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WDBKFMGB Chapter 40 (Part 1) – Acknowledge and Correct One’s Mistakes

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The severe stinging pain caused by the ripped wound made He Ruge’s entire body tense up. He forcibly suppressed the pained scream in his throat and he gritted his teeth to hold strong. 

The little monster, this little broken child, really bit down so mercilessly. 

He Ruge suspected that (a chunk) flesh on his hands was about to be bitten off. For a writer like him, his hands were as equally important as his brain. Fortunately, this was just a game, so even if the pain was retained at a rate of 100%, it would not injure his real body. 

He Ruge didn’t have the guts to look at the wound, simply shifting his face to the side and gazing into the void. The wound on his hand was so painful that he practically entered a state of nothingness; not screaming and bawling in front of the child already took the last bit of his willpower. 

At the same time, He Ruge was also considering an issue. He was only bitten and the pain was already this unbearable. Then, what about the little monster? What about all the other experimental subjects in the orphanage? How much pain have these cubs suffered? 

They had experienced so much pain, a long and endless pain. Yet, when the pain finally disappears, it was at the moment of their death. 

What wrongs have these children committed? 


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

The gurgling blood flowed out from the corner of the little monster’s mouth as he stared with bloodshot eyes at the side of He Ruge’s face. When the gaze from the crazed and belligerent eyes slammed into that pair of slightly narrowed dark eyes, he (the little monster) strangely calmed down. 

“If you really like someone, you wouldn’t be able to bear making them uncomfortable.” The (voice’s) tone was gentle and soothing[1]

The air was perfused with the heavily sweet scent of blood. It was an all-pervasive fragrance, an almost sinister sweet fragrance. The delicious blood coated his fur and flowed into his anger-fueled, dry throat, smoothing out his (rage-)constricted esophagus. 

“But, you must understand one thing.” 

The flowing blood was like a bright red fruit bred from a grafting of malice and rooted in the soil of sin. Thin skin and thick flesh, abundant with juice, outstanding in color, and alluring in smell. 

“I am willing to be hurt by you, not because I am weak” 

A steady stream of warm blood poured into his mouth, consequently also warming his entire body. The first place to heat up was his chest. Then, the warmth spread and continued to flow into his long desiccated spiritual sea, gushing into the lethal and unexplored depths of his soul. 

“But because I like you.” 

The original span of desolate soul wasteland actually received a blessing of nectar. An unnamed seed that landed on the malicious soil took root and sprouted, blooming into a field of unknown red flowers across the mountains and plains. 

What was ‘like’? 

The red slowly dissipated and a layer of confusion reappeared in those blue eyes. The little monster slowly opened his mouth. Due to the pain caused by the gene altering solution, it was difficult for him to even open his mouth. 

His line of sight fell on the other party’s bone-deep wound. This was a wound he bit out. The little monster knew that this person’s hand was very pretty before it was injured. 

The young man’s face and lips were both bloodless, no longer as rosy and full as before. 

He’d done something wrong again. 

…… Xi Guican liked this person, so he (the little monster) wasn’t allowed to hurt him. 

The little monster told this to himself as a way of explaining his own abnormal behavior of releasing his bite. It was clear that he had just been holding a ‘won’t relent till death’ determination against the other party. Yet, at this time, the flames of determination to die together were suddenly completely extinguished, and all the negativity in his heart was burned into ashes. 

I won’t bite him because Xi Guican likes him. 

The little monster kept feeling that this explanation was a little off, but he couldn’t understand what exactly was wrong about it. The little monster sat dazedly on the bedding, a sense of pain and confusion intense enough to drown him hit him all at once, and he carefully curled up into a ball as he closed his eyes and said to the person: “You, leave.” 

I don’t want to bite you again. 

Because when I bit you just then, the left side of my chest felt uncomfortable. 

That should have been Xi Guican’s emotions. When Xi Guican ripped out his Zerg wings in the past, his (the little monster’s) pain was also transmitted to Xi Guican. 

He Ruge let out a sigh of relief. He gave the wound a small glance before quickly looking away. Hearing the little monster’s tone of forcibly sending out a guest, He Ruge wasn’t annoyed. In fact, the little monster’s behavior of voluntarily letting go after a while was already beyond He Ruge’s expectations. 

He thought that the little monster, this type of selfish broken child, would not give up unless a piece of flesh was bitten off. If the little monster really did that, would he still be fond of the little monster? 

He Ruge didn’t know. 

In reality, the majority of his current affection towards the little monster was due to his love for the little white tiger. He Ruge felt extremely guilty that he had personally sent the little white tiger into the brainwashing room. Perhaps it was because of those feelings that he was more tolerant towards the little monster. 

Considering that the little monster hated the smell of the spray, He Ruge didn’t immediately use the universal medicine spray. When he was leaving, He Ruge also inquired into the little monster’s status. 


[Like]: The little monster likes you very much, although he, himself, doesn’t know it. Favorability 80.

Such a big gift of goodwill. It was practically bite one, get one favorability. 

He Ruge’s mood was a bit complicated. He slowly closed the door and squatted down to spray his wound and stop the bleeding. The medicine spray given by the medicine-seeking rat worked quite well, and although it couldn’t make a wound heal immediately, it had a strong analgesic effect. He Ruge also spent a little heart in the Love Mall to buy himself a medical-grade bandage. 

Though, he had never used a medical-grade bandage before, so he wrapped it all ugly and bulky. 

He Ruge put the remaining bandage back into the backpack. The backpack’s existence inside the holographic VR game was very special, and as long as he thought of the word “backpack” in his mind, the backpack’s inventory grid would appear in front of him. 

After putting the bandage into the backpack, He Ruge discovered that the fruit candy he’d specially bought for the little monster (previously) had yet to be used. 

And so, he pushed open the door again and gently placed a candy next to the little monster. 

“Strawberry flavor, I don’t know if you’d like it or not.”

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}



  1. Gentle and soothing: Directly translated, the original raws would mean: gentle words said to someone of close relationship, ie: lovers, family, bosom friends, etc. Overall a very caring and sincere tone.

I am going through and editing all the chapters of WDBKFMGB (starting from chapter 9) to fix any poor grammar, mistranslations, broken formatting, etc! I proofread the first WDBKFMGB chapter I translated today…… and gosh…… what a mess it was lolol.

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  1. It’s so cute! LIttle yandere figured out (maybe) that he likes He Ruge! I am interested to know why the general has a split personality, maybe because he had to deal with the pain of the Zerg wings? idk, but thank you so much for the chapter!


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