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WDBKFMGB Chapter 37 – You Are Quite Tasty

Hi, all! So, I spent the last weeks going through all the previous chapters (of WDBKFMGB) and fixing the issue with the Easter eggs popping up in Reader view and Safari browser. They shooouuuuld no longer show up, but I may not have caught all of them! If you see one, let me know! Thanks!

Also, as a reminder, I am using the term Merfolk as the umbrella term. Sirens fall under this umbrella term. He Ruge is part of the Merfolk, and more specifically, a Siren.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

Before, looking at the little monster through the screen, I didn’t think the little monster was scary, but it was cute. He Ruge tried hard to associate the terrifying and impactful eyes with the word cute. 

However, no matter how heavy his tinted filter was, his heart would start to beat faster whenever he thought of the little monster. 


The daily tasks had yet to be completed, so no matter how afraid he was, he couldn’t let children go hungry. 

He Ruge built up his courage and pushed open the door. But, the door was just barely ajar when he saw a pair of icy cold blue eyes through the small gap! 

A ferocious, round face was hidden under the door frame, and shocked He Ruge to death upon opening.. 

The sudden emergence of Little Monster frightened He Ruge so much that his heart leapt and sped up like a roller coaster, almost jumping into his throat and through his eyes and ears. The monster patterns on his legs started to burn and the patterns on his ankles were especially active, moving around as if they had attained a life of their own. He Ruge’s feet softened and he sat directly onto the ground feebly, supporting himself against the wall. 

The little white tiger was obviously so beautiful, with luxurious, shiny fur and long silver wings on its back, which added a dreamy fairytale-like flavor, just like a cute animal out of a cartoon. 

But, why did he, as soon as he saw the eyes of the little monster, become unable to control his hands and feet and even wanted to flee? 

8 Legs’s previous warnings suddenly appeared in his mind. Rat monsters will naturally be suppressed miserably by Cat monsters. So as a fish, he would exhibit physiological symptoms of fear when he encountered a large cat. 

……No, this was simply too cruel for a koi whose ultimate goal was to raise a cat. 

He Ruge’s two hands were so weak that he didn’t have any strength, and his arms fell weakly by his sides. The nutrient solution that was being held by his right hand ended up hitting the ground hard due to inertia. 


Just like the sound of the little monster’s heart breaking.  

Under the little monster’s incredibly distressed gaze, the nutrient solution bottle shattered from the middle and was completely drained out in one brief second. 

The young man’s tender, white hands were drenched in the nutrient solution. His fingers were thin and long, with a man’s distinct joints, but his skin was as flawless as a merfolk’s. 

Merfolk were water-born creatures who could only display the full extent of their ultimate beauty in water. With the viscous, clear nutrient solution laying on his skin like a light film, the hand could be called a work of art container. This was the so-called crystalline wine glass, “Wine in crystalline wine glasses would become beautiful without compare.” 

The originally colorless and tasteless nutrient solution, on this hand, suddenly added a seductive and enticing fragrance. 

The little monster who was previously burning with anger gazed at it dumbfoundedly. He even forgot to be angry and suddenly remembered the sweet nutrient solution Xi Guican drank when he (little monster) was still asleep. 

It was quite sweet. 

The nutrient solution in front of his eyes…… looked delicious; very sweet. 

The little monster who had a sudden increase in appetite walked up in a bewitched manner. He didn’t care about He Ruge’s scared stiff reaction, but rather slowly lowered his head, and placed his little pink nose close to He Ruge’s wrist, taking a deep breath. 

The fragrance that seeped through the skin pierced into his nose, enticingly misty and humid, sticking to the tip of his heart damply. 

His Adam’s apple rolled slightly, and the little monster tried hard to swallow his saliva. He stretched out his tongue carefully and used the tip of his tongue to lick across that wrist like a dragonfly gently gliding across water. 

So slippery. 

The hand drenched in the nutrient solution trembled, and the viscous, transparent liquid flowed through between the fingers. The originally meager nutrient solution was visibly reduced by another half. 

The little monster who was heartbroken over his food became enraged. He raised his head viciously and glared at the black-haired, dark-eyed man. However, the first thing he was met with was the skin that was as white as cow’s milk. 

The little monster hadn’t seen this person at such a close distance before. 

The skin is very moist and pale and held a hint of pink within the white; it looked like a sweet strawberry-flavored pink, seemingly delicious at first glance.

