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SA Chapter 84 (Part 2) – Feitian Awards

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Before the child left the crew, he specially ran over with his little legs and gave Rong Xu a piece of chocolate and also gave everyone else in the crew some candy. Rong Xu didn’t know if this was the child’s own thoughts or the thoughts of his manager mother, but looking at such a cute and delicate child, he couldn’t help but smile and pat his soft hair. 

After Lele departed from the crew, Rong Xu had already finished his makeup and was prepared to shoot the final indoor scene. 

Looking at the child’s back figure, Luo Qian said emotionally: “Generally speaking, roles with complex characters like this are the easiest to win awards. Xiao Xu, you’ve acted in two movies already. But, it seems that you haven’t filmed any emotional roles. Have you thought about acting them?” 

Most emotional films were predominantly literary and artistic films. The focus of such movies was generally on character development rather than the plot; thus, they highlighted a actor’s skills better and made it easier to win related awards. 


Rong Xu had made many such films in his previous life. Qin Cheng’s Song of the Night was also primarily cast to portray the character Lu Musheng, and gave him the opportunity to win many acting awards. 

Hearing this, the young man considered for a moment and smiled: “Is there news from Brother Luo?” 

Luo Qian was stunned: “Xiao Xu, how did you know?” 

Rong Xu raised an eyebrow slightly: “Otherwise, why would Sis’ Xiao Qian suddenly say this?” 

Luo Qian hehe’d with laughter: “Brother Luo told me yesterday that he has a pretty good script and was considering whether to accept it.” 

After listening to Luo Qian’s words, Rong Xu was slightly taken aback and finally understood the whole story.

After Rong Xu won the double trophies at the Peony Awards the day before, three TV series and two film crews all sent him participation invitations. The roles for the three TV series were all male protagonists, and one TV series was even directed by the director of Vie for Supremacy, Director Guo, himself. The old man didn’t hint anything to Rong Xu at the awards ceremony yesterday, but instead reached out directly in private. 

These three TV series were all large-scale productions this year that could help Rong Xu raise his national popularity. However, Luo Zhentao had his eyes set on the two films. One of the films was a war film which told of a spy’s story during a civil war in the nineteenth century and was based on a true story. 

Ambush’s success had been noticed by many producers. Though this TV series didn’t have much investment and the plot was full of dog blood, it is very successful in developing characters. The director of the spy movie who invited Rong Xu wanted him to play a role similar to Huo Xi: presenting himself as a senior official of the National Party, but a member of an underground party in the shadows.

Having known Rong Xu for more than a year by now, Luo Zhentao could be considered to understand him well and knew that his own artist would probably not want to pick up repetitive roles within short time frames. So, he didn’t mention this script at all. 

The script that Luo Zhentao was more concerned about was another one. The director was Xu Sheng, an internationally renowned literary film director who had been nominated for the Golden Phoenix Awards and Oscar awards several times, and had also won the Berlin Awards for Best Director twice. 

Old Xu’s position in the industry was much higher than that of Director Yuan’s. Although Director Yuan has a nickname of “Director Yuan Award” because he could win Best Director every time, he would only get second-tier and third-tier awards. Moreover, he had only been nominated once for Best Director in the Golden Phoenix Awards. However, Xu Lao was an acclaimed academy awards representative. 

With Old Xu, this movie basically already won an admission ticket to the world’s top three awards. Whether it will win was one thing, but it could definitely get at least one or two nominations. 

Rong Xu thought for a moment, and said: “Sis’ Xiao Qian, have Brother Luo send me the script. I’ll take a look.” 

Luo Qian stunned for a moment: “But Xiao Xu, that movie will start filming at the end of next month. If we pick it up, you won’t have any time to rest.” 

Rong Xu smiled and lifted his eyes: “A good script never waits for anyone.” 

Just one sentence left Luo Qian speechless. It wasn’t until Rong Xu got up to film that she patted her hot cheeks and murmured in a trance-like manner: “I am Rong Rong’s assistant, his assistant, assistant, assistant. I must be calm, I can’t be fantasizing about others. I can’t……AAAHHHHH so beautiful, so cute, how can i not fantasize QAQ !”

