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SA Chapter 86 (Part 1) – Rong Xu: Qin Cheng, I Seem to Like You Even More, What Should I Do?

Trigger warning: brief figurative language involving ‘atomic bomb’. Paragraph start and end are marked. If you don’t feel comfortable reading it, please skip the isolated section. Section is not necessary for plot understanding.

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During last week’s Peony Awards, in Rong Xu’s private fan forum, Lanyao’s CP fan dominated the entire page. 

During the Feitian Awards a week later, when the entire audience saw that handsome and charismatic man standing on the awards stage, the entire fan forum page actually died for a whole minute! 

All of the ChengRong CP fans were going crazy! ! ! 


Rong Xu was nominated for the Feitian Awards’ Best Newcomer and Qin Cheng was the presenter! What was this? What was going on? Did they not wake up yet? This, this, this, this…… this was simply compelling all palace officials to die together, all must die at the same time! ! ![1]

【Am I dreaming……】

【God Qin! God Qin! God Qin! AAAAAAHHHHHHH ! ! 】

 【QAQ this piece of candy came too sudden. I keep feeling a little uncertain, it’s impossible that there’s gonna be a huge plot twist, right. God Qin came to present the Best Newcomer Award, and Rong Rong was nominated for Best Newcomer. If in the end you tell me that Rong Rong didn’t win the award…… I really will hit someone. When I hit someone, it hurts very, very, very much!】

**Trigger warning start**

If it can be said that LanYao CP’s candy award was equivalent to an ordinary missile, smashing heavily into the fan circle, then this ChengRong CP’s piece of candy was like an atomic bomb, smashing the entire fan circle with a forceful and thunderous ring! 

**Trigger warning end**

Ye Qiao was a first-tier young man who has just grown to popularity in recent years. If it wasn’t for Vie for Supremacy, whether he could’ve risen to first-tier is uncertain. However, Qin Cheng was different. There may be people in Huaxia who didn’t know of Ye Qiao, but for anyone in the world who paid even a little attention to the entertainment circle, it was impossible not to know Qin Cheng! 

Since his debut seven years ago, Qin Cheng has starred in more than a dozen movies and won dozens of trophies. He will have at least one movie every year, and this movie tends to be the box office champion of the year, even if it is not the champion, it will definitely rank in the top ten on the box office charts, and it will get him various nominations. 

Yet, since Qin Cheng’s debut, he had won countless awards but had only ever presented an award once. 

It was at the Berlin Awards Ceremony where he presented the heavy trophy to a French director. It was the Lifetime Honor Award. That director had just finished a film collaboration with Qin Cheng, and it was a huge success. The organizing committee asking him to present the award was definitely understandable. 

But, this was the Feitian Award! 

Huaxia’s Feitian Awards was a TV drama award (ceremony). Qin Cheng had never acted in any TV series before, but he actually came to present this award? ! 

Just as Qin Cheng’s all fans flocked over after hearing the and excitedly turned on the TV, what they saw was a line of small text gradually appear beside Qin Cheng—— 

“Feitian Award Honorary Member: Qin Cheng” 

Fans: “……” 

[Honorary member? ! What is an honorary member? This is the first I’ve ever heard that my family’s God Qin is an honorary member of the Feitian Awards. I kinda can’t help but want to laugh a little, what to do……. Is it possible God Qin had invested in some kind of TV series before and none of us knew about it~]

In just one short minute, the topic #QinChengFeitianAwards# was brushed to third place on the trending search list, followed by the word “EXPLOSIVE” (news). At the same time, countless fans turned on their TVs and made the ratings of the Feitian Awards Ceremony soar, directly breaking 2.0! (Avg viewership rating)

The affairs of the outside had yet to reach the scene of the Feitian Awards. By the time the celebrities below the stage had recovered from their wits, they all hurriedly began to applaud. It’s unknown if it was an illusion, but Rong Xu felt that this applause seemed a bit many degrees more enthusiastic than the ones before. Even looking around, there were several actors who were so stirred that their eyes were red. 

Ye Qiao also sported a surprised appearance, and almost stood up to applaud. 

Seeing Ye Qiao’s behavior, Rong Xu remembered that back when he was filming Vie for Supremacy, the other party seemed to have said it was because of Qin Cheng that he entered the entertainment industry. Then, perhaps in the audience, there were numerous celebrities who really were Qin Cheng fans, and truly had heartfelt excitement. 

Slowly, Rong Xu turned away his gaze and looked towards the man on the stage. 

When anyone was standing on the stage, it was a bit difficult to see the situation below the stage. The lights on the stage were too bright, and at first glance they could only see a patch of darkness below the stage. 

The well-postured and tall man was wearing a seemingly ordinary black suit, without any accessories at all- no tie, no watch, no necklace. He was only wearing a clean suit shirt. Merely loosening a few collar buttons could arouse screams and cheers from the audience in the back. 

Handsome to the extent where others willingly submitted.

Rong Xu knew in his heart that Qin Cheng should not be able to see him clearly, but he inexplicably felt that (Qin Cheng) was looking straight at him. 

There was a slight smile hanging upon that sharp, sculpture-like face, his thin lips slightly hooked. His eyes were as dark as a deep pool, condensed with an abundance of emotions. His 190cm height made it so that he had to bend down a little to speak into the microphone, but his subtle bowing motion made him appear even more elegant and composed, as if he was merely on a leisurely stroll in the courtyard, exuding a sense of indifferent calmness. 

Rong Xu’s stiff body slowly relaxed as he leaned back on his seat. His lips curled up, and he looked towards the stage with a smile. 

He didn’t know how to describe the feeling in his heart, but …… it felt nice. 

Qin Cheng’s deep, mellow, and elegant voice sounded through the speakers: “I am deeply honored to have been invited by Old Man Cao to attend the Feitian Awards today. I also feel a little flustered.” His voice carried a hint of laughter that sounded like a well-aged red wine[2], “I have known Old Man Cao for many years. It’s my first time being on the stage of the Feitian Awards and am already presenting such an award, I am a bit nervous.” 

Qin Cheng’s voice was simply a weapon of deception. When he spoke, you would never imagine that this person actually had facial paralysis in private. His voice was magnetic and deep, bewitching the audience members in front of the TV into blush one by one, unknown if it was due to excitement or shyness. 

Standing in the backstage area of the Feitian Awards, Xu Jin twitched his mouth when he heard Qin Cheng’s words, and he muttered a few words of complaint: “Conning people again.” 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Giving the CP ships no way out. Also similar to saying “I’m ded” when you’ve have reached an epitome of happiness, satisfaction, stress, etc.

[2] Like a well-aged red wine: nice and smooth 😉

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