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SA Chapter 83 (Part 2) – Qin Cheng: I Also Like You

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This sudden loud sound woke Rong Xu abruptly. It wasn’t until (he woke up that) he realized that he was so tired he didn’t even know when he fell asleep. Rong Xu had just opened his eyes to look around and hadn’t even had time to open his mouth when he suddenly saw……

Qin Cheng sitting on the coffee table. A white porcelain vase had slowly rolled off the coffee table and landed on the soft carpet. The loud noise had come from the vase colliding with the top of the glass coffee table (when it fell over). 

Rong Xu: “……” 

Qin Cheng: “……” 

After a second, the young man smiled helplessly and asked: “Qin Cheng, why are you sitting here?” 

Qin Cheng: “……playing on my phone.” 

Rong Xu was taken aback: “You’re sitting on the coffee table……playing with your phone?!” 

Qin Cheng nodded calmly, “En.” 

Rong Xu: “……” 


Although Rong Xu felt something was wrong in his heart, there was no way he could have known that only half a second later and a certain man would have succeeded! But, just a small murmur from (Rong Xu) caused someone to have a guilty conscience, making them suddenly fall backwards directly on the coffee table and cause the white porcelain vase to be knocked onto the ground. 

Not falling onto the ground was already considered very good. If he really sat on the floor, he’s afraid that a certain man would answer like this without a single change in his expression and heart rate ——

“I’m trying to see if, without heated flooring, whether or not the carpet……would be warm.” 

However, Rong Xu didn’t think too much. He just got up and began to organize things with the help of Qin Cheng. 

This time, Rong Xu only came back for one day. He would take the plane back to Xiangshan the next morning, so he didn’t bring much luggage. The only things he had to organize right now were the two trophies from the Peony Awards. 

Looking at the two crystal Peony Awards trophies, Qin Cheng thought for a while and said: “Putting it there would be good.” 

Rong Xu followed behind Qin Cheng and entered the theater room, standing in front of the cabinet with the DVDs. Qin Cheng had opened this cabinet many times before, and Rong Xu had also opened it in the past. There were numerous classic movie DVDs inside. However, this time, Qin Cheng took another step to the side and opened the cabinet next to it. 

When he saw the contents of the cabinet clearly, Rong Xu was taken aback and turned his head to look at Qin Cheng in surprise. 

Qin Cheng only directly received the two crystal trophies from Rong Xu’s hands and placed them on the top shelf of the cabinet. On the two sides of the two crystal trophies, an exquisitely carved and lifelike golden phoenix was on the left; on the right was a little golden figure with one hand above the other and one on its heart, its body lines smooth and sleek, and appearing to be in the midst of singing.

The one on the left was Huaxia’s Golden Phoenix Award trophy, and the one on the right was the Oscar Awards trophy. 

Rong Xu, who was watching this scenario: “……”

The two Peony Award trophies that were sandwiched between two of the world’s top three golden trophies: “……” 

The man’s deep magnetic voice sounded out: “This cabinet is very large, and the two cabinets next to it are empty. You can put things in here directly.” 

The youth asked, not knowing whether to laugh or cry: “You really don’t feel like something’s a little weird?” 

Qin Cheng lowered his gaze and looked calmly at Rong Xu, asking: “Is something wrong? These cabinets are specially for placing trophies. One of the cabinets is already full. You’ll put them here in the future, too, Xiao Xu.” 

Your trophy and mine are next to each other, next to each other~ 

Hearing this, the smile on Rong Xu’s lips couldn’t help but deepen. He knew that Qin Cheng had misunderstood what he meant. Placing the Peony Award trophies for Best Newcomer and Best Supporting Actor together with the Golden Phoenix Awards Film Emperor and Oscar Film Emperor trophies, isn’t that too inappropriate? 

Rong Xu didn’t say anything more, but instead just smiled: “Okay.” 

In this man’s heart, every trophy was equal. The Golden Phoenix Award trophies and the Oscar trophies were not any more noble than the Peony Award trophies, and there was no distinction of high and low. Perhaps some would have a higher gold content, but for the winners, each trophy was an affirmation of themselves. 

This was probably Qin Cheng’s gentleness. 

That night, after settling the trophies, the two went to the living room to watch the latest entertainment shows for a while. Because he had to rest early in the evening to catch an early plane the next day, Rong Xu finished washing up first. 

Standing in front of Rong Xu’s room, Qin Cheng stared blankly as the youth made his bed, preparing to go to bed. Rong Xu turned around and saw Qin Cheng standing in front of his door. He smiled lightly, stepped forward, and said: “You also need to rest early. Didn’t you mention that you will accompany Old Liu to select set locations the day after tomorrow?” 

Qin Cheng nodded lightly, and his gaze slowly fell to the young man’s pale lips. 

Rong Xu smiled and said: “After I am done with everything next month, can I go observe your work?” 

Qin Cheng’s gaze remained silently glued on those thin, full lips, as he said in a quiet voice: “We will have started filming by next month. Okay.” 

Rong Xu smiled gently: “Qin Cheng.” 

Suddenly hearing his name, the man raised his head. But, before he could make a sound, the youth suddenly opened his arms and gently embraced him. Qin Cheng’s eyes slowly widened, and a hint of surprise and joy flashed across his dark eyes.

Time seemed to stretch infinitely at this moment. Rong Xu exhaled warmly by his ears, and he (Qin Cheng) could hear a clear voice softly ringing through his ears: “Your words……I never replied. But, I believe you already know the answer.” 

“Qin Cheng, I like you, too.” 

The next day, Rong Xu left the apartment and rushed to Xiangshan by plane before the sky was even lit. When he left at four in the morning, he had hesitated a bit, but finally decided to not knock on Qin Cheng’s door. Little did he know that after that after the confession, a certain man didn’t sleep at all the entire night. 

When they were in Xiangshan Film and Television City, the two had basically confirmed their relationship already. However, that day, when Qin Cheng uttered those four words, Rong Xu had just held his hand and did not give an answer.  

But now, his Rong Rong had personally said the word “like”. 

After a night of insomnia, Qin Cheng sported two large panda eyes and drove to find his agent to again determine his itinerary for the following week. 

The corner of Xu Jin’s mouth twitched, and he said helplessly: “You can definitely participate in the Feitian Awards. Definitely can, definitely can! Important things must be said three times, so please stop asking me, okay, big, young master?” 

The plane landed steadily at Shuoshe Airport, and by noon that day, Rong Xu returned to the crew to continue filming Maze City

{Please read the original translations on SurrealSkyTranslations instead of supporting TL aggregator sites. Thanks!}


YASSSSS. PROGRESS. LET’S GOOOOOO. Rong Xu has given Qin Cheng permission to be openly shameless now. UwU

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  1. I can’t… Hahahaha. I imagine the feelings of having big time trophies against small ones, is like having a top student award at elementary vs a cum laude at college. The gap 😂


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