What to Do When I Become a Koi and Fall into the Male God’s Bathtub

WDBKFMGB Chapter 38 – Don’t Want Shots

Trigger warnings: bites & very detailed descriptions of bite wounds, including blood(?)

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The little monster bit He Ruge quite painfully. Although Little White Tiger had also scratched and wounded him before, the game at that time was not an immersive virtual reality, and He Ruge had no real feeling of being bitten. 

The pain inside the virtual reality game was reflected 100%, and He Ruge gritted his teeth to endure the pain. 

He wanted to retract his hand from the little monster’s mouth. However, the little monster bit very tightly, and He Ruge was afraid that if he pulled it out forcibly, the wound would rip even more. Blood wet the corners of the little monster’s mouth, and dark red vertical pupils appeared within his blue eyes due to the feeling of excitement. 

Devilish and violent, and filled densely with malice. 

It was at this time that He Ruge finally realized why this game called him a “little monster”. 

To the Little Monster, blood seemed to hold a strong attraction force. When the little monster was excited, dark red vertical pupils would appear in the blue eyes. 

Apart from these, were there other strange things about the little monster? 

He Ruge tried his best to think random thoughts in order to distract himself and lessen the pain. 

The little monster bit him for more than a minute before finally releasing his mouth reluctantly. The little monster looked at the wound on the back of He Ruge’s hand obsessively.  Because He Ruge’s hands were very white, even a slight bump would leave marks, not to mention the little monster had just bitten it so deeply. 

“You are mine~” The tip of his tongue lapped at the flowing blood. 

He Ruge took a cold, painful breath and pinched his own left wrist with his right hand. 

Two rows of deep teeth marks had pierced through his flesh. Although it wasn’t as horrible to the extent of mauled skin and mangled flesh, it was still bitten till there was blood. This wasn’t the same as cats and dogs biting their owners in play, but rather a desire to hurt. The other party had bitten without holding back. 

However, the little monster still sported an innocent and joyful expression. He was purely happy about the fact that he had “bitten He Ruge”, heartless and uncaring like he was unable to tell the difference between right and wrong. 

He Ruge glanced at the wound and couldn’t help but look away quickly. 

What you don’t see, your heart won’t worry over. It won’t hurt so much if you don’t look at it. 

He Ruge forced himself to ignore the pain from his hands. He remembered that his backpack contained the prop “Universal Medical Spray”, and as soon as he thought of the prop’s name of in his mind, the spray automatically appeared in his arms. 

He Ruge picked up the bottle, aimed it at the wound, and sprayed. The medicinal spray was very effective. Although the pain from the wound didn’t immediately go away, the bleeding almost instantly stopped. 

Ao~ the stink of medicine.” The little monster covered his nose with his paws and took a step back in disgust. 

He Ruge subconsciously wanted to push up the frame of his glasses, but when his finger touched empty space, He Ruge suddenly recalled that he had taken his glasses off a while ago in the game, intending to test whether the presence of the glasses affected the little monster. 

So now, he didn’t wear glasses. 

He Ruge retreated and helplessly squeezed the bridge of his nose. Then, he sighed softly. 

Little monster, ah… really was a bear. Bear children needed to be educated. If children are not educated when they are young, what would they become when they grew up? 

He Ruge put on a straight face and wanted to properly discuss the seriousness of biting people with the little monster. However, when he and the little monster made eye contact, the physiological fear response overwhelmed the momentum He Ruge worked hard to create. 

“You can’t randomly bite people, if you bite my hand, I will hurt.” The reprimanding words were spoken lightly and softly, gentle to the point of being ridiculous (to the situation). 

The little monster stretched out his tongue and licked the blood on the corner of his mouth. He stared at He Ruge’s wound for a while before tilting his head: “But, when others bully me, it hurts me, too. Why are they allowed to randomly bully me?” 

He Ruge was frozen by this question. 

“The weak will be slaughtered at another’s will.” The little monster asked and answered by himself: “I am small and weak, so I am bullied. You are weaker than I, so I bully you.” His tone was calm and firm, as if he was only speaking an undeniable truth. 

Saying such cruel words with a voice that has yet to leave behind its childishness.

“You should leave quickly. If you don’t go, I won’t be able to resist taking a bite out of your throat.” The little monster said very sincerely: “I can’t bear you dying.” 

The little monster was being serious. 

He Ruge could feel the little monster’s serious attitude, so he directly went offline. Logging off the immersive virtual reality game was very convenient. As long the thought of going offline emerged in your mind, you could quickly exit the game. 

When he withdrew from the bizarre game world, He Ruge held the holographic game helmet in his arms for a long time, unable to recover his wits.

He stretched out the left hand that had been bitten inside the game and examined it carefully, but he found no wounds. However, the injury and pain he felt on his left hand while inside the game were extremely realistic. 

His fingers moved slightly, and the soft touch of the little monster seemed to remain on his fingertips. 

Was everything that just happened a dream? 

He Ruge did not use the holographic game helmet again, but rather used the computer to open up “Your Exclusive Lover”. The character he controlled was standing in front of the door of Room “104”. 

