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SA Chapter 81 (Part 1) – The Peony Awards Commences~!

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Zhong Siyu had flown in from South City to B city yesterday to attend Huaxia’s annual Peony Awards Ceremony. 

Every year, the Peony Awards would randomly select five hundred lucky spectators across the country and invite them to participate as audience members for the entire ceremony. One would be able to see numerous celebrities here; it truly could be described as shining and unparalleled. Being able to participate in such an event and see one’s favorite celebrities was naturally a glorious and joyful occasion. 

Thus, Zhong Siyu was super excited and even arrived (to B city) in advance in order to prepare herself. In the afternoon, she also specially and carefully applied makeup and wore her newly purchased skirt, but it wasn’t just to go see celebrities. 

She came for Rong Xu. 

When the Peony Awards announced the nomination list for that year, Rong Xu’s fan circle boiled over.


As everyone knew, the Peony Awards, Golden Bell Awards and Feitian Awards were the three most important TV drama awards ceremonies in Huaxia. These weren’t ordinary, small awards. Participating in these three awards ceremonies would help participants gain a high degree of exposure, and was a guaranteed no-loss scenario for celebrities. 

Of course, not every nominated star would be there. After all, many things were beyond human control. Just that morning, there was a celebrity who regretted to announce that he couldn’t attend because the British Airlines were under strict regulations the past few days and couldn’t fly in the foggy weather. Thus, he really couldn’t return to the country. 

However, Rong Xu was definitely going.

Rong Xu had only debuted for one year till now, and his qualifications could still be considered relatively low. This was his first nomination and would be the first Awards Ceremony he participated in. Based on all these factors, he should definitely show up. As a matter of fact, he had already arrived. Rong Xu’s National Fan Support Association informed all his fans three days prior: [Rong Rong will definitely attend, and he even took time off from Maze City! 】 

The fans who heard the news became even fanatical. They excitedly went onto Peony Awards’ official website to register, hoping to become a lucky audience winner. 

They could register once with their own ID, and then use their husband’s or boyfriend’s, brothers’ and sisters’, relatives’ and friends’……Anyways, anyone they were familiar with, they would borrow their ID to register. What if they won? Then they could go see Rong Rong! ! !

Similarly, Zhong Siyu had used her boyfriend’s, brother’s and parents’ IDs to sign up, and was lucky enough to be selected. Don’t think that using five IDs was terrifying. Her best friend, who was also a hardcore fan, used least 50 IDs!

That best friend’s husband was a company CEO. To him, his wife wanted to attend the awards ceremony regardless of life or death. Although this usually strict husband felt that his head was being painted a field of green (being cheated on), he still asked everyone in his company to sign up, and If they were selected, to give the opportunity to his wife. If they were selected, they would be compensated 10,000 RMB (~$1,500 USD)!

However, it is a pity that even after all this, her girlfriend did not get selected as a lucky audience participant.

Zhong Siyu was shouldering the heavy responsibility of the entire Rong Xu fan club, as she was the only lucky audience member selected in South City. Therefore, she must take a good look at Rong Rong with her eyes wide open, and then report back to the fan group. There were many mother fans waiting to be fed.

The fortunate audience members were seated before the celebrities. Sitting in the venue, Zhong Siyu stared at the enormous screen. Although her heart was filled with disappointment, since she couldn’t see Rong Rong walking on the red carpet in person, she was still super excited.

At seven o’clock in the evening, the sun gradually set into the west while a crescent moon rose from the east sky. The dim and gray moonlight was offset by the brilliant neon city lights and appeared as if it had lost all color. Near B City’s Grand Auditorium, most of the freeways were blocked, and dozens of high-end luxury cars could be seen slowly crawling along the road, one by one heading towards the red carpet.

The speed wasn’t slow, but it definitely wasn’t fast.

Before long, the first celebrity arrived at the scene. The reception host introduced the celebrity with a smile, and the media reporters by the red carpet took continuous pictures of them. Soon, more and more celebrities followed up; some celebrities came alone and other came with others from their crew.

However, twenty minutes had passed since the walk down the red carpet had begun, but Rong Xu was yet to be seen.

Zhong Siyu pursed her lips. She bowed her head down to face her live broadcast stream to a group of friends, and muttered softly: “Talk to Rong Rong? I can’t even catch a glimpse of Rong Rong’s face, how can I talk to him……” 


As soon as those words were said, a young, glasses wearing girl beside her was taken aback and asked in a timid voice: “Are you…… a Rong Powder?”

