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WDBKFMGB Chapter 39 (Part 2) – Once you Get on A Tiger’s Back, it’s Difficult to Get Off

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It was wrong for the little monster to bite people, but he had also touched the little monster’s head and sprayed the little monster with the universal medical spray, which was even worse. 

But, to talk reason with the little monster, the other party would definitely not listen. 

He definitely had to figure out a solution to this issue, otherwise he couldn’t think about touching a tiger for the rest of this lifetime. 

He Ruge brainstormed until he was almost bald, but he still couldn’t come up with a perfect solution. You have to apologize if you did something wrong; acknowledging and making up for one’s sins was the right way. 

How should he apologize? 

The cotton nest that was tucked under two paws and used as a pillow floated into his mind. The little monster had grown much bigger, but the cotton nest had not been replaced. Thus, the little monster could only lie on the cold, hard ground. 

Maybe he could help the little monster replace it with a larger cotton bedding. 


Once an idea was hatched, it must be undertaken. He Ruge went into the Love Mall and purchased a new set of bedding. Initially, he was a little worried that the bedding’s uncertain origins would cause the game’s NPCs to think something was off. However, a line from the description in the Love Mall dispelled He Ruge’s worries: 

“All commodities in this mall are reasonable game existences, and the source of the products will be self-explanatory. May the players please rest assured and purchase without worry.” 

He Ruge held the brand new bedding set and stood in front of the door nervously. He thought back and forth and also bought a piece of fruit candy from the shop before putting his hand on the doorknob. 

Why was it so nerve wracking every time he had to open a door.

He Ruge couldn’t feel a hint of the heartwarming love from the beginning. If being attacked and being cursed out were signs of love, then he must have obtained the little monster’s deep love. Thinking of it like this was pretty good. 

The door opened ajar, and He Ruge, who was already experienced in open door surprise attacks, was not flustered when the little monster charged through. He took a deep breath, and before his brain reacted, his hands already captured the aggressive little monster in the thick lump of bedding. 

The quality of the bedding produced by Love Mall was comparatively better (than the ones originally in the game), and the lump of bedding was able to withstand the little monster’s crazed clawing attacks. Before the little monster could escape the bedding’s restraints, He Ruge sat down directly on the bedding and pinned the struggling little monster underneath. 

No matter how fierce the little monster was at this moment, he could only reach as high as He Ruge’s knees. The advantages of his claws and fangs were restricted by the quilt, and the difference in body size was infinitely enlarged. 

The tiger’s roars were muffled inside the bedding. 

At this moment, the little monster was being overwhelmed by Mount Tai, while He Ruge was also finding it difficult to get off a tiger’s back after mounting it. 

“AAAHHHHHH, I’m going to kill you!!!” The little monster discarded all logical reasoning. 

He Ruge used his entire strength to hold down the chaotically struggling little monster and checked on the little monster’s status. 

No. 20 

[Like]: The little monster thinks you are very delicious, Favorability 60

The favorability level hadn’t increased or decreased. 

Was the little monster’s affections towards him the same as the fondness shown for a reserve food source? 

He Ruge, who seemingly stumbled upon the truth, sighed again. Since the appearance of the little monster, the frequency of He Ruge’s sighs had increased exponentially. 

“Just then, I was in the wrong. I’m sorry.” He Ru Ge spoke in a soft voice, hoping to communicate with the little monster. 

The tiger’s roars were still filled with anger. The little monster refused to accept He Ruge’s apology. 

“Your cotton nest is too small. As compensation, I’m gifting you a set of new bedding.” He Ruge continued: “Do your eyes still hurt? I shouldn’t have sprayed you with the universal medicine spray, nor should I have touched your head casually.” 

Sharp claws tore through the bedding cover, but got tangled in the soft cotton. The claws that could scratch the hard ground were actually rendered useless in soft cotton. 

The little monster’s (mental) state was too bad, making it completely impossible to communicate (properly). 

Even if He Ruge spoke until flowers bloomed from his mouth[1], he wasn’t able to win the little monster’s forgiveness. The little monster had a broken “being generous to oneself and strict to others” character. He could bite He Ruge and act like he did nothing wrong. Yet, after being hurt by He Ruge, it was like he had a heaven defying, unresolvable enmity. 

