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WDBKFMGB Chapter 39 (Part 1) – Once you Get on A Tiger’s Back, it’s Difficult to Get Off

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The little monster latched onto He Ruge’s foot and urged impatiently: “Forget it, if you must inject then inject quickly.” 

Although the injection will be painful, each injection will bring greater strength and allow him to become more powerful. Between being weak and being in pain, the little monster would rather choose pain. 

The randomly swinging small paws unintentionally lifted up He Ruge’s trousers, revealing the ankles that were entwined with red streaks. The cream colored skin that contrasted against the ribbons of red painted an almost enchanting beauty. 

A deep and intense red. 

Xi Guican’s favorite colors were white and pallid colors, but the little monster liked red the most. Red like blood, like a plump and juice-filled red strawberry. With one bite, you could taste the flesh of sweet fruit. 

The little monster lowered his head in a mesmerized state and licked the delicate and fragile red patterns.

The wet feeling from his feet awakened He Ruge from his thoughts. 

“You, you can’t randomly lick.” He Ruge sternly stopped the little monster. 

“It’s you who looks too delicious.” The little monster instead blamed He Ruge, “What is that red-ish thing on your feet?” 

Bear children were terrible existences with whom you could not speak reason nor communicate properly with. At this moment, He Ruge finally came to understand the true strength of a bear child. He half squatted helplessly on the ground, facing the pair of lingering blue eyes and said with a bit of pressure: “The red lines are a unique part of my body, you don’t need to care so much about it.” 

Tongue licking his nose, the little monster squinted his eyes and said: “Then, you are also a monster.” 


He Ruge, who was identified as a “monster” by the little monster, said with a headache: “Okay, okay, okay, then I am also a monster. Since we are all monsters, then we must all love each other, no one is allowed to bully another. I won’t give you the shot, you won’t bite me, okay?” 

The act of injecting the little monster with the gene altering solution was inconsistent with He Ruge’s three worldly views (his morals), and there was no one holding a knife to his neck forcing him to do this. Moreover, it was now a VR game, and he no longer had a lack of choice like before. If he really didn’t want to give the little monster an injection, could this game chop him to bits and pieces? 

…… After deliberation, it wasn’t impossible for this pi*s of a game. 

But, no matter how a game is, it couldn’t hurt the ‘him’ in reality. Isn’t playing a game just for entertainment? Playing a game happily and to the heart’s content was the most important thing. 

If, for the sake of completing a so-called “daily task”, he acted against his conscience, then he wasn’t playing a game, but rather was a puppet of the game. 

He Ruge was very serious and determined to take on all the consequences to settle this agreement with the little monster. 

Unexpectedly, he never thought that the little monster would refuse without hesitation in the next second. 

“Not okay.”

He Ruge: “? ? ?”

What was wrong with mutual care and mutual concern between people?

He Ruge felt like he was the brave knight who finally climbed through thorns and spikes and rushed into the dragon’s lair, preparing to rescue the princess who was taken hostage by the dragon. But, who would have thought that the princess would roll their eyes and kiss the dragon right in front of him. 

The little monster replied logically: “With the injection, I can become stronger. If it’s painful, then it’s painful. This kind of pain is only temporary. If I don’t get the injection, it will take an even longer time to become strong, and I have to endure even more pain.”

The main point was “long-term pain is worse than short-term pain”. 

Blue Eye glanced at the gene altering solution with contempt. The little monster at this moment was sporting a demeanor of ‘facing life’s difficulties without fear’. 

He Ruge was dumbfounded as he listened. It actually made a lot of sense, and he couldn’t find any words to rebut it. 

Since you could talk yourself out of your issues so easily[1], then was the initial phrase “I don’t want shots” little monster’s awkward attempt at acting spoiled? This proud tsundere appearance was simply from the exact same mold as Little White Tiger’s. 

What to do when you meet a little kitten that wants to be spoiled? 

Pet, pet once? 

He Ruge lightly stroked the little monster’s proud and contemptuous pie face, the palm of his hand sliding up from the wet nose to the “king” on top of the fluffy forehead. The movements were as soft as a light breeze, and only the fluffed up furs were evidence of the sudden action. 

Blue eyes became large circles in surprise. 

The little monster who finally reacted roared angrily and fiercely: “Not allowed to touch my head!” After roaring, he wanted to bite He Ruge again. 

He Ruge also didn’t know what to think at this moment, but the first thought that appeared in his head was that bear children must not be pampered. 

If the bad habit of biting people was left unchecked since the beginning, then in the future, he won’t be able to be controlled no matter what. Happy, give a bite. Unhappy, give another bite. He Ruge wasn’t a meat bun, and he wasn’t going to become a meat bun. 

He Ruge turned around and took out the universal medical spray and aimed the spray at the little monster. The bitter flavor and medicinal taste sprayed out, not only flying into the little monster’s open mouth, but also into the little monster’s eyes.[2]

The spray was quite spicy to the eyes and the little monster shrank into a ball with a cry, covering his teary eyes with his paws. 

He Ruge took advantage of the fact that the little monster’s had yet to react and quickly lifted the medical box, running out the door like his feet were on fire. When the door closed shut with a bang, He Ruge seemed to hear the little monster roaring angrily with an intent to kill. 

His heart beat, peng peng peng, rapidly, and He Ruge held the medical box as he leaned against the door with unsteady breathing, his expression dazed. 

Just then, he seemed to have done something outrageous. 

Towards that ‘cannot fluff up fur in reverse, can only pet correctly’, little monster, (He Ruge) aimed and sprayed the Universal Medicine Spray. In fact, He Ruge never would have thought the effects of spray would be this big. He just remembered that the little monster didn’t like the smell of the spray, and his brain had yet to react before his body had already acted subconsciously. 

Behind the door came the sound of claws scratching against the door panel in anger, as well as little monster’s almost cracking roar. He Ruge truly had no doubt that if there was no door acting as a barrier, he would’ve been torn to pieces in absolute anger by the little monster. 

He Ruge held the medicine box and tried to reduce his presence. The monster patterns (on his legs) also weren’t working as hard as they did in the beginning. Thus, He Ruge’s legs were only a little soft, and not soft to the extent that he couldn’t move.

Actually, he was the one in the wrong just then and acted first. He clearly knew that the little monster had a bad temper, so he shouldn’t have casually petted. 

The tiger butt can’t be touched, and the tiger head also can’t be touched, ah…… 

The reason why he was able to touch the little monster’s head last time had little to do with the favorability level. It was likely that the little monster was immersed in eating well and didn’t have time to care about him. 

Little monster’s and Little White Tiger’s appearances were exactly the same; it was easy for He Ruge to have the illusion that the little monster can also be touched, just like when he touched Little White Tiger, so he mistakenly thought he could handle the little monster in a similar way. 

This incident could actually be considered his fault. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Original translation: could so easily find a solution to your issues in this way

[2] Take note that it is a “Universal” Medicine Spray, so in theory, it can be used anywhere and is not harmful to the eyes. It might just make the eyes sting a little.

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  1. I wonder is the universal medicine spray has an impact on little yandere’s mental state and might bring the general back? Wonderfully written as always, thank you so much for the chapter!


  2. What if the medicine actually heals both their (monster and general’s) mental state? Could it do that? It’s powerful, but not THAT powerful…
    Thanks for the chapter!


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