Perhaps because of fear, his mouth was subconsciously opened and those lips were beyond beautiful, like a piece of candy; maybe with a bit of sucking and licking, you could taste a sweet flavor. 

Those white teeth were also very cute. Unlike his own teeth, which were sharp and pointy, those had no edges and corners and were completely harmless. How would it feel to lick? 

The nose was also adorable, a bit uptilted, and the texture should feel like bouncy. 

He moved his gaze up again and fell upon those watery, black eyes. They were bright and gentle, like black pearls soaked in clear water, giving off a dazzling soft shine. 

There was so much water in these dark eyes. This water, would it taste sweet? I really want to…… lick it. 

This person truly looked so delicious. 


The little monster almost watched till he became silly, and it was his growling stomach that made him regain his sanity. The little monster lowered his head and saw a shallow red mark appear on the snow-white wrist. 

It was a trace made by his licking. 

Such a light lick could leave a tempting mark. 

He felt even hungrier, so hungry he was about to go insane. However, he was not irritable at all at this moment because the person in front of him was so, so delectable. One should always treat good food with extra patience. 

The little monster licked the nutrient solution off He Ruge’s palm, and the barbs on his tongue would scrape against the sensitive palm. Every time it was licked, the hand would tremble uncontrollably, and the nutrient solution would flow better. 

The little monster held down He Ruge’s trembling wrist with his paws and happily began to lick the left hand here and there. By the time the little monster no longer wanted to slowly enjoy the delicious appetizer, but wanted to quickly devour a good meal, the little bit of nutrient solution on He Ruge’s hand was simply not enough to lick. 

The rough tongue scratched against the surface of the palm while the little monster ate with relish, licking along the lines of the palm several times and not leaving a single drop of nutrient solution. After licking the palm, he began to lick the fingers. 

The tip of his tongue rolled across the soft fingertips and slid down the joints, not leaving anywhere unattended to. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

He Ruge’s fingers couldn’t help curling up completely. The wet and warm tongue felt like a snake, and every inch of skin that was licked had a tingling itch. 

The bloodline patterns on his legs became hotter and hotter, making his whole body burn. His body’s response mechanism was desperately urging him to flee, but it was unknown why He Ruge felt enveloped by a strange pressure. The physical fear he felt from encountering his natural predator made him unable to escape. 

He collapsed on the ground, crying without tears and watching as the little monster licked the sticky nutrient solution off his hand. 

This was licking it way too clean, okay? This darn child could wash dishes for a restaurant when he grows up. Wasn’t it just a bottle of nutrient solution? Was it worth putting his (He Ruge’s) fingers in his (Little Monster’s) mouth? 

His fingers could touch the little monster’s canines, so He Ruge didn’t dare to move at all for fear that his fingers would be bitten off by the little monster in the next second. 

The little monster licked more and more thoroughly. When there was no more nutrient solution left to lick, the little monster, who was still not full, was very unhappy. He had only tasted a little bit of sweetness. It wasn’t even enough for an appetizer, let alone the ‘feast’ he had been yearning for in his heart. 

As a result, even this tiny hint of sweetness was now gone. Did they fully intend to starve him to death? 

The fingers in his mouth were soft and slippery, and as delicate as a lollipop. A few licks might make it disappear. Small tiger teeth pressed down on the fingertips, and the little monster whispered in his heart: “Sorry, Xi Guican, I want to hold back. But, but, this person just looks so delicious.” 

“I’ll just take one soft bite.” 

Sharp tiger teeth pierced the fingertips, and blood flowed out of the tiny puncture wound, enticing the little monster’s taste buds in an instant. 

Fragrant and sweet, sweet enough to be devilish. The pervasive sweetness suffused through his five main and six sub internal organs [1] and four limbs, and the feeling of ultimate pleasure groaned through every cell in his body. 

This really is…… too delicious! ! ! 

[Like]: The little monster thinks you are very delicious, favorability 60 

He Ruge: “…” 

This wave of favorability was gifted too cruelly, but, well, being given so much with just one bit was still worth it. 

He Ruge surrendered himself and allowed the little monster lick at the wound. The little monster bite very cleanly, and he could just take it as going to the hospital for a blood draw. 

Yi, being bitten in the game, he wouldn’t have to go to the hospital to get a rabies shot, right? 