This kind of character really gave people a headache. 

No heart, no lungs[3], no concept of right or wrong, using one’s own happiness as the criterion for considering everything.

Imagine if he treated the little monster with a patient tone and good temper, how would the little monster have reacted? 

This kind of small broken child won’t listen to simple persuasion, so the disconnect in his character couldn’t be changed. Whenever he wanted to take a bite out of He ruge, he would take a bite of He Ruge, regardless of He Ruge’s consent. 

No. 20 thinks you are delicious. 

Actually, the little monster had never placed or communicated with him on the same level. 

Therefore, he had to be stern in the moment. With such a perfectly timed scenario and setting, when he still had the capacity to teach the little monster a lesson, he must thoroughly give him a disciplinary lesson! 

Be courteous then strict, both soft and hard. If he continuously treated the little monster well, this little broken child would only take it for granted. Then, in the future, won’t he point his nose and face to the sky before ascending to the heavens?[2] 

After He Ruge understood the seriousness of the situation, he steeled his heart and said sternly:  “Yesterday, you bit me twice. Today, I touched your head and sprayed you with medicinal spray. Therefore, we are even.” 

He took out the syringe from the medicine box as he sat on the little monster’s back. He restrained the little monster firmly and then lifted a corner of the bedding, pointing (the syringe) at the little monster’s plump buttocks. Bracing himself and disregarding the little monster’s intense struggles, a shot on the butt descended. 

He Ruge paused and said one word at a time: “You wanted the injection, I gave you the injection. I am a person who has a clear definition of grievances. In my heart, this matter between the two of us has been canceled out.” 

Being injected with the gene altering solution, the little monster twisted and struggled even more as painful whimpering sounded from his mouth. 

“Does it hurt? I know the side effects of the genetic medicine induce extreme pain. You must be furious right now and think that I’m saying just spouting random apathetic words, right?” 

He Ruge lifted the bedding that was covering the little monster’s head, and before the little monster’s eyes could even turn red, he whispered: “I am also in pain.

“My heart is in pain.

“Maybe you don’t understand what it truly means to like someone. Your liking of me is the same like towards to a reserve food source.

“But, if you really like someone, you wouldn’t be able to bear making them uncomfortable.” 

He Ruge placed his own hand beside the little monster’s mouth. His dark-colored eyes drooped slightly, and his raven black eyelashes concealed the complex emotions swirling around in his eyes. His downcast eyes showed a hint of compassionate tenderness. Like this, He Ruge tenderly and lightly said in his uniquely tolerant tone: “Bite, ba.

“However much you hurt, you can bite equivalently.

“But, you must understand one thing. I am willing to be hurt by you, not because I am weak, but because I like you.” 

He Ruge didn’t use the pain nullifier that was in his backpack. It’s not that he chose to never use it, but rather that the timing was not right. The next time he injected the genetic medicine, he would use that rare prop (if necessary). 

There were some pains that need to be remembered

Whether it was his or the little monster’s. 


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]Spoke until flowers bloomed from his mouth: say flowery and beautiful words to placate him

[2]Point his nose and face to the sky before ascending to the heavens: being too proud and arrogant so as to believe he can go against the heavens

[3]No heart, no lungs: refers to being cruel and vicious, even to those close to you, without any hint of remorse. Lacking in emotion

Hi all! I would just like to make a quick PSA. I was notified that my translations were being uploaded into a MTL aggregator site (readers caught it because the stolen translations included my Easter Eggs. MWAHAHAHA //evil cackles) and I would like to clarify that the chapters I translate are NOT machine translated.

I translate each chapter directly from the raws and spend hours upon hours for each post QwQ. I generally use a voice reader app that reads the text to me while I translate it to English. Yes, some parts might sound choppy because the Chinese language tends to use “implied context” and omitted subjects/verbs/adverbs etc. I do try to include the implied context where applicable, as identified by (parentheses). On the bright side! The said MTL site has removed my translations per repeated request, so I am hoping that no further issues arise in the near future.

Thank you all for your continued support! Stay healthy.

Best, SurrealSky

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