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WDBKFMGB Chapter 36 – Immersive Virtual Reality Game

Happy Lunar New Year, everyone! Year of the Ox.

Lengthy chapter! I wanted to finish the entire chapter before posting since this one has multiple perspective shifts. Enjoy!

Chinese Refreshers: Spicy Chicken = ‘trash’/’trashy’/’bad’. “Scram” = the direct translation would be “Roll”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Writing took a full day and a half. Excluding the time spent eating and sleeping, all other time was spent on writing. After posting twelve new updates, He Ruge fell into a stupor. 

After using the profits he earned from all his manuscripts he wrote during this time to purchase the “Holographic Gaming Helmet”, He Ruge had already made psychological preparations. If this item had no use other than acting as a fancy display item, he would delete this swindling, spicy chicken (trash) game! 


[Yes/No Spend 8888.88 to purchase the “Holographic Game Helmet”? 】 

【Payment successful】

 [The item will be delivered by today, please wait patiently~

Now what? 

He Ruge was slightly at a loss when he saw the successful payment interface. Would there be any changes to the game? Don’t tell me that 8888.88 only bought a game side plot…… 

He closed the game and reopened it. Upon discovering that there were indeed no changes to the game, He Ruge seemed to hear a sharp crackling sound as his own strings of rationality snapped. 

This deceitful game deserving a thousand cuts with the sword! 

Deleted, deleted! 

The hand that moved the mouse pointer trembled slightly, and He Ruge didn’t delete the game in the end. He was practically in tears as he opened the door to Room 104, wanting to feed the little monster. 

Then, He Ruge suddenly discovered that the little monster was no longer a little monster and had grown about one size bigger. The cotton nest that could previously fit him perfectly could now only barely support his butt. 

He Ruge finally remembered that he didn’t log in to the game at all yesterday and missed the timing to inject the genetic solution for the little monster. It was previously mentioned in the experiment’s instructions that the genetic solution could accelerate the growth of the little monster, but this growth was too fast.

In the blink of an eye, the milk bun little white tiger turned into a big, round snowball. He (Little White Tiger) was already up to the knees of his (He Ruge) game character. 

No longer as cute as the smaller version. 

He Ruge, who originally wanted to look at the little monster’s cute appearance, let out a huge sigh. 

He clicked on [Feed] with the mouse, and the nutrient solution was placed one meter away from the little monster. 

The little monster didn’t move. 

He Ruge clicked on [Talk] without much hope. 

Little Monster 

Roar! “Scram”】

He Ruge smoothly scrammed, and then used Secret Observation like before. 

The little monster slowly walked towards the nutrient solution and started to eat. 


[No.20 is eating

[Due to physical pain, he has suddenly stopped] 

[No.20 is slightly anorexic] 

The little monster smashed the other half of the nutrient solution. 


[No. 20 criticizes that the nutrient solution has no taste] 

[He angrily throws away the nutrient solution] 

The little monster turned his body around and stared at the corner of the wall in a daze. After a while, he turned back in surrender and licked the nutrient solution off the ground several times. 


[No. 20 is hungry, in pain, and unhappy] 

[He avoids the broken glass on the ground and starts drinking the nutrient solution

[The more No.20 licks, the more angry he gets, he wants to kill someone] 

He Ruge: “……” 

This broken bear child[1] is strangely pitiful.

Thinking of the [pain nullifier] [2] he had drawn before, He Ruge opened the room (door) and prepared to use it on the little monster. However, as soon as he opened the door, the little monster, who was licking the ground like a little beggar, stiffened and became vicious, roaring at He Ruge in an untrusting manner ——

[Roar “Scram! ! !”】 

He Ruge: “……” 

Fine, I’ll scram. 

He Ruge exited the game with a blank expression, and after three seconds of silence, he suddenly laughed. 


After the little monster killed the staff member, he absorbed some nutrients from the other party’s Zerg wings so that he could make his own Zerg wings slightly more beautiful. 

