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SA Chapter 82 (Part 2) – [Hidden Title]

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Chapter Title is revealed at the end.

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At this moment, the thunderous music of applause resounded throughout the venue as if it was about to overturn the ceiling. 

On the television, amidst the theme song of Vie for Supremacy, the handsome young man slowly stood up. He didn’t immediately walk onto the stage, but rather took a detour and walked towards the seats of Vie for Supremacy’s crew. He smiled and hugged Director Guo, Tang Menglan, Dong Zheng, Ye Qiao and the others before he turned around and walked onto the stage, receiving the heavy trophy from the elderly artist. 

Bright and dazzling lights all gathered on him. Rong Xu raised his gaze and scanned the audience, and the applause beneath the stage gradually ceased.


Rong Xu didn’t know how much of the applause was sincere and how much was just for decorum, but he knew that the trophy in his hand was indeed real. The fans sitting in the back row waved the light signs frantically. They didn’t dare make noise and disturb Rong Xu’s winning speech. They could only cover their mouths, with tears in their eyes, and wave their arms around vigorously to show support to the person they liked. 

Watching their movements, Rong Xu slowly curled up the corners of his lips and began his first sentence in a low voice: “To be able to participate in the filming of Vie for Supremacy, to be honest, was actually a coincidence. I’m very honored to have had the opportunity to work with such an excellent crew and film such an outstanding work just as I first entered this industry. Thus, I would like to thank Director Guo Long, thank all the staff members of Vie for Supremacy, and thank the viewers who liked Vie for Supremacy.”

A round of applause sounded from the audience. 

“Wan Qiyao is a very wise individual. He admired Xiao Xiang’s character and was willing to assist the young female general. He also wanted to meet his senior brother again and resolve the stubborn conflict between the two over the years. Vie for Supremacy tells of chaotic times where, during those tumultuous years, there appeared many outstanding people, as well as many memorable stories.” 

After a pause, Rong Xu smiled and continued: “I am very grateful to Wan Qiyao. Not only was he the first role I have ever played, but he also gave me a chance to understand just how wonderful acting is[1]. Thank you to every teacher who put in their efforts to create this role, and to Director Guo who helped and supported me on set. Finally, I would also like to say something.” 

The camera immediately panned to a close-up of Rong Xu. On the TV screen, the handsome and elegant youth smiled like a spring breeze, and said gently: “Thank you, my fans.” 

As soon as these words landed, there was a roar of an applause. 

Among the Ambush crew, Director Zheng looked at Rong Xu meaningfully and showed an admiring smile. 

Among the Vie for Supremacy crew, Tang Menglan applauded while whispering to Ye Qiao: “Xiao Xu’s acceptance speech this time is exceptional, but why do I remember that when Xiao Xu was filming, he had almost no NG’s. Did Director Guo really help him?” 

As soon as these words landed, Director Guo, who was to the side, immediately snorted. Tang Menglan and Director Guo had worked together for many years now, so she had also deliberately said it for Director Guo to hear. As soon as she heard Director Guo’s humph, she leaned forward with a nice smile: “Director Guo, tell me, if I win an award, what should I say so that it wouldn’t be worse than Xiao Xu’s? You always provide some guidance for me.” 

Director Guo lifted his eyes: “When you go up, all you need to do is say three phrases — Thank you, Director Guo Long, Thank you, Director Guo Long, Thank you, Director Guo Long.” 

Tang Menglan: “……” 

In the entire venue, the section with the most enthusiastic atmosphere was the exclusive seating area for the lucky audience members. Rong Xu’s fans stood up excitedly and waved the light signs in their hands nonstop. Amidst Vie for Supremacy’s melodious and valiant theme song, they saw the young man wave at them before turning around to descend the stage. 

“AAAAAAHHHHHHHHH Rong Rong! I’ll love you for ten thousand years!!!” 

On the Internet, the fans’ reactions were even more intense than those on the scene. 

[QAQ Rong Rong thanked us! I love him so much, I don’t want to give Rong Rong to His Royal Highness anymore, what to do? 】 

This was a LanYao CP fan. 

