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SA Chapter 88 (Part 3)

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Perhaps it was because he was too embarrassed about what happened the previous night – not kissing was fine, but just one kiss bred an addiction, and they dove into another kiss four or five times – but Rong Xu didn’t go to bed until three o’clock in the morning, and he had to leave the apartment at five in the morning. Before heading out, he had hesitantly walked up to Qin Cheng’s door, contemplating whether or not he should just take the opportunity and slip away.

     After thinking for a long time, he ended up shaking his head and turned around, wanting to run. But, in the next second, the door abruptly opened from the inside. Rong Xu turned his head astonishment, but before he could even see the other party’s face clearly, his lips suddenly became hot.

     The kiss was very light. Once the kiss ended, Rong Xu raised his eyes and saw the man wearing a set of dark pajamas and gazing down at him sullenly.


     The corners of his lips couldn’t help but lift up, and Rong Xu said with a smile: “I have to return to S city to film.”

Qin Cheng gave a light nod: “En, I’m also going back to film, too. My flight’s in the afternoon.”

     Neither of them spoke. After a bit, Rong Xu whispered: “After finishing up this film, I may have to take another film. I’ll only have a few days to rest.”

     Qin Cheng’s lips pursed. A while after, he sighed: “Xiao Xu…”

     Rong Xu raised his head to look at him. 

In the next moment, his waist was embraced by the other man, and a pair of hot lips tightly met his own. Rong Xu’s eyes widened, but he gradually closed his eyes and released the hand holding his suitcase, lifting his arms to embrace the man in front of him.

The morning sun rose from the eastern horizon, and the bright sunshine shone into the house through the tall floor-to-ceiling windows. The light illuminated the young man, making him appear ephemeral and beautiful. He closed his eyes, slightly tilted his head, and gently returned his lover’s kiss. 

     The kiss was feather soft with a touch of tenderness and love. 

As he was leaving the apartment, Rong Xu deliberated momentarily, but still decided to wear a mask before heading out. Qin Cheng initially wanted to send him downstairs, but Rong Xu whispered through a mask: “Brother Luo is downstairs.”

     The implication was that it wasn’t convenient.

     Qin Cheng pondered for a moment and compromised to send the youth to the elevator entrance.

The elevator doors pulled apart to both sides from the middle. One person stood outside the elevator and another stood on the inside as they stared at each other deeply. Time stretched out infinitely long before the elevator door finally closed, and Rong Xu pulled down the mask and stroked his slightly reddened lips. A minute later, he put his mask back on while getting out of the elevator and directly found Luo Zhentao, who had been waiting downstairs for a while.

     When Luo Zhentao saw Rong Xu, he was also taken aback: “Caught a cold?”

     Rong Xu smiled and nodded: “Maybe a bit, so I’m wearing a mask first to prevent it from spreading to you all.”

Luo Zhentao didn’t think too much about it and directly drove Rong Xu to the airport. Luo Qian was already waiting for them at the airport. This time, it was still Luo Qian who was accompanying (Rong Xu) to the crew to take care of him (Rong Xu). Luo Zhentao would continue to stay in B city to handle other things. When Luo Qian saw Rong Xu, she also asked in surprise if he had a cold. The youth smiled calmly and replied without a flutter in his heartbeat: “En, I have a cold.”

     The next day, when Rong Xu saw Luo Qian’s handmade cold nourishment soup, he could only: “……”

     Luo Qian said enthusiastically: “Xiao Xu, you still have to film. Those cold medications all have side effects, and it’s not good. My grandmother was a long-time Chinese doctor, very professional. I’ve been drinking this medicinal soup since childhood!”

     Rong Xu: “……”

This was the so-called ‘disasters brought by oneself cannot be escaped’. Before drinking the bitter medicinal soup that night, Rong Xu secretly took a picture and sent it to a certain man.

    Qin Cheng replied very quickly: [? 】

     The young man replied very calmly: [I learned something new recently. I will make it for you to drink the next time I return home.】

     Seeing this line of words, Qin Cheng’s eyes fluttered slightly, his sight lingering on the words “return home” for a long time.

     [Qin Cheng: Okay. 】 

The craze built up by the Feitian Awards lasted for a full two days. Two days later, a piece of societal news diverted the attention of the netizens, and the awards ceremony furor caused by Qin Cheng and Rong Xu finally came to a conclusion.

     At the same time, the filming for Maze City also gradually came to a close. As for the crew of The Embroiderer, they didn’t hold a public opening ceremony nor disclose any related news.

     Not a single fan knew that Old Liu, who had been away (from the industry) for many years, was once again collaborating with Qin Cheng to shoot a blockbuster film.

At the end of May two weeks later, Rong Xu attended the Golden Bell Awards Ceremony in S city. This time, it was no longer Qin Cheng who presented him the award, but rather a well-known veteran TV Emperor within the industry. The other party passed over the trophy for Best Supporting Actor in a serious manner, and when he congratulated and hugged (Rong Xu), he gave a kind smile: “I’ve watched Black Clouds, keep up the good work.”

     Rong Xu was slightly surprised, but he chuckled and politely replied: “Thank you.”

     A capable newcomer would inevitably be valued and respected by others. If you respected others, others would likewise respect you. If you respected their work, then you would gain the respect (of everyone involved). Although there were naturally small-minded people like Han Yanghao and Deng Yiwen within the circle who went off the wrong end, there were plenty more people who truly worked hard.

The end of the Golden Bell Awards gave Rong Xu a new wave of popularity, and on the night the awards ceremonies ended, he had to go straight back to the crew. The following day, Maze City was to film its final scene.

     Ma Qi and Ren Shuzhi already left the crew as early as two days prior, and among the main actors, only Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen have not yet finished (their scenes).

     Early the (next) morning, Rong Xu arrived at the crew while it was still dark out and carefully studied the script for the final few scenes. He didn’t wait long before Bo Xiwen also showed up in the dark. When the two met, Bo Xiwen looked at Rong Xu in surprise, but Rong Xu smiled and waved at him, saying: “Want to practice scenes?”

Bo Xiwen immediately nodded : “Okay!”

     Actors who diligently worked hard would receive others’ respect – such as Rong Xu and Bo Xiwen.

     At this moment, Rong Xu didn’t know that in the distant Hengdian Film and Television City, a certain large scale crew had started productions.

     However, that morning’s filming had just come to a close when Old Liu received a call. Hearing the voice on the other end of the phone, the old man’s mouth twitched and he almost fainted from anger: “He was actually that kind of person? Why didn’t you say this earlier! How can an anti-Chinese individual enter my crew? You are simply blowing farts! Immediately go and find me a new actor for this role!”


{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

The author has something to say:

Orange Qin: Rong Rong took baby’s first kiss and must be responsible for baby o(*≧▽≦)ツ

Rong Rong: Speak logically. It doesn’t seem like your first kiss at all, okay! ! ! !

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

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