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SA Chapter 88 (Part 2)

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After the Feitian Awards ended, the media reports were no less than that of the Peony Awards. This time, however, the most eye-catching news wasn’t the TV Emperor or TV Empress, nor the success of Vie for Supremacy, but rather Qin Cheng. Qin Cheng had gone to be an award presenter at the Feitian Awards. This was definitely big news. According to the news reports, after Qin Cheng’s appearance, the Feitian Award’s viewer ratings directly shot past 2, and by the end, even broke 3!

Since the beginning of that year, TV shows that broke 2 were rare, and even Ambush only broke it once or twice from beginning to end. Whereas, the Feitian Awards, being an awards ceremony, had actually attracted this much attention. There was absolutely no doubt who the hero (in this scenario) was.

     All the major media outlets were reporting on Qin Cheng and the recipient of his award, Rong Xu. 


Most websites’ front page headlines were photos of Qin Cheng presenting the award to Rong Xu, and most photos captured the moment they hugged.

This image was everywhere, blanketing the entire internet. Let alone news sites, when Rong Xu opened up his private fan forum, he found that the fans were using that photo to brush posts (after posts)!

     [ChengRong ChengRong ChengRong! Love ChengRong for ten thousand years! ! ! 】

     [Those who have the ability, kneeling and begging experts for fan fics[1] and drawings, Kowtowing! 】

     [God Qin presented the award for my Rong. QAQ moved to tears! Look at my Rong, smiling so happily, even his eyes are smiling! This is a joy sprouted from the heart!】

     Rong Xu observed the image and silently touched his eyes, subconsciously thinking: …… were his past smiles all unhappy??

But, what this fan said wasn’t incorrect. When Rong Xu saw Qin Cheng appear on the Feitian Award’s stage, he was surprised at first, and then his emotions turned into indescribable joy. He naturally knew the reason for Qin Cheng’s appearance; there was no need to ask about this kind of thing. His lover wanted to personally give him an award, and when the two of them embraced in front of the whole world’s attention, the sweetness and joy he felt couldn’t be described in mere words.

     This was the person he liked, and the world was their witness.

     After browsing the forum for a while, Rong Xu opened Weibo.

     Immediately after he received the award, he posted a selfie with the trophy on his Weibo. That Weibo post had already gained more than one million repost comments and more than three million likes. Tang Menglan, Dong Zheng, Yu Siyu and many others had forwarded and supported one after another, and the fans likewise replied one by one.

     The entire area below the Weibo post was filled with blessings from the fans. Looking at their words, Rong Xu felt a hint of warmth blossom in his heart.

However, Rong Xu discovered that his fans count had suddenly increased by 500,000!

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

     Today, Rong Xu already had more than 20 million Weibo followers. This number of fans, for a newcomer, could be regarded as middle to upper tier. After all, the time since his debut was still short, less than a year. The fact that he could grow by 20 million fans in one year was definitely an outstanding result.

     Opening up Weibo’s data statistics, Rong Xu found that these fans were almost all made up of Qin Cheng’s fans. After some consideration, Rong Xu understood. Back when he worked with Qin Cheng on Black Clouds, they had attracted many of each other’s fans, and with the conclusion of that night’s awards ceremony, he was afraid many fans would be able to guess that his and Qin Cheng’s relationship was … very good.

Therefore, it was completely reasonable for Qin Cheng’s fans to follow him.

     Without thinking too much, Rong Xu swiped through his friends circle one last time before preparing to turn off his phone and go to sleep when he suddenly saw a certain Weibo post.

     【Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: Baby’s first kiss ( w ) [2] He must be responsible for baby! 】

     Rong Xu: “……”

Most of Rong Xu’s fans were discussing the Feitian Awards and Qin Cheng tonight. Thus, few fans noticed this wealthy fair maiden leader fan’s Weibo post, and only a few fans responded by teasing her. But, after all, this godly tyrant was simply too cute, and there are still some tens of fans who replied back.

