before silently raising his hand to give the other person a gentle hug: “……goodbye.” 

Saying it like this, there was nothing wrong about it, right?

The staff members immediately realized: Oh, after all, God Qin’s grandmother was a foreigner and therefore was relatively more open. Perhaps for him, it was considered normal to give a hug when saying hello and goodbye. 

This time, Qin Cheng really left.

Maze City’s crew was back on track. Without the interruption of “outsiders”, the staff member could finally concentrate wholeheartedly on their work without distraction. For many female staff members, without Qin Cheng, they were indeed more able to concentrate. However, they also felt a sense of loss.

Even Rong Xu’s make-up artist, Sister Wang, said pitifully: “This is my first time meeting God Qin. The real person is so handsome. In the past, I heard others say that God Qin has a cold temper. Although he isn’t a bad person and never throws his weight around, it’s not easy to get close to him. From my first impression, it turned out to be a rumor. God Qin even willingly sat down with us to eat 20-yuan (~$3 USD) box lunches and didn’t complain at all.” 

Rong Xu couldn’t help but smile and reminded: “Sis’ Wang, those box lunches belong to our crew. He didn’t pay a penny for them.” 

Sister Wang stuck out her elbow and explained on behalf of Qin Cheng: “Rong Rong, how can you say that, that’s Qin Cheng!” 

Rong Xu: “……”

However, during mealtime, Sister Wang still deliberately asked the little brother who was in charge of the box lunches to give Rong Xu an extra chicken leg. When he learned of this matter, Rong Xu asked Sister Wang in surprise, and Sister Wang smiled in reply: “You are young and are still growing. Filming is hard. It’s better to eat more.”

On the side, Luo Qian interrupted: “Sister Wang, why didn’t you give more chicken legs to God Qin?”

Sister Wang said as a matter of fact: “Qin Cheng is Qin Cheng, and Rong Rong is Rong Rong. How can they be the same?”

Luo Qian: “…… That makes sense. Even though it’s God Qin, in my heart, Rong Rong is still more important.”

After listening to these two people, Rong Xu didn’t know whether he should feel honored or helpless. 

What he didn’t know was that a certain man who had just arrived in B city was listening to his agent bragging with a calm expression: “Before, I got a glimpse of Rong Xu’s image, say, Qin Cheng, doesn’t it look familiar?”

Qin Cheng raised his eyebrows and looked at his agent: “Familiar?” 

Xu Jin laughed, paused his footsteps, and turned around: “Doesn’t it look like me?” 

Qin Cheng: “……”

Xu Jin analyzed it with a serious face: “See, glasses and a suit. The hair is fixed fashionably with hairspray. Smart, wise, knowledgeable and trustworthy…… isn’t it very similar to me. After having a meal with Director Yuan last year, did he acquire inspiration from me to write the script of Maze City……Hey, Qin Cheng! Wait for me, why are you walking so fast?”

The man glanced back at him and asked: “When did you start raising a horse?”

Xu Jin was taken aback: “Horse? What horse?”

Qin Cheng said lightly: “The one running on your face.” 

After saying that, he walked away without giving his agent time to react.

By the time Qin Cheng had walked tens of meters away, Xu Jin finally reacted and said in anger: “You actually dare say I have a big face (arrogant)?! No, wait, where did you even learn these kinds of words? I only just learned of this phrase from my wife, how could you possibly know it, too?” 

The man ignored Xu Jin. His family’s Rong Rong looks like you? This thick-skin was thicker than the city walls. 

As for where he learned this phrase? 

It was probably the influence of the smart and knowledgeable netizens——

[Qingxiao Yunzhou replied to Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Hahahaha, you actually dare say only you can sleep Rong Rong, and that Rong Rong is yours? Where did the diehard ChengRong cp fan go, where did the one who said they already had a lover but still doled out affection everyday go? Tyrant Deity Orange is shameless, scornful, and has a big face, come and see, everyone ~233333333] 

Two days later, Rong Xu took two days off and flew back to B city from Xiangshan with Luo Qian. 

The silver colored airplane landed steadily at Capital Airport. Luo Zhentao had already been waiting there, and due to the time crunch, the three of them exited directly from the VIP tunnel. As he walked, Luo Zhentao said quickly: “Right now, we’ll go try on outfits and do the styling. Then, we’ll participate in the awards ceremony in the evening. Xiao Xu, it’s a close call this time. You should’ve come back yesterday so that we didn’t have to be in such a hurry.” 

Rong Xu smiled and nodded: “En, the filming schedule was a bit rushed. Next time, I will come back a day earlier.” 

On this day, many celebrities flew over from around the world, and the entirety of Huaxia’s Media was focused on B city. They were awaiting the Peony Awards ceremony scheduled for that evening, the opening banquet for the three major TV drama awards of the year!


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