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SA Chapter 87 (Part 2)

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After returning home, Rong Xu packed his luggage and prepared for his departure the next day. He took off his suit and put on his usual pajamas, then he removed the light layer of makeup on his face before tidying up a bit around the house. When he had finished all this, it was already eleven o’clock in the evening, but Qin Cheng had yet to return. 

Rong Xu contemplated for a while and chose to sit on the sofa to watch TV. The TV continuously broadcasted content related to the Feitian Awards that night, and no matter which entertainment program it was, one would be able to see the clip of him and Qin Cheng together. 


A little star who just debuted may not be able to adapt to seeing themselves on TV at first. However, Rong Xu watched (the TV programs) without any fluctuations in his expression. After watching for a while, he changed the channel and found a random movie to watch. 

The movie was a trending film showcasing some popular and good-looking newcomers who have never filmed before. It was an ordinary chick flick, some romance here and there with lighthearted comedy. The fact that this movie could achieve a high box office rating meant that it naturally had its merits, and Rong Xu couldn’t help laughing along as he watched. At the conclusion, when the protagonist proposed to the heroine with 9,999 balloons, Rong Xu stared at the TV screen in a serious manner and pressed pause. 

He walked up close to the TV screen and started counting the balloons one by one. After counting about one-tenth of them, he shook his head and sighed: “How is there possibly 9,999…… directors nowadays are too dishonest[1]. Having 2,000 is already good enough.” 

The director who inexplicably got shot : “……” 

Speaking logically, who would really use 9,999 balloons to film a movie! ! ! 

After watching this movie, it was already almost one o’clock in the morning, yet Qin Cheng still hadn’t returned. The slender young man hugged his legs as he curled up completely on the sofa, watching a TV drama quietly. Watching and watching, his eyes became a little dazed, and a few minutes later, only the noise from the TV sounded continuously from the living room. 

When Qin Cheng returned at three in the morning, this was the scene he saw. 

The fair and beautiful youth wore a pair of light-colored pajamas, hugging his knees as he leaned against the sofa fast asleep. He was quietly asleep in a well-behaved manner, his lightly fluttering eyelashes cast a faint shadow upon his long, closed eyes, his lips were pink, his skin was fair, and the warm yellow light cast upon him made it so that others couldn’t help but hold their breaths, afraid to disturb this beautiful picture. 

Rong Xu’s face was very suitable for makeup. He had a tall nose bridge and a small nose, large eyes and three-dimensional features. He was suited for any style of makeup, but when he didn’t have any on, he appeared quiet and obedient, reflecting his age. 

With gentle hands and feet, Qin Cheng took off his coat. He walked to the sofa and subconsciously wanted to reach out, pick up the youth, and bring him into the bedroom. However, as soon as his hand touched Rong Xu’s pajamas, he suddenly stopped. 

As if he were recalling something, the man’s eyes darkened. He fell silent for a moment. Then, acting like he was super experienced, he unhesitantly leaned down and prepared to plant a kiss on those soft-looking lips. 

But, just as the two lips were about to touch each other! 

Rong Xu abruptly opened his eyes and gazed at Qin Cheng in surprise. 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

Rong Xu: “……” 

At such a close distance, the two people’s breaths blew onto each other’s face, both warm and numbing. 

After staring for a long time, Rong Xu finally coughed awkwardly, and said: “…… I was already awakened the moment you walked through the door. I was just too sleepy and didn’t say anything.” 

Yes, when Qin Cheng opened the door, Rong Xu was actually already awake. But many times, although awakened, most people wouldn’t want to move. Their eyelids would be too tired and heavy, and they wouldn’t even have much strength to speak. If it weren’t for Rong Xu’s sudden sense that something was wrong, he’s afraid Qin Cheng would’ve kidnapped him into the bedroom. 

But now…… 

Qin Cheng was silent for a while before finally whispered: “I’ll carry you to the bedroom.” 

As soon as his words fell, the man stretched out his hand, planning to carry the youth. But, just as he touched Rong Xu’s arm, his waist was suddenly pulled forward. Qin Cheng opened his eyes in surprise, but the next moment, a scorching hot temperature suddenly pressed against his lips! 

His phoenix eyes gradually widened. Qin Cheng’s body still carried a faint smell of wine and perfume from when a bunch of actresses inexplicably brushed against him during the dinner party. But now, there was only the youth’s fresh and fruity scent lingering in his nose. 

……He used fruit flavored toothpaste? 

This sentence flashed across his mind. 

In the next second, Qin Cheng’s eyes darkened, and he suddenly turned over and pressed the younger man under him, holding Rong Xu’s right hand while pressing him onto the sofa. 

Those lips were as soft as the man had imagined them to be, and merely a simple, static kiss was enough to cause his body temperature to rise. A flexible tongue hurriedly pried open the gap between his teeth. Rong Xu was startled, and he widened his eyes in surprise as he looked at Qin Cheng. However, the tip of that red wine-scented tongue had already penetrated deep into his mouth, desperately grasping at the sweet, sweet fluid. 

En, Qin Cheng…” 

Whispy and fragmented noises sounded throughout the quiet living room. The man’s hands held down the youth’s hands as the temperature (between them) gradually rose, and an ambiguous and sensual atmosphere slowly diffused through the room.

Gradually, Rong Xu also closed his eyes and immersed himself in this kiss. In his previous life, he had suffered a fatal plane crash before he could experience falling in love. 

He had indeed filmed kiss scenes before, but they were mostly either body doubles or simply a peck on the lips[2]. In the past, he didn’t understand why he never held an interest towards those beautiful actresses before, and merely thought he was born with a cold temperament. But now, feeling the heat slowly rising up from his lower body, Rong Xu breathed out soft, alluring moans and responded enthusiastically. 

But no matter how he responded, it was still a bit awkward. The man bit the reddened lips, the tip of his tongue sweeping across every inch of the youth’s mouth, sucking and licking, almost kissing Rong Xu until his scalp tingled. The numb and tingling pleasure was transmitted to his brain, and he could only respond unconsciously. 

When the kiss ended, the youth’s lips were already red and swollen, and a film of water misted across his clear eyes, making them shine. Rong Xu gasped roughly, and there was also a faint layer of moisture on his lips. He knew that he was gasping (for breath), but he didn’t know just how seductive his appearance was in the eyes of the other man. 

Qin Cheng’s eyes grew a few degrees darker and he pursed his lips slightly. In the next moment, he couldn’t resist planting another kiss. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]The raws had it written as “城市”, meaning “city”, which has the same chinese pin yin as 诚实, meaning “honest”. It should be a typo in the raws

[2]“Peck on the lips” Direct Translation: a sample taste

TL corner: If it were me, I’d title this chapter “Fruit Flavored Toothpaste” owo

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