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SA Chapter 86 (Part 2) – Rong Xu: Qin Cheng, I Seem to Like You Even More, What Should I Do?

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‘Old man Cao’ referred to the chairman of the Feitian Awards Organizing Committee, Cao Guping. The old man was a well-known director in the industry who already retired[1] in the past ten years, but his reputation within the circle was still very strong. 

He had an apprentice, Guo Long, who was the director for Vie for Supremacy, thus representative of Old Man Cao’s status[2]

Qin Cheng being able to participate in this time’s Feitian Awards was time because of his relationship with Cao Guping. Cao Guping and Qin Cheng met a long time ago at a dinner party and formed a good relationship. Although it was a little troublesome this time, Cao Guping still thought of a method (to get Qin Cheng in), which was granting Qin Cheng the title of an ‘honorary member’. 

And now, the man donned this particular reason and started to generously and grandiosely con others. 


“I watched Legends of Heaven and Earth, a fantastical drama depicting a primitive and pure ancient society, (created with) superb imagination and outstanding expression.”

This was the beginning of the deception. 

The second step continued on: “Sound of the Wind, was an exceptional spy drama filled with complex intertwined plots and a thrilling, unexpected conclusion.” 

The two named crews were both teams that were nominated for the Best Newcomer Award. Hearing Qin Cheng’s comments, they were all very astonished, but when the cameras panned over to them, they all applauded and smiled happily. 

They didn’t believe that Qin Cheng really watched their TV series. After all, every celebrity was busy, how could it be possible for them to watch that many TV series. However, being able to give these evaluations (showed that they did) research in advance, so the award presenter was already giving (them) a lot of face, not to mention that the award-presenter was Qin Cheng. 

Following that, Qin Cheng also commented on another few dramas. Then, he began to talk about Ambush

“The plot of “Ambush” is very simple, but the characters it presents create a spectacular and colorful world. Captivating character personalities and complicated character relationships, this drama is very outstanding and was definitely worth watching.” 

This evaluation was quite simple and seemed to be no different from all the previous ones, but no one noticed that the small smile on Qin Cheng’s lips had become a few degrees deeper, and his eyes had been aimed in the direction of Ambush’s crew from beginning to end. 

Only the individual concerned knew that he was looking at himself. 

In front of the camera, Rong Xu applauded along with the other crew members  as he raised his gaze and responded with a smile. 

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Next up, there were some more common introductions. In the past, if any other award presenter had so much “nonsense” to say and refused to present the award, instead continuously praising the nominees, the audience would become quite dissatisfied. Yet now, the viewer ratings for the Feitian Awards were rising steadily, and the directing group was so happy that they were unable to close their mouths and couldn’t wait for Qin Cheng to say more. 

However, the award still had to be presented. 

Only after a certain man once again praised Ambush in a serious manner did he gently open the envelope.

The area beneath the stage gradually quieted down, and in front of the TV, the viewers also held their breath, waiting for the moment the result was announced. 

The ChengRong CP fans clenched their teeth even harder, clasped their fists, and stared at their TVs without blinking. They repetitively chanted that name in their hearts. If it wasn’t that name, they would go and hit someone! Truly go and beat someone up! ! ! 

Under everyone’s fervent attention, Qin Cheng lifted the microphone with one hand and gave a small smile: “Congratulations…… Rong Xu.” 

In an instant, tense music sounded, and the theme song of Ambush echoed throughout the immense venue. The crew members of Ambush all stood up one by one and embraced Rong Xu, giving their congratulations. The viewers in front of the TV likewise widened their eyes. After a while, they realized that their eyes were also a little moist. 

[#ChengRong# wuu wuu wuu, I really want to cry……] 

【#ChengRong# My ChengRong can actually have such a day! This day! I have no regrets in this life! 】 

【#ChengRong# Someone come, bring Zhen’s [3]royal dog food! This dog food, I will eat, will eat, will eat! Now let God Qin quickly present the award to Rong Rong! Hurry! ! ! 】

#ChengRong# This hashtag once again began brushing furtively across the screen under Rong Xu and Qin Cheng’s respective Weibo main topics. Ordinary fans watching the festivities of those CP fans felt quite helpless, but when they looked up at the TV again, some couldn’t help but nod in agreement: “Really is pleasing to the eyes……” 

On the TV screen, one could see that Rong Xu had already walked onto the stage. 

The light shone upon the two individuals and the screen was locked onto them. This image was truly so beautiful that people couldn’t look away. Everything seemed to return to (the time of) Black Clouds. When Rong Xu stepped onto the stage, Qin Cheng seemingly turned and looked at him tacitly. The two stared at each other firmly before hugging each other gently. 

Many award presenters would often give a congratulatory hug when presenting the award to the winners.

A week ago, the hug that Ye Qiao gave Rong Xu when he presented the award was snipped into a small video by the LanYao CP fans, and its number of views had already exceeded 500,000. Now, a week later, the fans watched Qin Cheng and Rong Xu’s embrace and were already too excited to speak. 

【#ChengRong# I have clear skies above my ChengRong Party! ! ! 】 

The fans were already immensely satisfied with this scene, but they naturally didn’t know that when the man hugged the youth tightly, he lowered his head slightly and his lips touched the small tips of those ears. Rong Xu’s body stiffened as a warm exhalation blew against his ears, making his heart tremble. He heard a low voice that was suppressing a smile, sounding softly: “Congratulations……my Xiao Xu.” 

At this moment, all the voices (in the audience) below the stage became white noise. Rong Xu raised his head subconsciously and saw that the man was looking back at him with lowered eyes, his gaze firm and serious, as if he was looking at the most precious thing in the world. His eyes were as deep as the sea, it’s depths immeasurable. 

His heart beat violently. After a minute, the corner of Rong Xu’s lips curved up, and he said in a low voice: “I suddenly feel like…… something changed.” [4]

Qin Cheng was surprised: “What is it?” 

On the stage, no one knew exactly what the two men were saying. Everything (usually) happened very quickly, the hug and then a few brief words. According to logic, the presenter should be blessing the winner, and the winner would express their gratitude. 

However, in fact– 

Under the dazzling bright lights, the handsome young man smiled gently, like a flower blooming in the spring: “Qin Cheng…… I seem to, like you even more, what should I do?” 

Qin Cheng: “! ! !” 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1] Retired: original “faded into the shadows/background”

[2]Guo Long is an award winning director and is Mr. Cao’s apprentice, thus showing how great Mr. Cao is within the industry

[3]“Zhen” is a term used by emperors to refer to themselves

[4]In the raws, a comma is in the place of the …… to reflect the slight pause. Since it doesn’t apply the same way in English, I chose to substitute it out with …… instead.

Hi all! I would just like to make a quick PSA. Due to a recent situation regarding my translations being posted onto an MTL site (why? I have no clue. Readers caught it because of my Easter eggs MWAHHAHA //evil cackles), I would like to clarify that the chapters I translate are NOT machine translated.

I translate each chapter directly from the raws and spend hours upon hours for each post QwQ. I generally use a voice reader app that reads the text to me while I translate it to English. Yes, some parts might sound choppy because the Chinese language tends to use “implied context” and omit many subjects/verbs/adverbs etc. I do try to include the implied context where applicable, as identified by (parentheses). On the bright side! The said MTL site has removed my translations per repeated request, so I am hoping that no further related issues arise in the near future.

Thank you all for your continued support! Stay healthy.

Best, SurrealSky (๑•w•๑)ノ*:・゚

TL note: OwO just saying…… chapters 87 and 88 have no title. Heh.

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