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SA Chapter 88 (Part 1)

Thank you, Angeee, for your lovely Kofi donation! We reached the goal for Koi and also the next bonus release goal for SA, so I rushed through this entire chapter to post it all together. This chapter was over 7k characters long and is ~ 2.5x the average chapter length QAQ. A bonus for Koi will also be posted later.

There will be 3 to 4 releases spread out within the next two days (mainly because I’m still in the process of editing my abominable typos lol)

**Spicy chapter but not NSFW. At most PG-13**

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Boiling hot breaths drifted beside Rong Xu’s nose. He tried hard to return the kiss from the man who was currently on top of him, but he was kissed by the other until he was dazed and his vision blurred, unable to breathe properly. He could only let out occasional moans from his throat. 

The entire world was washed away by the other. His lips were numb with heat, and a faint sense of pleasure rushed through Rong Xu’s mind, making him dizzy. If the first kiss was counted as a dragonfly gently landing on water, then the second kiss was definitely the advent of a violent storm. Qin Cheng frantically plundered everything belonging to the younger man, clasping their fingers tightly, as if seeking to envelope the other person into his body. 

The beautiful and ambiguous atmosphere gradually diffused through the spacious living room. Rong Xu clearly didn’t drink (at the party), but he also felt he was a little drunk. Perhaps it was the faint smell of red wine from Qin Cheng’s mouth that made him drunk, and when the kiss was over, he could only look at the man on top of him blearily with squinted eyes. 

Those shining eyes were brighter than the hot sun. 

Two touches of rose pink colored the youth’s cheeks. His mouth was slightly open as he panted lightly for breath. It was an act of pure and simple seduction. 

Qin Cheng’s hands clasped Rong Xu’s hands tightly. He looked deeply at the young man below him, and his fingers gradually tightened. His lips were also pursed. After a while, he finally spoke with a hoarse and sexy voice: “Xiao Xu……” 

This voice was simply a temptatious poison pill. Rong Xu raised his eyes and looked at Qin Cheng innocently, as if he didn’t understand what the other party was saying. But, his body temperature gradually rose while staring into the man’s deep eyes; the two panted for breath together, and no one spoke. 

Qin Cheng’s gaze slowly slid down from the young man’s slender phoenix eyes, onto his moistened lips, onto his protruding and tender collarbones, and then further down, past the beautiful waistline hidden behind the pajamas, and past those straight and slender legs. 

With his handsome brows furrowed, Qin Cheng closed his eyes, and after a duration, he asked softly: “Can I kiss you…… Xiao Xu?” 

In response, Rong Xu lifted his body and planted a soft kiss. 

Under the warm and soft yellow light, the handsome youth curled up the corner of his lips, revealing a pure and gentle smile. 

This was his answer. 


This kiss made Qin Cheng suddenly freeze. He looked at the person smiling up at him, and countless emotions flashed across his eyes. Finally, he sighed softly, leaned down, and pecked another kiss on those soft, tender lips. 

The kiss was very gentle, gentle enough to make both of them slightly intoxicated, but without the feeling of violent plundering (from before). Qin Cheng kissed his beloved reverently, tenderly kissing his soft lips, tasting the fragrance of fruity sweetness. 

The restlessness gradually subsided with time, and Rong Xu seemed to have noticed something else, too. Qin Cheng had released his hands and turned to hugging his waist. He also raised his arms to embrace the other man. The sofa wasn’t big, and it was crowded to accommodate two men, but the two were tightly pressed together, their eyes closed as they kissed each other with their whole heart.

A while later, Qin Cheng got up from the sofa, picked up Rong Xu sideways (in a princess carry), and carried him into his (Rong Xu’s) bedroom. Originally, Rong Xu wanted to get down and walk on his own, but the man frowned and said: “I thought you would’ve already gone to sleep after hearing back from me1. I didn’t expect you to be waiting for me.” 

Rong Xu was briefly taken aback, only now realizing that his cellphone had long since run out of power, and Qin Cheng had probably sent a few text messages earlier on. 

Qin Cheng carefully lay Rong Xu on the bed and tucked him in. As he was leaving, his right hand was suddenly grasped as he turned his body around. Qin Cheng turned his head back in surprise and saw Rong Xu smiling slightly on the bed as he asked in a whisper: “So, the last time you suddenly sat down on the coffee table was because you wanted to secretly steal a kiss…… did you want to kiss me?” 

Qin Cheng: “!!!” 

The tips of his ears reddened immediately at a speed visible to the naked eye and Qin Cheng said sternly: “No, didn’t.” 

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow lightly and faintly smiled: “Hmm, I seemed to recall it was because …… you needed to get something, so you sat down?” 

Qin Cheng nodded calmly: “En.” 

In the next moment, he saw the young man burst out in laughter: “Hmm, I remembered wrong. You said last time that you were sitting down to play on your cell phone.” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

The smile hanging on Rong Xu’s lips became a few degrees deeper, and his charming eyes were curved into a beautiful crescent shape filled with thousands of hidden stars, dazzling and sparkling. He laughed faintly, not in a mocking way, but from thinking that this man was particularly cute. However, he himself naturally didn’t notice that, simultaneously, Qin Cheng’s gaze on him was growing deeper and deeper. 

Suddenly, the youth’s laughter abruptly stopped. The older man had calmly planted a kiss on those lips, successfully stopping the youth. 

Qin Cheng, who sported a calm expression but red ears: “Good night.” 

Rong Xu, who silently pulled up the bedding and only revealed a pair of eyes: “……Good night.” 

The door was closed with a click, and Qin Cheng turned off the light conveniently as he exited. Rong Xu also slowly pulled down his bedding, revealing his pink tinted cheeks. He looked at the ceiling with wide open eyes.

He had to catch a flight early the next morning, but Rong Xu didn’t fall sleep. He gazed at the ceiling quietly and watched as the bustling city lights faintly illuminated the room through the windows. 

A while later, Rong Xu curled up the corner of his lips helplessly and lightly shook his head. He then picked up his phone and started searching — 

[Why does falling in love lower one’s IQ?] 2 

More than 100,000 related answers appeared from the search. The first result appeared to be the best answer. It said that when the nervous system of an individual in a relationship is extremely excited, it may cause parts of the nervous system to temporarily stop functioning correctly. 

Rong Xu nodded solemnly and whispered: “En, no wonder……” 

After reading through this answer, Rong Xu finally regained a bit of his confidence in his IQ. He put down his phone, closed his eyes and went to sleep. But, his red and swollen lips and the warmth lingering on his lips made him gradually wrinkle his brows.

     5 minutes later……

     10 minutes later……

     30 minutes later……

     Rong Xu silently turned over and shook his head, not knowing whether to laugh or cry. He picked up his phone again, charging it while flipping through the news.

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


[1]Direct translation: gone to bed once hearing the news

[2]Direct translation: Why do people who fall in love have lower IQ

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