     [Hahahaha, Orange is starting to sell meng again~]

     [Yi, was I the only one to realize, it turns out that Orange tyrant only gifted her first kiss today? How pure and innocent! Don’t you dare tell me that Orange tyrant isn’t an adult yet, I won’t believe it! 】

The millionaire rich tyrant persona had long since collapsed and vanished without a trace. Rong Xu looked at these fans’ replies and really wanted to give each of their comments a thumbs up to show his agreement. However, he could only suppress his impulses because he knew he absolutely couldn’t do so.

     Who knew that just as Rong Xu was being indecisive about whether to register a side account to give this high potential[3] godly wealthy fair maiden a thumbs up and also use it to browse his desired content in the future, he suddenly saw this Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing post another one…… three in a row!

     【Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #ChengRong# Strongly Recommend ChengRong! ChengRong is the Kingly Way! ChengRong is the Divine Way! ! ! 】

     [Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #ChengRong# @QinCheng even went to present awards to @RongXu, If this isn’t true love, then what is?! This is true love! 】

【Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing: #ChengRong# RongRong is so beautiful. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, kiss kiss =3=]

Rong Xu: “……” This last Weibo post seems to have nothing to do with “ChengRong”, right? Why did they confess to him now and still tag Chengrong?

     He felt both amused and helpless in his heart as Rong Xu casually scrolled through this fan’s Weibo.

     He had been extremely busy this past half month and almost forgot about this particular fan. Now that he looked at it again, he found that the other party was once again checking in three meals a day to confess their love. However, recently, this Lotus Seed Paste and Orange Stuffing seemed to like brushing the ChengRong tag. Turns out they were a diehard CP fan.

After looking for a while, Rong Xu’s gaze froze on the words “first kiss”. He stared at these two words deeply and slightly frowned, internally feeling something was a little strange. But, after looking for a bit longer, he turned away and finally turned off his phone, closing his eyes to rest.

     Meanwhile, in the next room over, a certain man was sitting calmly on the sofa, looking at his phone in a serious manner. Qin Cheng’s expression was indifferent and stern, as if he was watching some sort of societal news. But, no one would ever think that at this moment, his cell phone screen was flashing, one after another, with fanart!

     The speed of expert hands within the circle was terrifyingly fast, if they were slow, could they still be called expert hands?

The digital artwork expert housewives everywhere drew one comic after another at the fastest speed. What “The trophy is yours and you are mine”, what “whisper in your ears and say words of love while presenting an award”, these expert hands had holes in their brains and craters everywhere. They could practically speed away at 200 miles per hour down the freeway[4].

     Looking at these comics and fanarts, as long as there was a good one, Qin Cheng would forward them. Little did Rong Xu know that after he fell asleep, a certain godly tyrant wealthy fair maiden leader fan actually reposted another tens of Weibo posts and continuously brushed the #ChengRong# tag.

     After he finished reposting, the man raised his hand and touched his lips. He closed his eyes, and his thin lips curled upwards.

That evening, after the Feitian Award presentation ceremony ended, Rong Xu and Qin Cheng’s news captured the attention of countless netizens. That evening, countless fans gave their (congratulatory) blessings to their family’s Rong Rong for winning the award, and Rong Xu also made it into the top three trending searches in one fell swoop. His popularity skyrocketed. That evening, the brains of countless CP fans cracked open, and they published (inspired) fan works one after another. Countless CP fans also said that they’ve consumed so much sweets they’ve practically become diabetic.

     That night, none of the CP fans knew that this CP pair they shipped had given them the biggest piece of candy in private.

     First kiss for first kiss…… En, it’s an equivalent exchange, there’s no problem.


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

[1]Fanfics: Direct translation: writings/handwritings

[2]Emoji: owo but with hands covering the eyes ( w )

[3]High potential: Direct translation: “Good bone base”: a term usually used in cultivation style works to signify someone has high martial arts cultivation potential

[4]200 miles per hours down the freeway: basically saying they’ve gone past a point of no return

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