He Ruge had always known that the game’s specs were all high quality. When he saw the floor wet with nutrient solution and glass shards, he also recalled the appearance of the little monster licking his hand. 

So, what happened just then really wasn’t a dream?! 

He Ruge looked in shock at the relatively plain helmet in his arms. With 8888.88 RMB (~1368 USD), he’d potentially bought the only holographic gaming helmet in existence in the world. This price was simply a huge sale. 

Perhaps only by becoming a koi spirit could he have had such luck to encounter this mysterious virtual reality game. The impact of this situation was enormous and was comparable to the time when He Ruge discovered he wasn’t human, but rather a monster. From that moment onwards, the Earth was no longer so simple, and he even ended up secretly hiding a holographic virtual reality game behind his back from the entire world. 

He Ruge logged into Penguin and asked 8 Legs: “When a monster encounters their natural enemy, will there be some sort of response? Will the monster’s bloodline pattern exhibit a special reaction? 

8 Legs: “The monster bloodline pattern can induce two types of reactions. Either your legs will become too soft to run, or your legs will run on its own. This is actually a warning system because when a monster successfully overcomes their awakening period, they can choose to hide their own monster patterns. Without the monster pattern’s warning system, there’s a chance you won’t even know you’re in the other monster’s recipe book.” 

8 Legs: “The first time you encounter a natural enemy, the monster pattern will induce a stronger reaction. But, if you encounter them every day, the reaction will become much weaker.” 

Ruge: “……Do monsters eat other monsters?” 

8 Legs: “Just like how humans have good people and bad people, monsters also have good and bad. However, your luck value is so high, the ones you meet will all be good monsters, such as me. Why are you suddenly asking me about this? Could it be that you ran into other monsters?” 

Ruge: “I just suddenly remembered it, so I wanted to ask more. It’s good to have a better understanding about monster patterns.” 


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


He Ruge turned off Penguin, lifted his trouser legs, and carefully examined the monster patterns on his legs. Perhaps it was because the red streaks kept burning up while he was in close contact with the little monster inside the game and caused it to consume a lot of energy, the color was a little dim. 

After he passed the awakening period, what changes would the monster pattern bring to his physical body? Would he pop out a fish tail? 

This also seemed a little useless. 

It’s better to be a tentacled monster with eight hands, able to type at the speed of light. 

As of right now, He Ruge had yet to save his manuscript and tomorrow’s update had yet to be posted. He hadn’t typed a single word, but he mysteriously felt an overwhelming sense of calmness. 

He Ruge once again picked up the holographic game helmet. There was one hour of time allowed for the first day of gaming with the holographic game, so it couldn’t be wasted. He aimed to be a diligent and punctual individual. 

When the helmet was put on, the familiar feeling of dizziness came and dissipated quickly. He once again arrived in front of the door to Room “104”, and a floating ‘task’ dialogue box jumped out in front of him: 

【Daily Task: Inject Gene medication (unfinished)

Holding a small medicine box in his hand, He Ruge opened the medicine box and saw a purple medicine and syringe. The needle of the syringe shone with cold light that easily allowed people to recall the fear of being stabbed on the butt by needles. 

He Ruge fell into an inexplicable silence. 

It seems that the game didn’t specify the injection site, so could he give the little monster a butt injection?

……Forget it, staying alive is a good thing. 

He Ruge, who felt like he was cosplaying a nurse, opened the door and made eye contact with the little monster. 

“Why are you here again?” The little monster had a face of judgement, however his originally drooping tiger ears perked up in an instant, and his blue eyes shone brightly. 

It’s unknown if it was because he had previously experienced getting close to the little monster, or if the little monster’s expression was just too cute at this time, but He Ruge’s legs were not as soft as before. 

He Ruge thought: the little monster must have never liked someone before. Otherwise, he would understand that ‘like’ was one thing that couldn’t be hidden. 

With such a sweet reaction, the bite wound on his hand no longer felt painful. 

When the little monster saw the medicine box in He Ruge’s hand, the expression of disgust and hate on his face became more real. He muttered: “I don’t want shots.” 

He Ruge froze for a second and didn’t know how to respond. If the situation at the moment was that the little monster was ill and needed an injection to get better, then he has a basket full of words that he can use to convince the little monster. 

However, the little monster wasn’t ill. 

In this experiment, the disease-free little monster was still forced to get an injection every day. The pain he endured was ten times, a hundred times, a thousand times more painful than the wound on his hand. 

“But, when others bully me, it hurts me, too. Why are they allowed to randomly bully me?” What the little monster said before echoed in (He Ruge’s) ears. 

Right now, was he…… bullying the little monster? 

Had he been bullying Little White Tiger, Little Rabbit, and all the other experimental subjects in Room B6 before? When the cubs were hurt, his silence was actually neglectfully aiding the abuse. 

When water breaks through a dam, single drops of water will not realize that they were part of the flood. 

If this wasn’t a game, if all of this was real, then what role did he actually play in these experiments? 

He Ruge was shocked. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


qwq I love the way the author applies figurative language, it just makes the context hit you in a whole different way. I also like the way 8Legs skirted the question “do monsters eat other monsters” LOL

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