[I don’t want to give Rong Rong to God Qin anymore. Rongrong is so good, he belongs to all of us! ! ! 】 

This was a ChengRong CP fan. 

[He’s like this, how can I not be a fan. Such a good person, how I can not love him for my entire life. Stanning him was the best decision I have ever made. Congratulations to my beloved Rong Rong, becoming tonight’s double winner, congratulations! @RongXu】 

This is a pure fan. 

In B City, on the top floor of a certain high-end, luxury apartment. 

Looking at the gentle and elegant smile of the youth on the television screen, the man slowly put down his phone and stared at the beautiful and handsome face. A long time later, Qin Cheng curled up the corners of his lips and sighed softly. 

Always so good, always so gentle. 

This was his Rong Xu, the Rong Xu that belonged to him alone. 

Three minutes later- 

[Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: He belongs to me. 】 [2] (*please read footnote)

There were only four short words. This time, there was no words selling meng or dumb pictures. It seemed to be just an inexplicable string of words, but the fans knew exactly what the other party was talking about with just one look. 

[Although I am a little moved and want to cry, I still must say, Tyrant Orange, Rong Rong is not yours! 】

 [QAQ I also love him much, but he is not yours, humph! 】

 [That’s right, Orange is being shameless again. Rong Rong belongs to all of us~! 】 

These fans only thought that this godly wealthy Fair Maiden was speaking casually, but they didn’t expect that Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing was stating a fact. Not long after, this Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing’s cell phone received a notification—— 

[Rong Xu: Are you really going to make me supper as a congratulatory gift? Then I must consider it well. I want to eat abalone, Bird’s nest, shark fin, do you have? ^_^】 

The corner of his mouth curved slightly, and Qin Cheng calmly replied: [Just want to eat these? 】 

Rong Xu, who was still at the scene of the Peony Awards, was not expecting to receive such a reply. He raised his eyebrows in surprise and replied: [You’ll really make them? Then, besides these, what else can I get to eat? 】 

Three seconds later, Qin Cheng’s reply was immediately sent over. 

[Qin Cheng: Eat me. 】

Rong Xu: “……” 

This message only appeared for two seconds before it was suddenly withdrawn. 

Seeing the withdrawal, Rong Xu: “……” 

Qin Cheng calmly replied: [Sent the wrong message, do you want to eat noodles tonight? 】

 Rong Xu: “……” 

Amidst the flashing camera lights of the media and the loud applause of the audience, this year’s Peony Award ceremony came to a perfect close. 

As the opening act of China’s three major TV drama awards, the Peony Awards this year cast Vie for Supremacy and Ambush as the main focus of attention. Ambush won seven awards including Best Weekly TV Drama Series and Best Director, while Vie for Supremacy won 11 awards including Best Daily Broadcasted TV series, Best Director, Best Actor, Best Actress and Best Newcomer awards. 

Among the winners, the sole double award winner was undoubtedly the focus of all the media reporters. 

As soon as the award ceremony ended, countless reports popped up just like mushrooms after a rain, and were published on all major media outlets. 

“Vying for Supremacy in the Peony Awards, Ambushing one’s aspirations, this year’s new strongest TV drama king appears!” 

“Winning the Best Supporting Actor Award and Best Newcomer Awards, Rong Xu: Thank You, My Fans” 

“Peony Award Double Winner, Huaxia’s New Rising Star of the Future” 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Direct TL: understand that acting is a wonderful thing

[2]I want to clarify that the way it’s written does not imply objective possession, but rather a jealous desire to make something known. The best translation would be “He is mine, not yours qq” but the following sentence specifies “4 words”, so I made it 4 words.

SA Chapter 82 (Part 2) – Qin Cheng: Would You Like to Eat Noodles, or Eat Me?

All aboard!! The bullet train of Qin Cheng’s shamelessness.

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  1. I could see Xi Ze’s shadow in Qin Cheng lol i still yet to read the further translated chaps of King of Classical Music so i have yet to know the ML there, if he is like Xi Ze and Qin Cheng who are whipped for their lover 😂😂😂

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  2. fun thing i wanted to add is that noodles in chinese = 面
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    “ill cook(下) noodles(面) for you to eat”
    OR “ill give you my 下面/stick to eat”


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