With that, Luo Qian held a water bottle and hurried towards the direction of the set, waiting to pass water to Rong Xu. 

Time passed in a flurry, and the crew of Maze City left Xiangshan Film and Television City and went to Hengdian to continue filming some of the outdoor scenes. The following week, they moved to S city again and borrowed an area of the CBD (central business district) to shoot the final location scene. 

 At the same time, the Feitian Awards finally approached. Rong Xu left S city one day in advance to fly to B city and prepare for his second awards ceremony. When he returned to the apartment that night, he opened the door and was surprised to see a span of darkness– 

Qin Cheng wasn’t home. 

His heart momentarily fell. His clear brows slowly furrowed, and Rong Xu sighed softly. 

“It seems that The Embroiderer 1 had begun filming these last two days?”

Old Liu’s new film was called The Embroiderer, which was Qin Cheng’s next film. There were many outdoor scenes for this movie, and the waterfall Qin Cheng went to check out before was also a scene needed in the movie. Although he wasn’t satisfied with the newly developed waterfall set in Xiangshan Film and Television City, according to Qin Cheng, Old Liu had already selected Nine Dragons Waterfall a few days ago and decided to film there. 

The Embroiderer’s launching ceremony was not announced publicly, so no major media knew that this large-scale production movie with an investment of over 400 million yuan had commenced silently.

Uncertain if his heart was filled with regret or loss, Rong Xu made some dinner on his own, and after washing up, he arrived in the theater room. Opening the cabinets, Rong Xu looked at the neatly organized trophies inside. He stared for a long time and couldn’t help but stretch out his hand to stroke the brilliant yet delicate trophies, laughing softly. 

Early the next day, Luo Zhentao picked up Rong Xu  and brought him to Huaxia Entertainment for his styling. At six o’clock in the evening, a black car drove out of the Huaxia Entertainment Building and arrived at the venue steadily after twenty minutes. 

Rong Xu quickly merged with the crew of Ambush. It was no different from last week’s Peony Awards; there were still Director Zheng, Zhang Tongtong, and Yi Lan. But this time, Rong Xu didn’t need to enter the venue with Vie for Supremacy because tonight he was only nominated for the Best Newcomer Award, and the nominated role was for Huo Xi. 

However, at this moment, no one knew that a plane that was delayed for six hours finally arrived at Capital Airport. A tall and handsome man walked hastily into the parking lot from the VIP walkway and got into the car. Along the way, the little assistant who was sitting in the front row and driving while holding back his breathing didn’t dare say a single word, and the agent sitting in the right back also bowed his head honestly, pretending not to exist.

After five minutes, Xu Jin said very softly: “……Actually, this is also something uncontrollable. I think the Heavens itself may not want you to participate in the Feitian Awards……”

Speaking to here, the gold-tier agent suddenly realized that he may have said the wrong thing, and his face changed as he quickly altered his words: “No, no, no, you see, Qin Cheng, we just don’t have time to participate in the red carpet event. If you arrive now, it will just be in time for the awards ceremony! Arriving early is not necessarily better than arriving at the perfect time. We will be just……” 

Dudu—” (/horn sfx)

The car stopped abruptly and became a member of the stuck in heavy traffic club. 

Xu Jin: “……” 

Qin Cheng lowered his eyes, and said lightly: “What if we can’t make it.” 

Xu Jin only thought that the other party was concerned about the awards ceremony, so he explained: “When the plane was delayed this morning, I confirmed with the organizing committee that if you can’t make it, there will be another actor there to present the award for you.” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

Xu Jin: “……?” Why does the air seem a bit cold? 

At the same time, Rong Xu was sitting in his seat, smiling and looking at the stage. 

The Feitian Awards, officially kicks off. 

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}

The author has something to say: 

Orange Qin: Baby is going to present awards! Present awards. Present awards, Present awards! ! ! 

Rong Rong: AttendING the awards ceremony. 



  1. For now, the title of QC’s new film will be translated as “The Embroiderer” (Zhuang Hua Luo), but is subject to change if it doesn’t match the plot well enough.

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