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WDBKFMGB Chapter 40 (Part 2) – Acknowledge and Correct One’s Mistakes

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He Ruge went offline after delivering the candy, so he didn’t know that the little monster had put the fruit candy into his mouth, gnashing it with his teeth a few times, unskillfully tasting the first ever fruit candy of his life. 

Tears unknowingly started streaming down his face. 

It wasn’t because of pain, nor because of sadness. The little monster lay on the soft bedding, and his body felt like it was being stretched out on all sides by a pair of invisible hands, his bones making teeth-shattering cracking sounds and pain engulfed his entire being. No matter if it was his flesh or bones, his liver or brain, there was no place that wasn’t in pain. 

Tears wet the bedding thoroughly as the little monster said to the sleeping Xi Guican while holding the candy in his mouth: “I’m……” 


“So hateful.” 



After going offline, there was no pain coming from his hand at all. He Ruge looked at his uninjured right hand and let out a sigh of relief from the breath that he had been holding in. 

With a complete pair of hands, he typed more than 500 words for his manuscripts before turning off the computer and going to bed. 

When he woke up the next morning, He Ruge logged into the game and harvested an even bigger…… white tiger. 

When the little monster stood up, his head already reached He Ruge’s waist height, and his entire body length from head to tail was more than two meters. The sleek black stripes on the snow-white fur undulated with his muscle movements as he walked. 

The tiger’s body was fit and beautiful, the Zerg wings on its shoulders shone with clean edges, the sharp tiger claws and pointed teeth were murderous weapons, and the icy blue eyes were filled with a predator’s malice. 

His (He Ruge’s) sense of aversion became heavier. He Ruge had just managed to overcome his instinctual fear of the little monster, but at this moment his legs began to soften again. 

If he clashed with the little monster now, he would be thoroughly beaten[1]

The little monster wouldn’t hold grudges, right? 

He Ruge’s hand which was holding the nutrient solution trembled slightly, and he impelled himself to place the nutrient solution just one meter away from the little monster, not even daring to breathe too deeply. 

The little monster didn’t make a sound. When he realized He Ruge’s nervousness, he instead took a step back and stood in a corner of the wall. His stood silently with his head hung down like a child who knew he did something wrong. Such a large physique still carried a whisper of childishness in its every move. 

Goodness gracious, the little monster would actually feel like he did something wrong! 

He Ruge was even more shocked than when he was bitten by the little monster. He originally thought that educating the little monster would be a protracted battle and would take countless time and energy to pound (the idea of being morally right into) the little monster.

He didn’t expect it to be this effective right from the start. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

The little monster who couldn’t tell right from wrong actually felt like he had done something wrong. This was a huge improvement. He needed to take advantage of this opportunity to thoroughly ingrain this into the little monster’s head and strike while the iron was hot to achieve the greatest effect. 

He Ruge leaned against the wall, forcibly putting on a valiant facade and not allowing his soft legs to expose him. He cleared his throat and said: “You…… are you still in pain now?” 

The preaching words had swirled around in his mouth, but what came out were words of concern. Suddenly growing this big would definitely hurt a lot. 

The little monster silently stared at his own paws (not responding to He Ruge), almost as if waiting for his paws to sprout flowers. 

“Don’t worry about today’s injection. As long as your performance is good, I have a way to relieve the pain.” He Ruge could only talk aloud to himself: “You suddenly became so big, your body has grown up, so your mentality must also mature. You can no longer think of yourself as a child, you must learn to be a little adult.” 

“In the future, you need to learn to control your emotions, do you understand? If you’re unhappy or angry, we must use words to communicate. This is the so-called gentlemen fight with words, not hands……” 

He Ruge stuttered for a moment, and then rejected the idea while looking at the little monster’s mouth[2].

“It’s not gentlemanly to bite. You are already this old now. If you bite me like you did when you were a child, then you’ll never see me again.” 

The little monster remained silent, not even lifting his head. 

“Us mature adults don’t hold grudges[3]. If you are obedient in the future, I will still like you very much.” He Ruge couldn’t continue on. The little monster’s low pressure was strong enough to bring the entire room’s pressure down. He Ruge dryly ended his tirade that wasn’t convincing at all and then supported his hand on the wall as he prepared to leave the room. 

When He Ruge was about to step out of the room, a hoarse voice suddenly came from behind him: “You……” 

“Does your hand still hurt?” 

The voice belonged to a teen in their voice changing period, and though it was less pleasant to hear compared to the milky voice of his childhood, He Ruge felt that it was the most beautiful voice in the world. The concern hidden behind his tone made the corners of He Ruge’s lips rise uncontrollably. 

Perhaps this was the gratification one felt when watching a child grow up.[4] 

He Ruge turned his head around to look at the little monster’s unnatural expression and said: “It hurts.” 

The little monster’s blue eyes were a little at a loss. 

“My hand hurts so much, yet I still came to deliver the nutrient solution to you. Therefore, you are not allowed to bite me again in the future, otherwise I’ll never deliver nutrient solutions to you anymore, got it?” 

The little monster nodded very slowly, and he saw the smile on the corner of the man’s lips grow bigger, as if he was glad to exit the room. 

He left again. 

The little monster picked up the nutrient solution from on the ground. When he recalled that person’s smile, the nutrient solution, which originally had no taste, became a few degrees sweeter in his mouth. 

When this man laughed, it was so nice. 

He now seemed to understand a little why Xi Guican liked this person so much. 

His chest felt both sore and stuffy. 

This emotion had sprouted the moment he saw the bandages, and should be Xi Guican’s emotions. When Xi Guican wakes up, he will definitely come pick a fight. 

Because …… he had bitten that man. 

And bitten till he bled. 

As soon as he thought of this, Xi Guican felt very distressed. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

TL note: Oh, Little monster bby. That’s all you, love.


[1]Direct translation: hanged up and beaten around, meaning “no way to fight back”

[2]血盆: literally: blood basin. It refers to a beast’s maw and the saying originates from ancient rituals of blood letting/blood sacrifices

[3]AHHHAHAHA. YEA, MHHMM. Being an adult means no grudges ewe cuz you deal with them directly cough. I mean…should always be polite >_>

[4]Direct Translation: This must be the pleased feeling of watching one’s family’s child growing up.

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  1. Aww little monster I want to squish! Yo I really hope that He Ruge grows out of/gets used to the tiger shape, because it would suck if he just was scared of tiger and then how would I get my fluff times? XD Thanks for the chapter!

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