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WDBKFMGB Chapter 35 – Let’s Start Some Trouble

Trigger warnings: Blood, graphic injuries, death (not for any major characters)

TL note: There were many instances of implied context in this chapter, so I included (—) to clarify

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The way the little monster cried also…… made one distressed. He Ruge had never seen Little White Tiger cry. The little monster looked exactly like Little White Tiger, and at this moment it looked like Little White Tiger was crying in front of him. 

Crying so much that He Ruge’s heart softened. 

He Ruge wanted to walk into the room to comfort the little monster, touch his head and feed him candy. However, the little monster was not the Little White Tiger, and walking into the room may be just adding fuel to the fire.

The self-knowledgeable He Ruge exited the game and wrote for a while before opening up the ‘backstage’ page (admin panel) to examine his profits. 

In fact, if he tried to maintain 20,000 words a day…… as long as he closed his eyes and stomped his feet hard, he could still purchase the “holographic gaming helmet”. 

He looked at his current 20,000-character manuscript, and he felt his heart move slightly. 

I must be insane. 

He Ruge pushed at his glasses frames, pained, and asked himself whether the self-inflicted agony would be worth it. In his mind, the little white tiger and the little black house appeared in turns as he considered it carefully. The game’s production was very conscientious, so the props being sold should not be too shady. If it’s expensive, it must be for a reason, and an RMB (paid) player’s experiences must definitely be different. 

If he bought the props, he could potentially let Little White Tiger out. 

As a human being, it isn’t easy to obtain a source of happiness. Since he could obtain full happiness, he shouldn’t just be satisfied with a third of the happiness. 

The hand that opened up the writing program’s Little Black Room trembled slightly as He Ruge entered the number “20,000” into the required character count box and directly clicked confirm before he could hesitate. 


In Room 104, the little monster cried silently for a while in his cotton nest. The tears on his face had yet to dry when he slowly stood up. The action of getting up seemed to be very difficult for him, and all four of his paws were trembling. 

He had suffered a very severe injury. He was supposed to be asleep for a long, long time in his spiritual consciousness, but he was forcibly awakened due to an accident. 

And he even lost one wing. 

The little monster didn’t really want to wake up and take over this body because he hadn’t completely healed yet, and Xi Guican had also told him that he hated him very, very much. 

Just the thought of sharing a body with him made Xi Guican feel sick.

 …….He had indeed done a lot of bad things (in the past), but he really couldn’t help it. 

The little monster was like a child who had caused trouble, as he muttered to himself in his heart: “I didn’t want to come out. I didn’t even come out with wings this time. You, you stop being so mean to me.” 

No one responded to him. 

The little monster plucked up the courage to continue muttering: “I will definitely take care of myself this time. Do you like that black-haired person? Don’t worry, I won’t do anything to hurt him.” 

Without receiving any response, the little monster cautiously said: “Can I take it as you agreed?” 

Then, he turned his head and looked at the beautiful Zerg wings behind him in confusion: “Strange, why do we have wings again? I’ll behave this time, so can you… not break the wings again?” 

His expression became dimmer and dimmer: “When you broke the wings that time, I really, really hurt. You like that black-haired person, I like my wings. You should understand the love I hold for the wings, right?” 

The originally wronged voice suddenly shifted to a strange tone, “If you break my wings again this time, then I will tear that black-haired person in half……”  (*TL: A WILD YANDERE HAS APPEARED??!!)

“However much blood the wings shed, I will make that person bleed just as much.” 

The little monster’s voice then became extremely soft, almost as if he was afraid of disturbing a sleeping individual: “You actually have a weakness, so this time, I don’t need to be afraid of you~” 

The end sound carried a cheerful uptilt. 

The little monster gave a small and innocent smile, but his azure blue eyes contained a maliciousness that refused to melt. 

Although his entire body hurt each time he moved, his joyful mood couldn’t be reined in, and the little monster reluctantly walked to the nutrient solution on the ground, grabbing the solution and downing it. 

Once he tasted it, the little monster smacked his lips strangely. 

This wasn’t right. When he fell asleep, he seemed to have tasted something sweet and strong. Why did it taste like plain water now? 

The emptied nutrient solution bottle was thrown to the ground angrily by the little monster, and it shattered all over the floor. The little monster who had been puffed up angrily saw the broken bottle and actually began to smile. 

Before the smile completely faded, the door of the room opened, and a new staff member walked in with the gene altering solution. The little monster examined the other’s face carefully. 

Not black hair, black eyes. 

Not the one Xi Guican liked. 

In his heart, he couldn’t recognize if he felt regret or relief. Since Xi Guican liked a person, he wanted to do something to them. Would that person’s blood be especially sweet, or meat especially tender? Why would Xi Guican like them? 

Hah, he was most afraid of yet most hated Xi Guican, just like how Xi Guican hated him the most. 

When Xi Guican broke the Zerg wing back then, he felt extremely, extremely pained. It was so painful that he cried for a very long time, yet Xi Guican didn’t shed a single tear. 