Zhong Siyu looked up at her in surprise: “You too?!” 

The young girl chuckled: “Meeting Marshall Huo is a once in a lifetime encounter” 

Zhong Siyu laughed boisterously: “But begging to sleep with Wan Qiyao!” 

The young girl: “Comrade!”

Zhong Siyu said excitedly: “Comrade! This counts as meeting someone from the same organization! In our South City Fan Club, only I was selected, and I only received the news yesterday morning. I didn’t know if other fans would be here, too.”

The young girl grinned: “Other fans? There’s a bunch, let me introduce you!” 

The two lost track of time as they talked, and Zhong Siyu finally got in touch with other Rong fans. They were happily engrossed in discussion about Black Clouds and “Lost Wings” when, suddenly, they heard a shout from the audience: “Ahhhhh! Rong Rong!!!”


In the entire auditorium, at least seventy or eighty young ladies turned their heads around at the same time to look at the big screen.



When the handsome and dazzling young man walked in from the right side of the screen, all the young ladies screamed with excitement. The atmosphere of the entire venue was bustling and upbeat, invigorating music flowed from the stereos non-stop. But, at this time, even the loudness of the music was unable to overwhelm the young ladies’ screams, causing many of the celebrities who had already entered the venue turned their heads in surprise. 

When they saw the light-up signs that the young ladies were holding in their hands, they were taken aback only momentarily before nodding as if it was a matter of course: “So, it turned out to be Rong Xu. That’s normal. It’s not impossible that, out of the five hundred lucky audience members, most would be his fans.”

The reason why the Peony Award invited lucky audience members was not only to incite audience reactions and interactions, but also to let them rouse the atmosphere. If there were only celebrities, directors, and media reporters in the entire venue, it would definitely be difficult to get the place stirred up. The Peony Awards were originally a sort of popularity award for TV dramas and its required professionalism was the lowest among the three major awards. Thus, it naturally put a lot of emphasis on the audience’s opinions.

On the big screen, the crew of Vie for Supremacy was currently walking towards the reception desk. 

Today, Rong Xu was nominated for two awards. Huo Xi from Ambush was nominated for Best Actor, and Wan Qiyao from Vie for Supremacy was nominated for Best Newcomer. Thus, Rong Xu needed to enter the stage with two crews.

Vie for Supremacy was undoubtedly the biggest winner of the night with a whooping 13 nominations and reigning as the Ratings King of the past year, making this drama the star of tonight’s show. The media reporters continuously took pictures with excitement. Their cameras panned across Director Guo Long and the male and female protagonists before finally focusing on Rong Xu, cameras snapping frantically.

He was dressed in a simple and refreshing black suit. His slightly long hair was clipped back with an invisible hairpin on the right side, revealing his tender and handsome face. There is no doubt that this youth was very suited to wear this type of clean and elegant clothing. The black jacket and white shirt complemented each other, giving him an inexplicable elegant and noble temperament, just like a gentleman from the olden times. Serene, gentle and polite. 

Very quickly, the crew of Vie for Supremacy arrived at the reception desk, and everyone picked up their signing pens to sign their names on the signature wall.

Rong Xu stood beside Tang Menglan, and the two swiftly signed their beautiful signatures. Then, everyone watched as Tang Menglan leaned in towards Rong Xu’s ear and said something unknown to others. Then, Rong Xu suddenly curled up his lips and gave a helpless smile.

This smile was captured perfectly by the cameras. The youth’s sparkling eyes were like stars, containing a resplendent light. He smiled softly, but he didn’t know that this smile made the lucky audience members in the venue so excited that they almost overturned the roof and also made the audience in front of the TV so excited that they were speechless.

[AAAAAOOOOOO my little prince! My little Prince Rongrong! ! ! 】 

[This is the first time seeing Rong Rong in such a formal outfit. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful! Rongrong is beautiful in everything, how can he be so beautiful! 】

[AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Why can’t I meet Rongrong, why is he be so beautiful! How can he be this good-looking! Wuwuwuwu, I really want to hug Rong Rong, really want to squeeze his cheeks, I want Rong Rong cry cry cry cry cry, I also want to see Rongrong with my own eyes.】

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