The little monster treated his previously lost but now regained Zerg wings as a treasure. Although he didn’t understand what happened, such that he even returned to the place where he had been locked up, since his Zerg wings had returned, the little monster was satisfied. 

There was so much food here. Except for not being allowed to eat the person Xi Guican liked, he could eat the rest, finishing each in one bite. When he finished eating, he will become smarter and stronger. He was currently still in the period of malnourished growth and development, starved by Xi Guican. Xi Guican didn’t let him eat anything and even pulled out his Zerg wings. 

As soon as he thought of Xi Guican, the little monster’s teeth would itch with hatred. But, recalling the miserable experience of being taught a lesson in the past, he quietly calmed his anger. 

After the gene altering solution was injected, the little monster was in pain for a day and a half. Originally, he was already overloaded trying to forcefully support his taxed body. The pain from the gene altering solution was simply the final straw that broke the camel’s back. 

Why did he come out at this time? Why was it that every time he came out, he would suffer pain and hardship, but when Xi Guican came out, he could experience happiness. The extreme disparity almost made the little monster want to cry. He actually had to suffer this kind of pain twice. It was the same last time. Xi Guican fell into a deep sleep while he was awakened. He experienced endless days of bone-crushing pain, while Xi Guican didn’t need to do anything and would attain success laying down. 

He hated it.


The hungry and hurting little monster finally waited until lunch. Originally, he had planned to eat the person who delivered the lunch with his meal, but after discovering that the other party was the one with black hair and black eyes, the little monster could only give up his anticipated feast. For large meals, conceding to drink the nutrient solution. 

The nutrient solution still tasted like plain water. Ridiculous. Why did they treat him this way? Don’t think he didn’t know anything when he was asleep. Xi Guican clearly had sweet nutrient solution before. 

With a completely broken mental state, the little monster angrily smashed the nutrient solution 

However, impulse was a devil, and he regretted it as soon as it dropped. The little monster, who’s tummy was rumbling with hunger, turned around and stared at the pool of nutrient solution with an indescribable gaze. 

Unclean and unsanitary, but wouldn’t get sick after eating. 

The little monster lowered his noble head and quickly lapped up several mouthfuls. The more he licked, the more angry he became. Unexpectedly, even he would be reduced to such a point. Later, he would again chop up this bunch of spicy chicken. 


Just as the little monster, who was bloated with anger, was focused on licking, he suddenly heard the sound of the door being pushed open. He raised his head stiffly and locked gazes with a pair of black eyes. 

This person actually…… enters without knocking. 


The other scrammed immediately. 

This person actually…… scrammed without leaving the nutrient solution. 

The little monster almost cried from anger.


He Ruge didn’t write in the afternoon and lay in bed to watch a movie. After eating, he received a package from “Your Exclusive Lover”. 

This delivery speed was quite shocking. 

Such an expensive price was probably all used on this incredible express delivery. He Ruge opened the package calmly and revealed an unremarkable helmet with an instructions manual.

From an observer’s perspective, it didn’t look attractive and was even sold at such an expensive price. 

Spicy chicken game, return my blood and sweat earned money.

He Ruge coldly flipped open the official-looking instructions manual and followed the instructions for operation while carrying a “let’s see what sort of tricks you can scrounge up now” mentality before putting on the helmet. 

Suddenly, the sky turned and ground spun, and his scalp felt like it had been lightly electrified, causing an uncomfortable feeling of dizziness. However, this feeling only lasted briefly. 

A cold mechanical sound then rang through his ears: 

“Welcome to the Virtual Reality (VR) version of “Your Exclusive Lover”. Given that the player does into have prior virtual reality gaming experience, the first day of gaming should not exceed one hour and be kept within two hours on the second day. To reiterate, a normal day of gameplay should best not exceed ten hours in order to prevent confusion between VR and reality.” 

“For the players’ health, this game has a built-in, anti-addiction timing setting. Wishing you happy gaming!”

When He Ruge regained control of his consciousness, the first thing he saw was not the room he was familiar with, but rather a gloomy corridor that was cold and dark and void of human presence. 