Also, he didn’t seem to have washed his hands. Would there be bacteria on his hands? The little monster wouldn’t get a stomach ache after eating, right? 

He Ruge wanted to take his fingers out. But, when he did so, the little monster who was sucking on his fingers immediately raised his head and warned fiercely: “Can’t move!” 

Suddenly being glared at in this manner, He Ruge was so frightened that his legs and arms became soft. This feeling of softness was an automatic physiological response by his body and could’t be controlled at He Ruge’s will. 

These days are now truly impossible to pass. From now on, it won’t be me who breathes on cats, but cats sucking on me[2].

The little person in He Ruge’s heart was already in tears. He looked at the little monster who was working hard at sucking and could see the little monster’s round head, bud-like tiger ears, and shaking tiger whiskers. 

So round, so cute. The desire to cuddle cats can bring about infinite amounts of courage in people. Thus, He Ruge acted like he had consumed a bear’s heart and leopard’s gall, and quietly stretched out his hand towards the little monster. 

Just as (He Ruge’s) fingertips were about to touch the soft fur on his (Little Monster’s) head, the little monster suddenly lifted his eyes and gave He Ruge a fierce glare. This gaze seemed to have a freezing ability, making the hand that He Ruge had stretched out towards (Little Monster’s) head stiffen in the air. 

“Humph.” The little monster snorted, domineeringly blowing his tiger whiskers upwards. He lowered his head in disdain and continued to lick the fingers. 

His previously startled heart slowly dropped back down, and He Ruge slyly continued to attempt to touch his head. The moment he was about to make contact, the little monster fiercely stared at him again. 

After going back and forth three to four times, He Ruge felt like he was playing “One, Two, Three Wooden Man” [3] with the little monster, competing on patience and heart rate. 

The Heavens do not wrong those with a good heart. Maybe it was because the little monster was currently immersed in eating, or perhaps with the comfort of food, he didn’t want to care about He Ruge’s actions, but He Ruge was finally able to touch the little monster’s head! 

It was fluffy and soft. The silky fur was patted back and forth with the palm of his hand. The “king” [4] on his forehead was covered by He Ruge’s palm, as if he had covered the emperor’s crown with his own hands.

Wuu wuu wuu. This inner sense of accomplishment wouldn’t be replicated with just any other cat. 

Was he petting a cat? He was petting the emperor amongst cats. Not only did he touch the other party’s forehead, but he also touched the beautiful “king” pattern on their fur. 

Even though his body was desperately issuing an escape response due to encountering a natural predator, He Ruge still bilt up all his courage to touch the cute little crown. 

The little monster held the finger in his mouth as he glanced at He Ruge, and then continued to ignore He Ruge. 

The experience of the virtual reality game was too awesome. He Ruge was completely won over by the detailed and excellent quality. At this moment, his mind was already outside the scope of life and death. He wasn’t satisfied with simply touching the head. He…… 

Very quietly squeezed a few strands of fur on the “king” pattern on his forehead. Taking advantage of the fact that the little monster was not paying attention, he quickly rubbed his fingers against the fur. The dense, elastic feeling made He Ruge feel as if his soul had been enriched. 

“Roar——!!!” The little monster’s patience finally reached its limit. He fiercely spat out the finger in his mouth and then pounced towards He Ruge like a tiger rushing down the mountain, chaotically throwing himself He Ruge’s hand that was on the ground. 

With a slight devilish uptilt of his mouth, the pointed tiger canines bit down on He Ruge’s hand in one bite—— 


[No. 20 is very angry] 

[He bites you] 

[No. 20 is no longer angry] 

[So fragrant] !


The author has something to say: 

Little White Tiger: The one I love is his soul 

Little monster: What Fart, you obviously like his body as much as I do! 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]“5 main”: liver, heart, spleen, lung, and kidney. “6 sub”: gallbladder, small intestine, stomach, large intestine, bladder, skin

[2]Sucking and breathing in can both be the same word in chinese. Due to the context, I figured it would be weird to have both as “Suck”. “Sucking/breathing on cats” is a popular description of people stuffing their face into a cat’s fur, including actions such as: hugging, kissing, cuddling pets. The closest English equivalent would be “cuddle”

[3] One two three wooden man : equivalent to the games: Red light, Green light/ Statues/ The Stoplight

[4]In chinese mythology, tigers usually have a symbolic fur pattern “王” or “king” on their foreheads.

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