Just thinking about it made him unhappy. 

If he killed that person, would Xi Guican also cry? Would he cry until his face was streaming with snot and tears? Would Xi Guican cry and beg him like he (the little monster) cried and begged then? 

Sharp claws popped out and gouged into the ground. Because of this train of thought, the little monster shuddered with excitement, and the little claws strengthened by the power of the Zerg wings left deep scratch marks on the floor

No, he couldn’t do that. Xi Guican would wake up again. 

After the staff member saw the glass fragments on the ground, he glared at the little monster who was increasing his workload and said indignantly: “So, this is the so-called high-quality product? Here I was wondering exactly how perfect it was.” 

The staff felt it was a pity to use the priceless gene medicine in his hands, but according to his instructions, he still injected it into No.20’s body. 

The gene altering solution had extremely high efficacy speed. One injection could shorten the body’s natural development duration by one year. However, the side effect was an overdraft of life force and severe suffering. 


The needle was pierced into his flesh, and the purple gene altering solution was slowly injected into his body. It was cold, like a poisonous snake, slithering all the way from his paws to his shoulders, freezing his body with the iciness. 

The little monster squinted his eyes and stared at the vial of solution. In his mind, he tried hard to stretch out his claws and grab at the shards of memories fluttering about in his chaotic sea of shattered memories. 

He also seemed to have been injected with this medicine many years ago. 

He raised his head and looked left, then looked right. The more he looked, the more familiar this small room became. 

Wasn’t Xi Guican quite rich and powerful? Why did he take him back to this broken little house again? 

Like in his memories, the medicine solution changed from being icy cold to burning hot, and the pain seared into his skin. The little monster, who was already in pain, at this moment was suffering more pain on top of pain. 

A dark red, vertical slit appeared in the expanse of blue pupils, and the little monster who liked to be angry looked straight at the unsuspecting staff member. 

“This person is bullying me.” The little monster whispered in his heart to the sleeping Xi Guican, “I’m scared. In order to protect myself, I must drive him away.” 

“So this isn’t my fault.” The tip of his tongue licked sharp tiger teeth. 

Roar.” The brief tiger howl was filled with suffering. 

The little monster slumped to the ground pretending to be weakened, his limbs trembled convulsively, and his acting was good enough to turn a lie into truth. When the staff squatted down to check on the little monster’s situation and covered the camera (with his body), a dark shade of red appeared in the center of those azure blue eyes, like a drop of blood splashing onto the surface of water. The blood red color spread rapidly. 

Capillaries of red blood entangled the whites of his eyes, making his eyes look the veins on blood agate. 

Upon making contact with these pupils, the staff member’s eyes suddenly lost focus. He moved stiffly like a puppet, as he walked towards the broken glass on the ground in a daze and picked up the glass shards directly with his hands.

*Trigger warning start*

The palm of his hands held onto the sharp fragments tightly, as if he couldn’t feel any sense of pain. When the fragments gouged out wounds and pierced into the bones of his fingers, causing thick blood to drip from his fingertips, the staff still sported a dull and blank expression. 

The little monster rubbed his nose and turned his head away critically. 

The staff member brought away all the broken glass shards with his blood soaked hands and hobbled out of the room. Just as he stepped out of the room’s threshold, his ankle twisted in a strange bend, and his whole person suddenly collapsed. The glass shards in the palms of his hands scattered all across the floor. A triangular shard fell onto the ground upright, aimed directly towards the falling body, and plunged straight into his fragile throat. 

Warm blood gurgled out onto the gray flooring and bloomed a wet, bloody flower. 

From beginning to end, the little monster lay innocently and tenderly in his cotton nest, watching the staff member timidly. He was like a curious and scared cub as he trembled beside the corpse and stretched out his little paw to tentatively pat the other on the back—— 

This was the scenario captured by the cameras. 


Scorpion analyzed coldly: “This accidental death is full of strange areas.” 

“Why did the Zerg wings on his body suddenly shrink? The nutrients of the Zerg wings had been drained clean. Zerg wings, this kind of thing, could even live well if the host itself dies.” 

The Medicine-seeking rat sat on the robotic arm, took a sip of the hot milk tea, and said: “You should look for Zhu Yeqing (Green Bamboo) for this type of matter. I am only responsible for the aspect of Spiritual Mental Consciousness.” 

“Look for him?” Scorpion rolled his eyes, “I personally don’t want a pair of Zerg wings appearing on my body.” 

Taking another sip of hot milk tea, the Medicine-seeking rat let out a contented sigh, “If you are not willing, who can force you.” 

A small wheel emerged from the base of the robotic arm. When the Medicine-seeking rat controlled the robotic arm to leave, he turned around and took another look at the frozen shot of the little white tiger on the monitor screen. 

He said to Scorpion: “Sometimes, I feel like me being alive is a crime on its own.” 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


Gosh……. little monster is uh… something else…..

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