He turned around in a daze and saw a number on the room with the closed door, “104”. 

He then lowered his head and saw the nutrient solution he was holding in his hand. It was a test tube-like bottle  The transparent nutrient solution was thick in texture, and the bottle felt icy cold to the touch. 

Even if it was summer, drinking cold three meals a day was definitely not good for the stomach. 

He Ruge thought foolishly. 

He looked down at the nutrient solution and then looked up at room number “104”. 

What happened? Was he dreaming? He Ruge pinched his own thigh and the pain calmed him down. 

The world was already so fantastical, you could even become a monster. A romance game sending you a holographic game helmet was very normal…… Like hell! ! ! 

Had he been under too much pressure recently and was now hallucinating? 

Or did Global Technology suddenly leap forward a huge step while he was unaware and squeezed out a quality virtual reality game? Was he too self-unaware and haven’t seen enough of the world? 

While his head was full of messy thoughts, a floating frame emerged in front of his eyes: 

Daily Task: 0/1 (Dinner)】 

He Ruge subconsciously walked to the door. A blue light on the door shone upon him, and a very light “Di” sounded. The door then opened automatically. 

His heart followed with a jump. 

He Ruge put his hand on the doorknob. He didn’t know when sweat appeared on the palm of his hand, but he held his breath and opened the door. When he entered the room, he smelled a very stuffy scent which was the unique unpleasant odor of a closed, airtight room. 

The room was void of decor except for an iron cage that could potentially fit a pet cat. The metal bars of the iron cage were bright, black and glistening. It looked very expensive. 

A little white tiger, four times the size of a regular pet cat, was sprawled out on the ground. He used the cotton nest as a pillow to support his two front paws. His forlorn and violent blue eyes were like sharp knives staring right at He Ruge. 

He Ruge had never come into contact with a real beast before and the most ferocious animal he’d ever seen was a large dog that looked ferocious but didn’t bite. 

He had never seen such a pair of cold and hostile eyes, which appeared to suck in all the world’s malice. It was the bloodthirsty eyes of a beast who ate people. Without the barrier of a screen, those eyes seemed to have enough presence to shoot out sharp thorns. His heart felt like it was gripped hard by a hand. The feeling of suffocation made his lower abdomen contract and sore, and the skin on the back of his neck tightened subconsciously. 

The stare air in the room seemed to have turned into a rag at this moment, covering He Ruge’s mouth and nose. After three seconds of blankness in his mind, He Ruge used all of his strength to maneuver his noodle-soft legs and walked out of the room strenuously, quickly closing the door behind him. 

When the door snapped shut with a Ka-da, He Ruge pressed his back against the door panel, panting rapidly like a dying fish. He practically slid to the ground feebly as his heart pounded and ached. 

……Too stimulating. 

He Ruge fell into a daze for a long time before he looked at the nutrient solution in his hand again. He thought that this daily task’s difficulty was a bit high. 

Too difficult, it was simply death’s level of difficulty. 

Could he just open the door and slide the nutrient solution through the crack of the door? 


The little monster had been hungry for a long, long time. He waited for dinner to appear. Even if it was the tasteless, disgusting nutrient solution, he still wanted to drink it now. 

While yearning long and hard in his heart, the door was finally pushed open, and the man with black hair and dark eyes walked into the room holding the nutrient solution. 

The little monster glared at the man with some resentment. 

Why didn’t you come earlier, I’m almost flattened from hunger. 

The next second, the other party suddenly closed the door and scrammed. 

Little Monster:”……?!” 

Leave the nutrient solution before scramming, Aaaahhhhhhh you bastard!

The author has something to say: I thought of a small theater: 

A fierce, bad, poisonous, naive and poor little monster: I just came back from committing murder, and I picked up a strand of hair off the corpse for you

He Ruge: ……Thanks

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Bear child: wild temperament

[2]Refer to Chapter 30 link provided below

Chapter 30 Part 2 Pain Nullifier

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